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My Top Five Guitarists of All Time

When it come to selecting top-five guitarists of all time the list may have gone too far because there were so many excellent and superb guitarists in the world.I have selected these five Guitarists who you might not like him to be on the top five. Anyway these guitarists have had great impact on the the art and rule of Guitar playing and had undoubtedly changed rock and roll history.

1.Eddie Van Halen:

Eddie Van Halen, one of the most innovative and creative Guitarist had been named the Greatest Guitarists of all time beating unlikely opponent Queen's Brian May in Guitar World's first-ever Greatest Guitarist of All Time poll.The tournament-style readers poll began in April with 132 guitarists, including four — Malcolm Young, Nuno Bettencourt, Jake E. Lee and Chet Atkins — who were voted in by readers. Eddie van halen had defeated who's-who of guitar greats including Jeff Beck, George Harrison, Les Paul, Jimmy Page and Jimi Hendrix and the likes Slash, Joe Satriani and Randy Rhoads on his way to become the greatest Guitarist of all time.

Eddie greatest Guitar solos included Eruption, Cathedral,Mean street, Hot for Teachers, Beat it.


2.Randy Rhaod

Randy Rhaod is the lead Guitarist of the band named Ozzy Osbourne. He had been regarded as one of the greatest guitarist.His untimely death in 1875 had shocked the rock's world. Many believed that if he could have live his life longer he might over shadowed guitar legends such as Jimmy hendrix and Eddie Van Halen.

Rolling stone magazine considered him to be one of the greatest guitarists of all time. Rhoad has been on the covers of many guitar magazines and has influenced many guitar players such as Dimebag Darrel, Steve Vai,Yngwie Malmsteen George Lynch, Paul Gilbert etc.

Rhandy greatest solos were Crazy Train,Mr.Crowley,Flying High,Revelation(Mother Earth),Diary of Madmen etc

3.Jimmy page

Jimmy Page is the lead Guitarist of legendary rock band Led-zepplin. One of his Guitar solo in Stairway to heaven is voted as the greatest rock guitar solo of all time in a poll by Guitar world magazine beating one of the most famous Guitar's solo Eruption by Eddie van halen.

No doubt, Jimmy page is one of the most important rock's guitarists and versatile guitar player. He played hard rock music with blues with the fusion of elements of world music, jazz, folk, pop and classical. His heavy Guitar riff had a great influence on the heavy metal music. All of his great guitar solos were found in his association with the band Lep Zepplin. Some of his greatest guitar solos were listed below.

Stairway to heaven is universally regarded as one of the greatest guitar solo of all time.Some of his best solos were Heart breaker, You shook me, Communication breakdown, Black Dog,Dazed and Confused etc.

4. Richie Blackmoore

Richie Blackmoore is the lead guitarist legendary Rock band Deep Durple. In 1975 he left the band and formed his own band called Rainbow.

Smoke on the Water,” reminds us of this great guitarist. Ritchie Blackmore greatness is found in the way he mixed heavy metal guitar by with his classical composition fusing together with rock blues . The Guitarists said "I found the blues too limiting, and classical was too disciplined," He further added, “I was always stuck in a musical no man's land."His greatest guitar solos were found in the following tracks: Smoke on the Water, Highway Star, Speed King, and Temple of the King.

Bethoven ninth


5.Brian May

Brian May is the guitarist of the famous British's rock band Queen. Brian May stood next to Eddie Van Halen in one of the most anticipated world's best guitarist poll contest beating all other great guitarist such as Jimmy Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Richie Blackmore,Randy Rhaod, and hundred of other great guitarists like Dimebag, Slash, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani etc.

Some of his best solos included A Night at Opera, Sheer Heart Attack, Brighton Rock,Back to Light, Miracle etc

Live perfomance

World's Greatest Guitarist of all time poll


Johly Beichhualai (author) from Mizoram on December 19, 2013:

Thanks for your comment Lovefnight, Yeah no doubt Hendrix is the greatest Guitarist on earth,almost every body would agree it.But I didn't included him in my list because he was already well understood to be the greatest.Thanks

Loveofnight Anderson from Baltimore, Maryland on December 18, 2013:

I would have to add that my favorite of all times is Hendrix.

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