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5 Reasons to Watch My Love from the Star (Korean Drama 2013)


My Love from the Star

My Love from the Star also known as My Love from Another Star is a fantasy romantic comedy suspense historical drama about a 400-year old alien, Do Min Joon (Kim Soo Hyun) and a beautiful “Hallyu” star, Cheon Song Yi (Jun Ji Hyun). It's one of sweetest and most memorable Korean drama I've watched.

My Love from the Star Trailer w/ My Destiny by Lyn

The first time I saw the teaser of the Korean drama series My Love from the Star, it looked promising but the plot didn’t get me too excited. Not until I’ve read few articles about it slowly gaining popularity that I’ve wondered what caught the viewers’ attention. I’ve decided it’s time to satisfy my curiosity. Considering the drama’s storyline, I began watching “My Love from the Star” for mere entertainment and devoid of any high expectations, and I’m sure glad I did. Here's why I loved it:


The Storyline. A drama primarily focusing on a love story between an extra-terrestrial and a human being, this has one of those themes that I am usually pessimistic about. Developing a storyline from the bizarre and unnatural subject derived from mere presumptions can be risky and challenging, sometimes on the verge of either ridiculous or laughable. Like a huge complicated jigsaw puzzle; force the pieces together and you’ll get a disaster, patiently and effectively place the pieces together and you get a harmoniously stunning image.


Overcoming the challenges, the My Love from the Star team absolutely did a great job with this drama. Not solely focusing on the “I’m-alien-you’re-human-yet-love-conquers-all” story of the main characters, they effectively injected various conflicts and components to balance fantasy, passion, melodrama, humor, and suspense that would appeal to a huge number of viewer demographics.


As a result, this Korean Drama series captured the heart of its viewers and became one of the highest ratings for its time slot. The My Love from the Star team was able to connect the pieces together flawlessly and created a breathtakingly beautiful masterpiece.

Yi-Hwa and Do Min Joon discussing about a drawing

Yi-Hwa and Do Min Joon discussing about a drawing

The Cinematography. Another outstanding component of this drama series is its cinematography. As if the characters are inside a moving painting, the colors are crisp and the scenes are with good contrast. This drama undoubtedly took advantage of its fantasy, extended timeline plot; the life of an alien that spans 400 years from the Joseon Dynasty to the 21st Century Seoul.


The director, the creative team and the camera crew did a brilliant job in utilizing the various types of camera shots, angles and techniques to ensure the foundations of the scenes are properly established and for the shots to complement the emotions of the characters. Moreover, it’s also worth mentioning how the special effects team did wonders in showcasing Do Min Joon’s special abilities.

Do Min Joon teleporting and blocking a racing car to rescue Cheon Song Yi

Do Min Joon teleporting and blocking a racing car to rescue Cheon Song Yi

The Actors. The actress Jun Ji Hyun portrayed Cheon Song Yi and she was absolutely brilliant and perfect for the role. Jun’s portrayal of the unique qualities and personality of her character was adorable and hilarious. This is her first project back on TV after 14 years of focusing on movies and endorsements. She won several awards for the role including “Daesang” (Grand Prize), the highest award for TV at the 2014 Baeksang Arts Awards.


Her leading man, Kim Soo Hyun, who portrayed Do Min Joon, was also amazing in portraying the 400-year old alien. He, as well, won several awards for his role including Most Popular Actor (TV) during the 50th Baeksang Arts Awards and the Grand Prize (Daesang) at the 7th Korea Drama Awards.

These two lead characters and their chemistry is absolutely one more reason to watch this drama, taking into consideration that this might be their last series together, at least in the next couple of years. There are talks of a possible movie, sequel and even prequels of this drama but the main characters might be played by other actors. Jun expressed her desire to take a break and focus on her family while Kim will soon have to start on his military duties.

Can't get Enough of Kim Soo Hyun? Here's another article on his movie, Secretly, Greatly.

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The serious 400-year old alien, Do Min Joon

The serious 400-year old alien, Do Min Joon

The Script and the Dialogues. Aside from awesome entertainment, which resulted to one of the highest viewership rating in South Korean television, the intelligent and profound script and dialogues also appealed to the emotions as well as taught a lot of things about life and being human. In most instances, it’s from the point of view of the alien protagonist, which makes things more meaningful, interesting and amusing. The exchanges between the lead characters and the dialogues of the other casts are also meaningful and worth reflecting upon. Here are some of the insightful quotes:

“If you want to, and even if you don’t, things are bound to happen. Earthlings call it as fate.” - Do Min Joon

"If a reason for me to meet her comes, then don't you think I will? If I go without meeting her, then it will be because there was no reason to." - Do Min Joon

Do you know why people fear death? Because they will be forgotten.

It's because the world will not change after they are gone,

and they eventually be forgotten.

I was not afraid.

Even if I left this world and went to a different world,

even if no one remembered me, I did not care.

But right now, I'm a little bit afraid.

There is someone whom I don't want to be forgotten by.

Right when I have to leave for another world.

— Do Min Joon

"Strangely, whenever I'm having a hard time, you are always next to me." - Cheon Song Yi

"Can you stay here by chance? If you leave, after you've come to care deeply for someone, then wouldn't the heartache suffered by the person who's left behind be commensurate to the depth of the feeling, not to mention the one who's leaving?" - Lawyer Jang Young Mok

Cheon Song Yi and Do Min Joon in the balcony.

Cheon Song Yi and Do Min Joon in the balcony.

Do you want to know the method to not be hurt by people? Don't give or take anything. Don't expect anything either. Then you won't be disappointed or hurt." - Do Min Joon

"Where is the fun in living then?" - Cheon Song Yi

"I clearly tried to seduce you for 15 seconds. Did I get seduced too?" - Cheon Song Yi

"What's the point of having super powers? He always passes out after a kiss." - Cheon Song Yi

"Although countless time has come and gone, the actual time I had left for myself wasn't very much. Now I know it all too well, that the length of time isn't important. What important is with whom you spend that time." - Do Min Joon

Cheon Song Yi and Do Min Joon sitting side by side, looking at the stars.

Cheon Song Yi and Do Min Joon sitting side by side, looking at the stars.

I've witnessed so much of a person being born, growing and aging, then died.

So I thought that the end is death.

But, yet, why did they try so hard?

Except for the differing sequence of events, in the end,

they were all people who would age, wrinkle and disappear.

Why would they struggle and live so tenaciously, as if they're experiencing a war?

An earthling's life, when observed from the sideline, is pathetic and futile.

But after thinking about dying, I've come to a realization.

There is no o

— Do Min Joon

The Soundtrack. Another worth highlighting is the set of songs included in the official soundtrack. They are just amazing and award-winning songs that they deserve their own space. I have written another hub focusing on the facts about the drama including the OST. Feel free to check it out.

Info Sources: Wikipedia

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Shey Pornan (author) from Manila, Philippines on October 08, 2015:

Good to know that, Lipnancy! This Kdrama is one of the things that inspired me to write so it'll always be memorable to me. Hope you find the time and enjoy it too. Thanks for dropping by!

Nancy Yager from Hamburg, New York on October 08, 2015:

I have never had the opportunity to watch Korean TV programs, Your article makes me want to.

Shey Pornan (author) from Manila, Philippines on April 28, 2015:

Thank you for your time & for sharing your thoughts about this unforgettable Kdrama!

China Abarquez on April 27, 2015:

I am an avid fan of My Love From The Star. Right after "The Heirs" finished its episodes k-drama fans recommends this drama. After watching its trailer my first reaction was, "Why the lead actress is too old for Kim Soo-hyun?" Until I found out that she was the lead of "My Sassy Girl". The first 3 episodes amazed me especially about some flashbacks of Kim Soo-hyun and when Kim Soo-hyun blocks Song-yi's car. It looks like real. After all, I highly recommend this drama to all Asian drama's out ther who are looking for a comedy,action,romance drama.

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