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My Top 5 Favourite Exo Songs

Komal is a soon to be medical student . For her music is love and she loves to watch kdramas , write articles , painting and much more.

If you are new to kpop and wanna start your kpop journey with some amazing songs, but don't know where to start, then let me guide you through it. Here are my top 5 favourite EXO songs that can help you get a basic idea of how diverse and unique this genre is in itself! About the group exo, if you want to know then let me tell you in short cause this topic deserves a different blog for itself. So EXO is a South Korean kpop boy band that at first started with 12 members which gradually decreased in number in the following years due to circumstances. The group consisted of Korean as well as Chinese members.

1. Loveshot

Well, this wasn't the first song I have heard of Exo but when I discovered it later, it got stuck in my head. Its composition stands out amongst others songs of the group. It's highly addictive and there's hardly any exol who doesn't know this song. It is especially popular among international fans. Every exo song characterizes a particular shade of human nature from being dark and intense like in monster which I am gonna talk about later to a fun side as in Ko ko bop. And in Ioveshot you'll get to see the sexy one.

Especially if you are the visual type of person and going for a video version of this song then Kai's charm is not gonna disappoint you! Not only Kai but this song focuses on the visuals of each member of the group.


2. Growl

The growl was the biggest hit of its time and still is. Officially released in 2013 it is one of exo's earliest songs. Its music video appears to be a one-shot video. At first, I couldn't grasp it because of the language barrier but with time and after listening to it again and again I began liking it. Now it's one of my favourite Exo songs. Whenever it starts playing I can't help but groove to its beats. As exo members are from two nations i.e. some are Korean and some Chinese, many of their songs are released in both languages. Growl is one of them. Growl can have different meaning depending on its use but here it particularly means roar. But even after a lot of research I couldn't decode the meaning of this song.


3. Ko ko bop

I just love how smooth and fun is the start of this song. " Shimmie shimmie ko bop, I think I like it " it's easy to sing actually. The lyrics of this song convey the message of not worrying about your haters and going with the flow without overthinking about things. The way it has been sung creates a fun mood in no time and you'll feel that too while listening to it. The important fact as an Exol is that it was co-written by the members of the group Chen, Chanyeol and Baekhyun. While it is no surprise that the members have from time to time participate in lyrics writing, Ko ko bop was a befitting reply to haters through its lyrics.

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4. Been through

Not many know this song. The official date of release for this track was postponed due to a tragic incident. I remember that year pop industry had witnessed the demise of the member of kpop group shines, the label mate of exo. When I heard of the incident later while I had already heard the track, I could relate to the lyrics more after it. Though it was not written for the member but it felt as if he was the reason this song was made in the first place. Anyways, it is my personal favourite because of its lyrics and melody. Some of its lyrics are - " You shine like the stars, you light up my heart "

It expresses the concept that there's hope waiting for you the other day, once this day with hardships is passed. So on the days when you are feeling very low just remember that Exo has written a song just for you to cheer you up and to make you look on the brighter side of life.


5. Monster

This song can be described as more dark and intense . Released in 2016, the concept of monster as I've got it to be is of an obsessive love . Rather that sweet and rainbow side , it focuses more on the aggressive side . Though it's lyrics are controversial but in my opinion not every type of song is for everyone. EXO 's concepts have always been mature . So given the history of their previous songs , lyrics of monster are not a problem. I listened to monster without lyrics and what I loved the most was the chorus part .


That was the list of my top 5 favourite exo songs. If you have more recommendations then comment below and let me and others know about it. In this space of mine, I will be writing more about other k-pop groups and their songs including BTS, Exo, Monsta x, and about kdramas and more. So keep following the page for new articles.

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