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"2Pac Death Hoax Revealed"

I just like to know things

I guess you can call me a Youtuber, I like to watch more YouTube and Patreon videos, than regular T.V. Being an amatuer researcher, I enjoy watching anything unusual or out of the norm as I'am always looking for new concepts, theories and Ideas to research.


Tupac being alive is one theory that has always fascinated me. I've always been open-minded, so I've never totally made up my mind on whether I believed he was still alive or not. While In my research on Tupac Shakur, the west coast rapper who was murdered in Las Vegas in 1996; who was just as famous for his legal woes, as he was for his hit songs. Such as"Brenda's got a Baby" and "Hit em, I came across a channel on Youtube called "The Tupac Hoax Revealed." I started to ignore the channel, thinking it would be the same theories of him not being dead and hiding in Cuba; or the newest theory of him being in South Africa, but what I discovered was far more intriguing, something I had never even considered.

The "Tupac Hoax Revealed "channel is a YouTube channel composed of about 35 or more chapters. Each Chapter focuses on different aspects of Tupac's life and death. A lot of the footage will be familiar to its viewer; though there are rare interviews, footage, and pictures. Some so rare, I found myself asking "where does he find this stuff?" I'm in awe of his research or researchers, they must pour themselves over hours upon hours of Tupac footage.

This isn't the typical Tupac is alive conspiracy theories

This YouTube documentary peels the scales from the viewer's eyes and allows them to re-examine the information about Tupac's life and death that has been told to them over the years

In this article, In no particular order I will highlight the chapters of the series that stood out to me, the ones I found most intriguing and thought would spark interesting conversations.

Was is it nothing more than a scripted story?

Chapter 4: Confusion, all the information surrounding Tupac is confusing and often conflicting. Everything from his real name to his childhood seems to be a con

Chapter 19: The Unreality explains the theory of Tupac being an agent, with a life and death already planned out for him.

The image of a martyr; crucified by the media was created.

Is it possible?

Was he an agent?

Chapter 25 of the series expounds on the staged events of Tupac's life

Tupac bloodless crime scene draws some questions

"You're a great detective, and on the case like Batman." - 2Pac Hoax Youtube commenter

This channel's comment section is one of the best on YouTube

I usually head straight to the comment section on a Tupac Hoax video, its one of the most amusing and entertaining places on YouTube. The commenters are engaging, which keeps the threads interesting. "Hoax", as he/she is so affectionally called by his subscribers; is a regular commenter in the comment section, which is refreshing in itself. If you wanted to know Hoax's views on a particular theory or chapter of the series, "Hoax" will more than likely answer you. I have never asked a question or made a comment and haven't received a reply.

Not everyone is a fan


For as much admiration the 2pac Hoax channel gets, its comments section is also riddled with critical comments, sometimes outright threats. The creator of the channel has been accused of everything from being a government tool; being used to destroy the rapper's legacy, to an obsessed hater seeking to make money off a dead man, even of being Tupac himself, using the platform to finally reveal to his fans his getaway plan.

The thing is; no one knows

The creator of the channel does not speak or appear in any of the videos. For a while, it was difficult to decipher whether they were a male or female from their font. Heck, I still haven't, I just attribute a male pronoun when speaking of "Hoax, because I have seen so many others do it, and they were never corrected.

Although the channel has many fans, I doubt their goal is to make money, although the channel is monetized. It seems the goal is to share information and to provide a new perspective on the life and death of Tupac, as the creator of the channel uploads so infrequently. Leaving the fans of the channel always in anticipaticipation of new chapter uploads.

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It's gets people talking


I kinda like the Tupac Hoax Revealed channel - Napoleon of the Outlaws

The channel has caused a lot of controversy amongst the youtube community, inspiring tons of think pieces and review videos on the subject. I have discovered other channels that I've come to enjoy by watching the "Hoax" video's, For example, the review by a YouTuber who calls himself "The Vegan Warrior" was very interesting to me. His input as a Tupac fan and a former officer provided much insight into the criminal justice system and how it works. He pointed out many conflicting facts about the case, it was very intriguing to hear an expert analysis on the information the Tupac Hoax channel was presenting.

He let's his Haters be his motivaters

With all the backlash and criticism the channel gets, the Creator seems to find it amusing, He often does whole chapters, showcasing the rants of disgruntle Tupac fans, I don't know if its still going on, but there was a whole campaign going on Youtube to get The 2pac Hoax Revealed page shut down. People have taken the things said about 2pac in this series very personally.

The tupac hoax channel shows love to it's haters

Chapter 38 Controlled oppositon

"Controlled Opposition" In what is said to be the final and longest chapter of the series, summarizes for the viewer Tupac's purpose for appealing to the masses, It also exposes other CIA government operations. Such as the 2-year infiltration of Cuba's Hip/Hop scene by the United to States government. The creator of the channel plans to end the chapter videos and focus on other celebrity hoaxes in the future.

Channel Update :2pac Reviews, viewers give their take on 2pac Hoax youtube channel

Even if you don't agree with the information in the series, I still think it's worth checking out, especially if you are into conspiracies and things of that nature. As I said before it gives the viewer the opportunity to re-examine the things that were presented to them over the years, and determine if it still makes sense to them or not. I will be adding any chapters the channel uploads. Let me know what you think of the series in the comments below.

Do you think its something you would want to check out

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Rashateya Phillips on August 24, 2018:

I don’t know Cuzzn (Shalon) if it was just a character being played, not disagreeing w/u at all, but so many people were affected even myself, but how if he’s just a character..I was 17yrs old Mayb a week after his “death” I was waiting on the bus to go to work, a big black truck pulled up at the red light.. driver kept waving me to come talk to him, GIRL!! I just knew it was 2Pac on everything! But I guess u can say I was hallucinating..

The filled mind (author) from East Orange on August 21, 2018:

@Jaye Robinson, I was 17 and I went into a deep depression when Pac died, now that I've done so much research, i realize Tupac was just a character being played.

Jaye Robinson from Michigan on August 21, 2018:

I remember ripping all the Notorious BIG posters off my wall, manipulated by the media to believe that BIGGIE SMALLS killed Pac. But that following February when they announced Biggie was murdered...boy how heart broken I was. I was 15

Ohso on August 21, 2018:

I wana know more!!!

Wali on August 20, 2018:

This conspiracy has been around for years but the stuff this guy post is awsome and creepy at the same who is he where did he come from do you work for suge knight? Are you a cop. How do you get such rare footage? What ever your doing keep doing it. Shalon leonard i dont know how you came across this page but thank you for sharing it with us

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