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Nmb48 Idol Singer Ririka Suto Will Retire From Show Business

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Introduction to Ririka Suto and Her Retirement

Another member of the Japanese idol industry has announced that she will be retiring from the world of show business at the end of January 2019. That person is Ririka Suto, formerly of idol group NMB48 or (Namba 48) for the longer spelling. Note: her name is also sometimes spelled Ririka Sutou.

Author's note: it is now September 2021 and Ririka Suto has now officially retired from the entertainment industry. A part of this article was first composed when Suto was still a member of NMB48 and her graduation date had not been set yet.

Ririka Suto from UTB Magazine July 2016


Ririka Suto Gets Married

Ririka Suto makes a surprise announcement

Suto made the announcement that she would be getting married! She made this announcement on June 17, 2017 at the 9th AKB48 General Election held in Okinawa. She apologized for this because it caused controversy and a disturbance. She apologized to members of NMB48, staff members, and the fans. Her graduation date had not been set yet. This is even more of a surprise announcement given that she was just 20 years old.

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Why Was Ririka Suto's Marriage Controversial?

Note: at the time of this marriage announcement, she was still a member of NMB48 and that in and of itself is a shocking thing that would certainly cause controversy because members of AKB48 and its other groups are not allowed to be in romantic relationships. On April 13, 2018, Suto announced that she had registered her marriage to a man that is not a celebrity. She made this announcement through her agency called ShowTitle. She had plans to continue working as there were no plans for a wedding ceremony at that time. She graduated from NMB48 in August 2017. So what are Ririka Suto’s plans as she makes plans to continue in a different life path?

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What Are Ririka Suto's Plans for the Future?

Suto had been having aspirations of becoming a philosopher although she had been working in entertainment. According to a person affiliated with her agency, Suto had asked to retire last spring and they had discussed several times about her future plans. It was at last decided that she would retire at her own will and this is the way that it should be done. Suto has recorded for programs that are scheduled to air in February 2019, all of her entertainment activities will be ending this month. Suto elaborated as she released a public statement via her agency. She said that she was able to study different philosophies thanks to the support of staff, other members and fans. However, since she was in what she calls a “blessed” environment, there was conflict that was being created inside of her and she did not want things to continue in this way. Perhaps philosophy was the subject that she has always wanted to study. She also said that while she would be stepping away from the world of show business, she is in the middle of studying hard to prepare for her college entrance exams so that she can get ready and skilled for her future life. She hopes to see everyone in the future as Ririka Suto the philosopher.

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