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My Name Is Love 2012 - Thai Romantic Comedy Movie Review (Khao riak phom wa kwam rak)

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My Name Is Love Thai Movie

My Name Is Love Thai Movie

My Name is Love (Khao riak phom wa kwam rak) is a romantic comedy movie produced in Thailand and is directed by Wasin Pokpong. The movie tells about the story of a boy who is very popular to girls during his high school days. During his teenage days, he humiliates a boy who wants to join his band. And when a fat girl who lives next door confesses her love to him, he makes fun of it. Many years pass by and he is now working as a salesman but loses his fans. He then finds out that the CEO of the company is Big Sucker, the boy he humiliates back then. And what makes it more complicated is that he falls in love with the fat girl whom he rejected in the past.

The Story

Literally, upon hearing the title of the movie I come up with the idea that maybe it tells a story of a boy or girl whose name is Love.

My Name Is Love

My Name Is Love

The story takes place in Thailand where it tells the story of a boy name Q a popular vocalist of a band during his high school days. Q is much known in the campus and girls fall in love with him. One day, a student name Big approach Q that he wants to join the band and is willing to accept the challenges awaiting for him. Q including his band mates decided to test Big by telling him to catch a turtle in the lake inside their school. Though at first it was really impossible but then Big accept the challenge.

Big jump on the lake while Q, his friends and students in the school laugh at Big who is swimming on the lake just to catch a turtle so he can join the band. When Big catches a turtle, he then shows it to Q and his band mates. But instead of accepting him on the band, Q laughs at him. Big was left behind and ends up humiliated in school. Students now call him as Big Sucker.

On his way home, Q meets Kerr, the fat girl who lives next door. Kerr then confesses her love to Q but she was rejected. Q tells Kerr to keep dreaming and he begins to laugh at her. Before running away, Kerr tells Q that when time comes she will never ever falls in love again with Q. After many years, Kerr is now a lady and is a second year college student. She is now well-known cheerleader and a fantasy for boys in her school. While Q is working as a salesman who is secretly in love with Kerr.


While at work, Milk, officemate of Q tells him that the CEO of the company will be replaced by his son. Milk is the love interest of Q’s band mate and friend. When the new CEO arrives, he approaches Q and asks him. The CEO then tells them who he is. Q and his friend were shock upon knowing that their boss is Big Sucker.

When Q went home, he searches Kerr’s facebook account. Then suddenly a love website pops up. He clicks the X button but it doesn’t close and it ends up Q registering on the website. The next morning, Q meets Uncle Tom in while on his way to work. Uncle Tom approaches Q and tells about him registering in the website, Q explain to Uncle Tom that he wasn’t intentionally registering in the said website but Uncle Tom tells Q that there is no backing out as he is one of them right now.

It means that Q is now a cupid and his mission is to helps couples fall in love. Also Q cannot tell or falls in love with a girl unless he will succeed on his three missions. While doing his missions, Q realizes how important love is. He now understands the smiles he sees on couples who are in love. And also he now feels happiness when he sees couples fall in love with each other. But a new mission will break his heart because this mission involves Kerr and Big Sucker.

What will he do about the Kerr and Big Sucker? Who will Kerr end up with?

The Two Lead Characters

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Arak Amornsupasiri plays the male lead role Q in this movie. The vocalist of a band who humiliated Big and rejected Kerr back then. He then became a cupid.

Arak Amornsupasiri plays the male lead role Q in this movie. The vocalist of a band who humiliated Big and rejected Kerr back then. He then became a cupid.

Arak Amornsupasiri
September 2, 1984

Arak Amornsupasiri plays the lead male role in this movie. He is known by his nickname Pae. This is the first time I watched a thai movie and all I can say is that Pae really looks handsome. I never knew that he was born in 80’s nor think that he is in 30’s now. Though this movie was released three years ago but Pae looks younger than his real age. He has a great acting in his movie. Maybe I need more drama’s or movies of Pae as recommended by other fans.

Bo Thunyasupan plays the role of Kerr, the fat girl who falls in love with Q back then.

Bo Thunyasupan plays the role of Kerr, the fat girl who falls in love with Q back then.

Bo Thunyasupan
Birthdate: July 6, 1990

Bo Thunyasupan is a Thai actress. Before entering entertainment industry Bo receive a scholarship to go to Japan to study for 4 years at Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University-Political Science. When he return in Thailand after four years in Japan, she auditioned in the movie entitled My Name is Love and was chosen to play the lead female role opposite to Pae Arak Amornsupasiri. Bo is fluent in 6 different languages, including Thailand, English, Japanese, French, Korean and Spanish.

My Name Is Love Thai Movie Photo Gallery

My Insights on this movie

The film currently has a score 7.6 on IMDb (Internet Movie Database).

Entirely, I recommend this movie to all cupid teen romance comedy lovers out there. Although many of us might hate Q during his teenage years in which he doesn’t think of what other people might feel about his actions but we cannot deny the fact that he is amusing. I saw how Q did his best to secure the happiness of other people just to think that he was once a bad guy during his high school days. And how being a cupid made him change.

Actually I never thought that this movie will show different kinds of love. What I mean is a girl-boy relationship, teenage relationship or same-sex relationship. This explains everything that in love everybody is equal. That in love there is no discrimination. Though I was a bit confused on what had happened to the policeman who confesses his love to his boy friend. As what Q had said that you should tell him that you love him because you will never knew when you will comeback. And that you will never knew if you will have the chance to confess to him if you will let this chance slide. This film made me think again that cupids are the ones responsible in fulfilling love and happiness. And perhaps we can become cupids in our own way.

If ever cupids are real then did they also fall in love? How did they manage their love life when they are responsible for making couples happy? So it might be that is very hard to be a cupid especially if you are also falling in love with a human being. Well, cupids are not considered as humans.

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yuri on June 11, 2015:

Pae, i love you. I'm your number 1 fan in Philippines. I just met you on youtube and i really like your acting on my name is love. More powers.

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