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My Little Pony: New Generation Theory 2

Wanderin Jim is reader of comics, novels, a player of many video games and a watcher of many shows and he has some opinions to share.

To Start

I already did this before in "What Happened to Equestria?" And at the end I stated that if I come up with another theory, I would wright about it. Just as before we were given allot of new information in My Little Pony: A New Generation and while we were given a new cast In Sunny Starscout and her friends which is not unusual when My Little Pony jumps to the next generation what is odd is that it ties in to the previous G4 with Twilight and her friends. This has created allot speculation and theories about what happened to these characters and the world that they lived in, and that is where we start because I have another theory, so sit back and enjoy.

Alternate World


The theory is that while it pertains allot of similarities to the previous Friendship is Magic it is in fact an alternate world. This would explain why the weather went from something that had to be manipulated by the ponies alongside the sun and moon, to something closer to our world where it acts on its own. this would also mean that while before such characters like Princess Celestia and Discord were immortal and could just live through the years leading up to the events of the movie. Maybe in this world alicorns aren't immortal, maybe in this world Discord is still a villain and is plotting somewhere. Point is, that could borrow elements from the previous show, having it act more like guidelines rather than actual rules.

They have done it before


My Little Pony Equestria Girls was a spinoff series in which we saw the charactes we knew, and love made them humans and placed them in high school. it was a alternate world from what we in FIM but still borrowed a few elements from the main series or world, mostly characters, names and sometimes a magical trait.

Even though Both worlds have a Pinkie Pie they are not quite the same and I don't mean the obvious. Unlike FIM Pinkie EG Pinkie works at a dinner and doesn't seem to have the side job of being a party planer but instead is part of a band, EG Pinkie still lives with her family while FIM Pinkie moved away and now lives above in the Sugar Cube Corner.

Can't prove it

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I honestly think the biggest problem with the theory is that I can't prove or even disprove it, especially with what little information we have at this time. Ehen MLP EG first came up they made it pretty obvious that it was an alternate world, but in the case of MLP NG other historical inaccuracies not so much.

Once the series drops, we will have more to work with and will be able to judge and confrim various theories throughout, but right now we can only dream. I however, hope that it is a alternate world mainly because.



it would seem that with all the crazy things done in MLP FIM, crossing over into alternate realities is a bit of a common occurrence for Twilight and her friends. in IDW while not technically canon did crossover with g3 for a period of time. in My Little Pony the Manga, we saw them crossover again while due to a game in which Discord hid the Elements of Harmony throughout many different worlds. in short, Sunny Starscout and her friends might run into Twilight and her friends although they probably won't be exactly the same ponies, they read about from ancient Equestria.

What do you think?

The Mane 6 is very interested in your opinion.

The Mane 6 is very interested in your opinion.

Only one theory this time but I thought I would take time to really dig my heels into it. I like the idea of a alternate world, Twilight and her friends (Particularly Rarity) are living happily in their Equestira while Sunny and her friends (Particularly Izzy) are living happily in their world. Maybe one day they will meet, and we can see how well they all get along. I personally would love to see Rarity and Izzy meet and discuss fashion and crafts. But what do you guys think? and who would you like to see get together Fluttershy and Hitch? Zipp and Ranibow? please let me know in the comment section below, I am Wanderin Jim and I hope you have a super happy day.

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