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My Hero Academia: Read X-Men Instead of This Idiotic Japanese Rip-Off

Cliche terrible anime for children and man-children who've never read or watch a good comic book or show like X-Men in both cases.  Also everyone in this poster looks like they soiled their pants.

Cliche terrible anime for children and man-children who've never read or watch a good comic book or show like X-Men in both cases. Also everyone in this poster looks like they soiled their pants.

My Hero Acadamia (A Bad X-Men Rip-Off and a pathetic knockoff of another terrible anime Naruto)

My hero academia villains are complete rip-offs of Mr. Sinister and Apocalypse from the X-Men comics like Mr. Handy-Face (or whatever his stupid name is) otherwise known as the guy ripping off Mr. Sinister's and his body manipulation power, but he also lacks Sinister's other powers like; Superhuman strength, durability, longevity, Telepathy, Telekinesis, and Concussive energy projection. Because of his (emo handy face's) ineptitude, lack of skill, and just being a weak ass Mr. Sinister, he constantly gets defeated and he also acts like a spoiled child when he doesn't get his way. And, All for One, the stupidest villain name ever, rips off Apocalypse being the first mutant and being able to augment and transfer the powers of other mutants and himself having nearly every power but also being stupid and inept like his flunkie.

The "Hero" of my hero academy also rips off The Fist of The North Star with his power being the power being transferred down from the generations and becoming stronger with each new iteration. But unlike Kenshiro, Mr. Crybaby Generic Anime Protagonist/Spider-Man Rip-Off sad sack is not in any way a badass, and he acts like an idiot and because of his incompetence and crybaby nature, his victories are based wholly on luck. And I'm not gonna say this is also ripping off Naruto because the whole lifelong rivalry thing has been done way before Naruto which is another crappy show that doesn't deserve its popularity but that's a story for another time.

Now there's also for some reason talking animal characters in this show as if it wasn't enough of a dragon ball rip off, stop catering to animal people Japan, just stop it's just creepy. You have the dark sonic bird thing and his power is being angsty and dark like most of the characters in this poorly written show filled with overused walking cliches. You also have the principal of the academy which is an ugly ferret that should be made into a pelt, with a stupid face, although most of the characters look ugly and dumb so that's more a problem with the show than just the specific character. You have horribly dumb characters like Cement-O Man or whatever dumb name he had he looks like a block of tofu with a face and uses cement. You also have a Naruto ripoff teacher who had weird eyes and bad hair and likes to wear bandages a lot enough is enough, stop being terrible. The rest of the characters including the protagonist and antagonist and everyone else is a terribly boring character.

It's bad enough when popular Japanese comics and cartoons rip-off other bad Japanese comics and cartoons but when they rip-off really good American comics and dumb American children like it better than that's a bad sign. So many Americans are becoming weeaboos abandoning their own culture in favor of a foreign that mostly just rips ours off. Sure there are plenty of great, even amazing Japanese comics or manga and anime and video games but so many or cookie-cutter bland forgettable nonsense no different than the rest of the terrible manga anime or video games.

In summation, this show has terrible fans, lacks any originality, the plot is cliche, the characters are either cardboard cutouts, or are bad rip-offs from good American comic book characters or even worse Japanese ones, or they're just plain annoying with lame powers. But hey, if you don't like to use your brain you'll probably enjoy my hero academia, it'll probably be right up your alley along with Naruto, One Piece, Fairy Tail, Soul Eater, and Dragon Ball Super. If you want to watch a show about mutant superheroes and an academy for them in animated form watch the 90's X-Men series, or if you really need an anime fix watch X-Men The Anime, instead of this dumb show fill with cheap animation and poor storytelling.

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