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My Little Pony, How Do Alicorns Work

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The Lingering Question In MLP:FIM

Without going into details, My Little Pony Friendship is Magic is probably one of the best shows we have ever gotten but that's not to say it's perfect, everything has flaws and it is no different. One of the biggest questions for me was the alicorns or more specifically how does one become a alicorn. I have a theory, but before we jump into that perhaps we should have a quick refresher on what these creatures are and what their roles is in Equestra.


Princess Celestia

Princess Celestia

Alicorns are a magical combination of the three pony races Earth, Pegasus and Unicorn. I say magical because to this day only one Alicorn has been born naturally and that was Flurry Heart. An Alicorn posses all of the abilities of each races like the growing magic and strength of earth pony, flight and the magic to walk on clouds of Pagasus and of course the magic of a Unicorn, not only that but they seemed to be buffed, so the suddenly new Alicorn will find that they can preform greater feats of magic then they ever could as a Unicorn. Most of our knowledge about Alicorns comes from one pony unparticular.

Princess Twilight Sparkle

The one and only

The one and only

While Twilight Sparkle may not be the first Alicorn we see on screen she however is the first and only Alicorn transformation we see. Twilight Sparkle became a Alicorn shortly after completing a old spell left behind Starswirl the bearded. So ether it was the result of completing a spell or discovering a new form of magic. Starswirl is nothing more then a talented unicorn so completing his spell means nothing on it's own, and while discovering a new form of magic could be it I am not entirely convinced it is. Unfortunately Twilight never took the same interested in trying to figure out just how and why she be came a Alicorn which alwasy seemed kind of seemed weird to given the little scientist she is.

Forced Transformation

Truth be told we have seen accounts of forced transformations during the finale acts which Cozy Glow absorbed massive amounts of magic including Alicorn magic, which means she was basically using someone else's power. And then there is Flurry Heart the first born Alicorn and while I am very curious about how that works she is only a baby and I am afraid we can't learn anything unless we see a story where she is grown up and sadly that seems very unlikely.

My theory

Starlight Glimmer should be a Alicorn but she isn't.

Starlight Glimmer should be a Alicorn but she isn't.

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Starlight Glimmer is easily on of the most powerful unicorns across the lands she even went as far as creating new spells yet she never became a Alicorn. It could be a new form of magic I think it's more likely the pony personal understanding of how people think and what it means to be a good person and friend something Twilight didn't know until after completing the spell and something Starlight never fully understood even Sunset Shimer who is at least as talented as Twilight never got her wings but she never understood friendship until long later an is till figuring it out. I if understanding friendship is the key then Fluttershy should have become a Alicorn by this account, however seeing as how she mainly tried to avoid people for the most part then perhaps she still as a thing or two to learn about being the best person she can.

Final Thoughts

I am fully aware that the series as ended awhile ago at this point, but MLP:FIM as left us with so much to think about and so much to theorize over it is just a fun topic to consider. I suppose in truth the writers probably didn't even consider how it happens but just wanted to take Twilight in a different direction then the others. but what to you guys think I would love to hear some of your thoughts about this series and the Alicorn question, please leave your thoughts i the comment section below. I'm Wanderin Jim and I hope you all have a super happy day.

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