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My Top 10 Favorite Kagamine Rin & Len Duet Songs

Who are Kagamine Rin and Kagamine Len?

Kagamine Rin and Kagamine Len, similar to the famous Hatsune Miku, are part of Crypton Future Media, Inc. Vocaloid series. I’ve already explained a great deal about what Vocaloids are in my previous article about Miku, so I’m not going to go into much of the details this time. In summary, Vocaloids are vocal softwares used to create singing voices. What makes these two Vocaloids unique from the others is that they’re both included in one package.

Kagamine Rin (left) and Kagamine Len (right) both in their V4X design

Kagamine Rin (left) and Kagamine Len (right) both in their V4X design

The two are essentially the same character with the only difference being their gender. They share the same voice provider, the same age, and the same code-name (CV02). While they’re often referred to as “twins”, they’re more similar to being mirror images of themselves rather than siblings. But that’s just their official description. Anyone is free to make them have any relation to each other through the songs that they create. You can portray them in any way you like regardless of what has been stated about them. That is the main appeal of Vocaloids after all.

For the yellow duo’s 10th anniversary, I’m going to list 10 of my favorite songs that have them both take the spotlight. As usual, I’m only going to list Vocaloid songs that have the two as the original singers. Was 10 years enough for them to get to the same heights as their green haired big sister? Let’s find out!

10) Gekokujou (Revolution) - Ichigyou-P

Starting off the list with one of the oldest original Kagamine duet songs, Gekokujou is an upbeat rap song that will make sure for you to remember the Kagamine name. In this song, Rin and Len are portraying themselves as eager junior Vocaloids looking to take the spotlight from their predecessors (mainly Miku). Looking to start a “revolution” that will end with them becoming #1 in the Vocaloid world. The humorous portrayal of the twins and the inside jokes contained within the lyrics will make you chuckle as you bop your head to the beats. Although some of the jokes will go over your head if you’re new to the Vocaloid community. If you consider yourself a Kagamine fan then it’s obligatory that you know this song. Help the revolution and bring about a brighter, yellower future!

9) Shikiori no Hane (Wings of the four seasons) - Hitoshizuku-P & Yama△

"Shikiori no Hane" is a beautiful song with a story that will definitely leave you teary-eyed by the end. The song tells a story of a poor married couple who live in desolate village on a mountain top. One day, the husband (Len) caught an illness that rendered him completely bedridden. The wife did nothing but weave feathers every day to try and get enough money to buy the medicine for her sick husband. With every day spent weaving, Rin’s hands become more and more covered in wounds. It turns out that she is a crane in disguise as a human. With each feather she plucks she comes closer to becoming a crane again. As she plucks the last feather to save her beloved, she ask if she were to become something other than a human, would her husband still love her? She finally plucks the last feather and as she does so, Len hugs her from behind. The song ends with Len saying “Of course, and just like always, I love you.”

8) Gemini - Dixie Flatline

No song can describe the word “twins” better than Gemini. The main theme of the song is definitely the connection that twins have. Throughout the song we can see that whenever Rin mentions about being lonely, Len reassures her that she isn’t alone as Len is always connected to her through their song. No matter how far apart Rin and Len are, they will always be connected to each other, for they are Gemini. The melody is very calming and easy to listen to as well. Listening to it again I realize that most of the song is sung by Rin while Len occasionally sings along in the chorus. Though he does get a rap bridge all for himself near the end of the song which I find to be the most entertaining part of the song to be honest.

7) Saikyouiku (Re-education) - Neru

I’m not sure what kind of story this song is trying to tell. Neru mainly makes fast-paced rock songs with vague lyrics and this song is just that. You certainly won’t understand the whole song just in one hearing session because of the fast tempo. That’s what will ultimately make or break this song for you. For me, a catchy rock song open to interpretation is never a bad thing. But whatever your interpretation may be, it’s clear that the underlying theme of this song is depression. Shidu’s illustrations for the song are sharp and thematically accurate without being too eye catching to away from the song itself. The accompanying PV definitely adds another layer of speculation to an already vague song to begin with. Have fun theorizing on what this song is about for yourself!

6) treat and treat - OSTER project

The twins are ready to invite another victim into their twisted wonderland. Don’t let their cute appearances and promise of fun fool you. There’s a malevolent tone emanating from their hypnotic chant. This song does a great job of making you feel insecure. It has a cheerful tone covering its true colors. It’s not just a typical spooky Halloween song filled with unnerving sounds with the single purpose of making you feel uncomfortable. It has a pleasant sounding arrangement that serves to hide the true horror contained in its lyrics, which also describes Rin and Len’s role in the song perfectly. It’s pleasant enough to make me feel like dancing even though I know fully well of the horrors that it contains. Trick and treat is a great listen regardless if it’s Halloween or not.

5) Suki Kirai (Love-Hate) - HoneyWorks

This is without a doubt the cutest Kagamine duet song. It will melt anyone with a frozen heart in a single hearing session. This is one of those songs that I have trouble finding the right words to describe the feeling I get when I listen to it. My Vocaloid playlist is flooded with fast-paced rock songs with but whenever this song comes up I NEVER skip it, I just can’t do it. I don’t care if it doesn’t match the mood that I’m in. It’s just too adorable to ignore. The lyrics are simple, straightforward, innocent and cute beyond all reason. It does a perfect job describing the twins’ childish love shown in the accompanying PV. I would talk more on what it is about but I’m afraid of ruining people’s first experience with this song. If you like cute songs and you haven’t given this one a listen, do so now. I guarantee that it’ll quickly become one of your favorites as well.

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(This is the official PV without english subtitles if the first video is blocked in your country.)

4) Rimokon (Remote Control) - Jesus-P

This song has been in my playlist for a long time. Even now I still have no idea what this song is about. But that never stopped me from singing and dancing along to it! I was amazed on how quickly this song latched onto my brain. I was humming the chorus the second I finished playing it on Project Diva F. Most catchy songs start to sound boring after a couple of repeated plays but not this song. I can spend an entire day listening to this song on repeat without any problem. I could never find out more of what this song is truly about. Whenever I try, I always get distracted by the beat and end up dancing and singing along. I even restrained myself form listening to it while writing this in fear of doing just that. If you want something fun to listen and dance to then definitely check this song out.

3) I~ya I~ya I~ya (Whatever Whatever Whatever) – Neru & z'5

Neru's latest song. Let me just say that I think that Neru is a genius. It takes talent to be able to seamlessly switch from making serious rock songs to this while still maintaining amount of depth and quality that their songs are known for. If you’re still reading this then I can safely say that you’ll relate to this song more than you’d think. Why? Because it’s about you! Or some specifically, it’s about people who waste their lives surfing the web. Even the PV itself is filled with memes and references that only we internet dwellers will get. This is what a pop song should be! It’s something fun that you can sing and dance to while still having enough depth to be able to connect to you on multiple levels. The contents of the song are sort of sad and depressing, but you’ll still groove to it. Just as you continue to read long articles like this one despite knowing that you could be doing something more productive with your life. (I’m just kidding... don’t go just yet, okay?)

2) Karakuri卍Burst (Gimmick卍Burst) - Hitoshizuku-P & Yama△

The first couple of seconds will determine whether you’ll like this song or not. My first time hearing that powerful guitar made me have goose bumps that continued to linger until the song ended. Yama△ really outdid themselves with their guitar playing in this song. Just like the case with “Shikiori no Hane”, Hitoshizuku-P made sure that this song has a story to go with it. Rin, who in this song series is referred to as “Tsubaki”, is a killer that kills people because she believes that humans are all frail, brittle and nothing more than discarded puppets. Len, who is called “Ren” here, is believes that there is only “good” and “evil” and that there’s no such thing as mere coincidence. He cuts down anything that he believes to be deserving of being called “evil”. They’re two sides of the same coin. Tsubaki kills for her own pleasure and ideology, while Ren kills because he believes that its fate and his job to do so. Eventually they fight and near the end of their conflict, they both have a brief flashback that shows them both happily being with each other as kids. How did they end up like this? What made them forget their past with each other?

1) Okochama Sensou (Childish War) - Giga-P & Reol

Why is this song so addicting to listen to? It’s like “Rimokon” but ten times the energy. I love it! It’s hard to sing along to but it’s more fun to do so than all the other song that I’ve listed here. I feel like I need to drink a bottle of water when I’m done listening to it. It’s so high-energy that it’ll drain all of your energy as well if you’re not ready for it. I wonder if Giga-P felt exhausted after they finished composing this song because there’s so much going on in it. Reol also did a great job coming up with lyrics to match the song. Rin and Len are young siblings who’re always arguing and competing with each other in the hopes that one of them will eventually submit and the other rise victorious as the better sibling. Well, they can’t do it. Both of them jab at each other but neither stays down. The song eventually ends with them at a draw. The twins still full of energy continue to bicker, while you will emerge tired from merely listening to their childish war.

Still can't get enough of the twins?

Here are some honorable mentions to make your life just a bit more yellow!

Rin Rin Signal - Signal-P

Kagamine Hachi Hachi Hana no Kassen (Hachi Hachi Flowery Battle of Kagamines) - Moja-P & Niregiru

Shinde Shimau to wa Nasakenai! (Death Should Not Have Taken Thee!) - Jesus-P

How-to Sekai Seifuku (World Domination How-to) - Neru

Ore no Roodo Rooraa da! (It's My Road Roller!) - Meiyokaichou-P

Thank you for reading!

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