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My Never Ending Love for the Simpsons

I grew up on The Simpsons, as I am sure many others did, I remember watching it on FOX every Sunday, after 3rd Rock from the Sun and before King of the Hill. I also grew up watching the re-runs of it on TeleToon at Night, little did I know then that I would end up pursuing Animation as a career and fall so deeply in love with The Simpsons.


For me, as an artist, I believe Animation is the closest thing to actual magic, like it is just the greatest medium ever. You can just leave the realm of reality and do anything. Now, The Simpsons generally stays within their own form of reality, but it still just really lets loose, and does so in a very clever way.

I've noticed there are seemingly endless moments from The Simpsons that can be quoted and laughed about. So many little moments that are just absolutely hilarious, and to me, the shows and cartoons that can get you with just the little moments, are sometimes the best ones.

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The Simpsons have continually inspired me as an artist, and always inspire many of my design choices and creative decisions. It is one of the big two reasons I decided to pursue Animation as a career. It has had a profound impact on me as an artist, and continues to do so. I am forever grateful to everyone who works on The Simpsons for giving me everything it has.


The main characters, and the surrounding cast are all phenomenal, and there is not one that falls behind. The show is simply a well composed and well thought out piece of entertainment. I absolutely love it, and always will. I am happy that Disney has decided to embrace its new ownership of The Simpsons and display it so prominently on Disney Plus. I sincerely hope many more aspiring artists discover this cartoon and are inspired by it like me.

© 2020 Jordan Weaver


Stephanie Bradberry from New Jersey on October 06, 2020:

I would actually show The Simpson's segment of their parody of "The Raven" when I taught high school English many moons ago.

Cheryl E Preston from Roanoke on October 06, 2020:

I love the marathons on the FX channel. My grandson and I watched all of the shows. It was fun. Great story

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