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My Little Pony Theories. Artificial Alicorn?

Wanderin Jim is reader of comics, novels, a player of many video games and a watcher of many shows and he has some opinions to share.

To Start

In My Little Pony: A New Generation we got introduced to a new Alicorn Sunny Starscout. Now I am not here to dismiss wether or not she earned the title or “Wings” if you would rather. However I have noticed something about them that by comparison to Twilight Sparkle, something doesn’t seem right and it’s not just how they look but also how Sunny’s powers work. I have a theory, so please sit down, grab a drink and let’s get into it.

Princess Sunny Starscout

I'm not going to dispute whether or not Sunny earned the title or not, but I will say that in the movie and beyond Sunny's wings and horn are transparent or absent as in they are not really a part of her but just magically crafted for the time being, in the show, comics and even the console game, magic is seen to be unstable as in the solution being the crystals are not perfect. I understand that I am just drawing conclusions and that it could be just simply a change in art, that would make sense, we have already seen vast differences in art style in MLP G5. However, there is one small problem with that.

Princess Twilight Sparkle


G4 is tied into G5 to a point, at least enough that not only are we seeing bits of Twilights time as ruins but also straight up Discord himself appears in the G5 comics. After Twilight transformed her wings where there, and there was no getting rid of them causing her much discomfort. even during the few times in which she and the other alicorns where drained of magic ether by Tirek or Grogar's Bell, their extra limbs remained. If Sunny is truly living in the same Equestria as Twilight then she must follow the same rules unless of course she was slightly different.

Something is off


Bottom line is we don't know for sure what is going here and while I think Sunny is still not a proper Princess, that wouldn't fully explain why magic for all the ponies would fazing in and out. Also, I realize that while they share the same world with the same cast and characters, The Comics and Cartoons are still two different continuities and there for while Discord may be in one it doesn't account for the other. although given just what Twilight and her friends had gone through it would still be logical to believe that Sunny should have thick full wings they don't cooperate when she is trying to sleep much like Twilight did.

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Why an Artificial Alicorn?

Perhaps the crystals where enchanted by the previous princess before the vanished with the idea that they would pick and create a temporary to lead all pony kind while they were away on whatever highly important mission they went on. Obviously, they didn't intend on being goon for as long as they have been, nor do they intend that the crystals would take so long to find a pony worthy of being appointed "princess" for Equestria. This would make sense due to the fact they Alicorns aren't guaranteed by birth meaning that finding a worthy succesor or even a stand in a little harder to come by.

With the heavy tie in with G4 it doesn't seem like something like this would be ignored and while something like coloring their hooves from the rest of their bodies could simply be a design change, I don't feel the same way about transparent wings that come and go only when Sunny needs them. However, this is only a theory, so what do you guys think? do think Sunny is a proper Alicorn or do you think she might be a stand in for the real deal? Please let me know what you think in the comment section below. I'm Wanderin Jim and I hope you all have a super happy day.

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