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Nba 2k20 Wishlist: 10 Features That Have to Be in the Game

2K just released the MyGM Blog

MyGM looks good at the moment

MyGM looks good at the moment

Hey what’s up, guys, it’s Tavon here, and there’s some good news about NBA 2K20. 2K just put out a blog about MyGM and honestly, I’m excited about these new features coming to NBA 2K20. MyGM has now gotten a total makeover as it is now MyGM 2.0. It’s not really called that, 2K calls it that because 2K made the mode over from the ground up. Some of the features are good, like the Skill Tree and Leaderboards, along with revamped relationships and a new task system. The Action Points I feel like it has some potential but it feels skeptical. But it’s not just about MyGM as MyLeague of course has more new features to make MyLeague once again one of the most entertaining modes in the franchise. I am actually more excited for these new MyLeague features. You can now pick the winners while simulating games. This is just amazing. Finally MyLeague Online isn’t the only franchise mode to pick winners when simulating. Now you can do this in regular MyLeague, so I’m very excited to do that in NBA 2K20. You can Quick Scroll to tweak sliders, ratings, and salaries faster, Staff members now have Staff Cards, New Personality Badges, having player models and portraits in Team History, Player DNA improving as you have tabs of certain player DNAs and more info on them, and the ability to sort and more, Improved Draft Class Authenticity that resembles the Current NBA, and Tweaked Morale and Team Chemistry. These features have some high potential and I can’t wait to see how much is in store for NBA 2K20. But before I experience NBA 2K20, part of me feels like there should be more features in this game. This year’s blog was literally shorter than the last three, which is kinda strange. Every year they release a blog about their franchise modes and they are always long to read. This one had less than what I’ve expected. But I wouldn’t be too skeptical about it because if you think about it, I think 2K is hiding a lot of new features and revealing a little bit of the new features to surprise us when the game comes out. It’s a far reach because normally, what’s all in the blog is all of it, but it seems to feel like there is more. In 2K19, they had a great blog, but they never mentioned that there were more records and more uniform threads in MyLeague, which is good, because it made MyLeague a little bit more better. So this year could be like last year where there were little surprises, or there could be a lot of surprises, and that’s where I come in which if there are lots of surprises in the game, here are 10 features that I think have to be in NBA 2K20.

#10 Schedule Builder

This feature would be amazing to have in MyLeague in NBA 2K20. You can build a schedule of the regular season and put teams on days to play on in any order you want. Want to have Cavaliers vs Warriors again on Christmas to relive the rivalry? You can do that. You can decide when the regular season start and end and when the playoffs start and end. You can also decide when the trade deadline is. I get the feeling when you start MyLeague at the beginning, it’s always the same schedule of that same season of the same game. And seasons after that, it’s a auto-generated schedule every time. I think with a Schedule Builder, you can finally make the 2020 season whatever you wanted to look like and have seasons after whatever you wanted to look like as well. Now that I mention it, this works well with Season Mode. Changing the 2020 season’s schedule will always bring a new experience in Season Mode making it a more often playable mode.

#9 MyLeague negotiated contracts feature

I know that this feature is in Season Mode, but if you really think about it, this feature should be in MyLeague. Of course, Season Mode is only one season of MyLeague, in which there’s no Offseason for contracts to be signed anyway, but MyLeague has always been a franchise where you can do whatever you want. It would be just cool to not use contracts and just sign whoever you want and just go forward from there. So 2K should put it in there.

#8 Play Now Separate Rosters

Sounds confusing, but hear me out. In Play Now, every time you use the official roster or a custom roster, you’re always playing teams in the same roster. Imagine if the 2020 Lakers in the official roster faced off a completely different 2020 Lakers team with different players from a custom roster. That would be really cool if 2K allows us to use 2 rosters in Play Now so that we could have different matchups of teams that have completely different rosters of players. It doesn’t have to apply to the same team. It could be a different team in a roster and another different team in another roster. If 2K puts this in, Play Now would be even more fun than ever.

#7 Copy Uniform

This would make Team Relocation better. Like how Player DNA works, Copy Uniform has you copying a uniform and save it in a slot. I just found recently figured out how to go back your team’s previous branding. I used the Upload/Download Team Design Feature and it is just the coolest feature to use in Team Relocation. All I had to do is upload it, and then after I changed the branding, download it. It was just so cool. How come I’ve never got to use this feature to try it out? I guess 2K has their games so big that most of everything can be overlooked, and this was one of them. While that’s cool and all, that I can finally bring back real life uniforms, Team Design is pretty much everything about the team. We should have a uniforms menu which shows us our uniforms and uniforms made by other people around the world, and then just copy the uniform, and after we’re done having our favorite team have a custom brand, we just download it and boom, we got the current real life uniforms they used to wear. It would be cool that we can bring our uniforms back individually in some form like this.

#6 Improved Jersey Number Selection

Oh My God, I swear, 2K has got to put this in the game, because the last two years of 2K did not make any sense at all when it comes to jersey numbers. In 2K19, if you wanted to have both players wear the same jersey, you couldn’t because one of them was wearing it. I put Anthony Davis on the Lakers and tried to have both him and Lebron wearing 23 but then I checked his player card and his number changed automatically. Why does this happen? This isn’t just by both players in general, this also happens when you put a player wearing a jersey number on a team with that same jersey number that retired. I put Kobe Bryant on the 76ers, and because 24 was worn before by Bobby Jones, his number changed automatically too. Why the fuck is this shit happening? The worst part about this particular thing is that this is a stepback from 2K18. In 2K18, I put Kobe on Philadelphia in the custom roster, his jersey number didn’t change, but on 2K19, I do the same thing, it fucking changed. Why did they took a fucking stepback from this? Even worst. I actually found this out recently. They patched the method to have players’ jersey numbers on retired jersey numbers teams in 2K18. The Jersey Selection is fucking terrible. It makes no damn sense whatsoever. 2K, here’s the deal. Can we please have a option to get rid of retired jersey numbers? I know retired numbers are a part of every team’s history league, but they do nothing but ruin the customization of players. Kobe’s from Philadelphia, it would be cool to him to wear his number 24 jersey. But instead, I have to wear number 8, of course which isn’t bad, and other jersey numbers because of this BS. So 2K should definitely put this in, because honestly, retired jerseys, despite the team’s homage to players of these jerseys, they just do not do anything.

#5 Custom Roster Headbands

As if Jersey Numbers were already a stepback. The headbands have taken a fucking stepback as well. In 2K18, when 2K announced the MyLeague blog, they introduced the accessory frequency options. Y’know, the options used to decide how often a player wears a accessory, like a headband. That made me thought that “hey, 2K’s adding all these frequency options, which means they’ll finally bring headbands in custom rosters”. And when we got the game, they didn’t put them in custom rosters. But 2K did put them in MyLeague, which was great and I had a little bit of fun with Lebron wearing a headband. But in 2K19, they fucking screwed up headbands so bad. Not only did they not bring them in custom rosters, they didn’t even bring them back in MyLeague. This is so stupid for 2K to not be putting in stuff that was already in past 2Ks. They have to bring back headbands and put them in MyLeague and Custom Rosters in 2K20 because they had the opportunity to bring headbands into 2K19 and fell straight flat on their asses. With headbands being in custom rosters, we can be able to play Play Now games with players wearing headbands. Having these headbands in as swagger will make some very great moments and I hope 2K adds them back in 2K20.

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#4 Custom Roster Team Relocation

Ever since 2K put in Team Relocation in 2K16, I have been begging for this to come in the last 3 2Ks. When League Expansion was in 2K17, 2K not only added 6 slots to add 6 teams in; they also added the ability to rebrand teams in custom leagues. This was awesome to do, but I wished 2K brought this ability outside of MyLeague. It would have been waaaaay cool to rebrand teams in custom rosters and play them rebranded in Play Now. I’ll give you a fun fact. There’s a “certain” feature that I will put #1 on the list that used to be in last-gen that allowed you to do this outside of Association Mode. Except it was less like Team Relocation like you couldn’t make a arena. I’m pretty much playing a trivia game with you all, so try to guess what feature is going to be #1 in this list. But yeah, 2K needs to put this in 2K20 because it would really make Play Now a ton of fun to play with.

#3 Blacktop Custom Rosters

This feature was so good in 2K16.

This feature was so good in 2K16.

I tell ya, man, it’s been a while since this feature was in 2K, and it’s honestly a shame that 2K hasn’t brought it back since. The last time I remember this feature was in 2K16 and it was amazing to use custom rosters, but 2K! Once again, 2K messed up on what would be a very simple common thing to do. All they had to do in 2K17 is bring back custom rosters to Blacktop. They didn’t do it! And it was honestly a problem because looking back at it, while the alley oop controls were improved, alley oops were kinda dumb to pull off. It was more easy, but not too easy where they were awesome. Because of pass ratings, where obviously not every player is good at passing, which includes lobs, I have had too many moments in Blacktop where I couldn’t do alley oops because some players just couldn’t accurately lob good. Which is when custom rosters should come in, because not only you have different players on different teams, you also have different ratings. So, I wanted to use custom rosters, but I couldn’t. I tried using the two methods just like 2K16, but it didn’t fucking work. And so, unfortunately, I was always stuck on the official roster and had to stick with the real ratings that players got. And that’s where things are worse. 2K brought it back in 2K18. It was good for me to know that it was back, only that I was more pissed off at what they did. The bad thing about them in 2K18, is that it was a custom roster, but it was a bootleg custom roster, cause the only way you can use them in Blacktop was to go to MyLeague Online. What the fuck?! Why do the fuck do I have to be in MyLeague Online for that shit to work? I was using regular MyLeague for it in 2K16 and it worked. Why do I need MyLeague Online? And that’s not the worst part. I tried using MyLeague Online, but it didn’t work, which means it was a fucking waste of time. You used fucking MyLeague Online to do this, and the damn thing doesn’t work. It’s just so stupid!! And so, of course because of this BS, it didn’t came back in 2K19, which it should have, but it didn’t. Hopefully 2K brings this back in 2K20 cuz it’s been long overdue and it would be great to finally have it back.

#2 2K Beats In Game Volume

Yes, that’s right, you guys! I had to put this as a top 2 most requested feature of this list. 2K absolutely needs to bring this feature back. For once and for all, I’m asking for a very simple feature to be added. The fact that the 2K Beats In Game Volume wasn’t in 2K19, it’s dumb because once again you can’t listen to the soundtrack while playing Play Now. I just cannot understand how hard could it be to bring it back. It’s literally been two straight years of NBA 2K not having this feature since 2K17. While I like playing Play Now without it, which is okay, I like it better with the soundtrack because I love balling out while the soundtrack’s on, because 2K18 and 2K19, they were litty soundtracks, but their potential was wasted because 2K for no reason at all didn’t put this feature in. Why is that a hard thing to do? And to have everyone notice that this feature has to come back, I just would like to tell you that 2K partnered up with UnitedMasters. They’re a music company that searches for new talent around the world. With 2K, they’re also trying to add 10 more songs in the game after it comes, which can be done by submitting your song with the UnitedMasters App. While this is good, I have to say this for the good of everybody in the 2K fanbase. 2K wants you to put your song in the game, but what’s the artist’s incentive to do so when we know there’s a risk that the soundtrack isn’t playable for all modes? It’s just one of those things you have to be careful of. So I’m really hoping that 2K brings it back this year because it’s already been two years of it not being there; a third would just piss me off even more and would make me more likely to rant about it in the future which will receive good amounts of attention. Just please try to get it back. Can you just try?

#1 Create A Team

Yes! That’s right, you guys! The most requested feature on this list that I think 2K should bring back because it has been a while. Create A Team allowed you to make teams, copy players from other teams, and have them be playable in Play Now (Play Now used to be called Quick Game in last-gen). We’ve literally played 6 next-gen games and not one single one of them has this feature, and it’s honestly too tragic, tbh. Ever since 2K17 had League Expansion and it came out, the only way to make teams was to go to MyLeague and have a Custom League. You couldn’t do it outside of MyLeague and it’s quite a shame because 2K never putted it in since the last time it was in was 2K13. It just doesn’t feel great because 2K has always built a reputation for removing or not bringing back features, only for them to return several years later. It’s just not a good look. And seeing how 2K19 has Player DNA in a long time since 2K10, they have every features menu feature made in 2K so far except for Create A Team. So I really, really hope that 2K brings back Create A Team because it’s been a crazy six years that we have not had it, and it’s kinda mysterious.

Closing Thoughts

And that’s the 10 features I think 2K should put in NBA 2K20. Some of these features, they weren’t in any 2K, they was just ideas. Some of these features, they used to be in 2K, only for 2K to remove them and never bring em back for a while now and it’s become so much of a trainwreck. I really hope 2K decides to put these features in to surprise us because in a way, we are now on the good side of NBA 2K, and it would really be a disappointment for us to go back to the dark ages like how 2K18 was, in which MyCareer ruined the whole thing for me. You got Dwyane Wade as the Legend Edition Cover Athlete, Anthony Davis as the standard Cover Athlete, and you got the WNBA now in action, it would be a huge waste of time and effort to have those players to represent the game just like Kyrie and Shaq, it just wouldn’t feel right. But I know 2K has what it takes to make these games great every year, because with a great fanbase behind your back comes with great ideas to make great content every single year. Thanks for checking out this blog. I hope you enjoy it. I’m Tavon. I’ll see you guys later.

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