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My Interesting Manifestation Mistakes

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You can read this to enjoy my story as well as to learn the areas of manifesting where you can get corrected

My encounter with manifestation theory

Talking about manifestation first of all, although came to know it since not more than 2 years, however I believe God had actually given me glimpses of this law of attraction theory much before to me. I had always been asking my mother and most of them not to speak anything negative as I was sure to face it in the immediate future. Even though my mother's intention was just to correct me but I strongly faced for whatever she said. Infact my facts were entirely different, had less connections with logic, the foods that were supposed to lead to exaggerate some problems used to work as a cure as initially I remember to have taken it without consulting anyone to stop my problems. Anyway even today it works so tied up my mouth to not unknowingly effect my day. Hey got lots of important works at office.

Coming to some of the latest side effects of manifesting. One fine day as usual I booked my uber bike and was on a ride to office. And as most of you would have experienced how comfortable are we managing different kinds of drivers. I mean end of the trip I had to explain him how to drive. I told him that look, you have to keep the vehicle straight and not tilt it on turning. You only have to turn the front part to left or right whatever you want to take. The vehicle shouldn't bend at your turns as that may prove fatal especially when you are at a high speed. Anyway continuing the story further I began to complain to my God that why nowadays I have to undergo these uncomfortable picks n drops. Its not a topic of a day or two now all the companies have almost stopped giving cabs and I have to take such shitty rides. I pray no person from uber reads this. And then I realized that I was responsible for all adventure. I at once recalled that since when my boyfriend expressed his idea of buying a bike I was manifesting sitting behind him. And as was new to the specifications of manifestation I didn't manifest anything more but just being behind for a long term and because of this I was facing uber bike rides for a good long term.

So guys, be careful you have to have the knowledge of how to manifest. Yet another interesting story is that I was manifesting online work from home jobs and after many days of hardships in cleaning washing clothes, cleaning vessels, cooking, I discovered I wasn't manifesting the exact work but just work from home and which had a deep rooted meaning in me as a home maker or any normal indian woman.

So please be careful don't just manifest a car and paying its bill, else you may end up paying heavy bill to the corps for a car that you don't own. Concentrate on what actually is your desire.

Ok will come out with some better ideas in the next article, kindly send a feedback.

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