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My Review on Black Widow

I am a writer that will try to impart to you a entertaining story I hope that you will enjoy.

Okay, so overall. The movie was great, it was entertaining. They did a great job with the story as well as the special effects and the fight scenes. But my main issue is the main villain and how the fight went with "Task master" I will explain more about below. But suffice to say, the main villain was a miss.

Black widow promotional poster

Black widow promotional poster

Now, I am going to call out exactly where I saw Disney do "Task Master" dirty.

  • Completely changing his gender from the comics, if it makes sense for the plot sure that can work. But it seems like they just shoe horned him into this role.
  • Making him brainwashed. That is not a Merc, that is a brainwashed soldier and it honestly kind of ruins him as a character honestly. Part of what made him so dangerous is his cunning and conniving nature.
  • The end fight scene. I dont need to say much more than this. It was a cope out in my opinion, if it wasnt for the whole "Brainwashed" plot line in the movie Black Widow would have not beaten him.
  • They made it seem like it was "Task Masters" father that gave her that ability when in fact it was his own that he realized he had by watching martial arts films and realizing that he could copy the moves and with toning his body and training made himself a force to be reckoned with.

To back up what I have said, I will say here that I am a huge movie buff and a big comic book fan. I would never say something unjust just to grab click bait. I legitimately feel that they could have done much better if they simply had the main villain hire Task Master and make it so the character was as he is in the comics. It would have made the movie better in my opinion, it would have made the fight scenes with him and Black Widow more impactful and way more of a challenge than what happened.

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Taskmaster in his element.

Taskmaster in his element.

In closing, I would like to say that I enjoyed the movie. It was entertaining, and a well made movie. I would just like to see the trend of changing characters from the source material for what it seems like is a political move to stop.

People are invested in these stories and characters and when they hear that that character is going to be in the film they get excited! But when it comes to the reveal? Its just smoke and mirrors and they really should have just stayed on task.

Task master again.

Task master again.


KT on July 23, 2021:

Wow this is an awesome review! Thank you for sharing!

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