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My First Year on Youtube

Sarah has been vlogging on Youtube for almost 1 year. She has been to many countries and places.

my Youtube channel

my Youtube channel

I started my Youtube channel magicaladventureswithsarah last year in May 2021. It's almost mid-April so it's been 11 months. However, it's easier to just say it's been a year already. Time goes really fast and I actually can't believe it's been almost an entire year since I started my Youtube channel. I don't post daily like some Youtubers, I'd like to but it can be pretty difficult to keep up after a while. I strive to post weekly usually on Fridays or if not on Saturdays. However, when I have a lot of videos and it's for something somewhat time sensitive then I post twice a week. For example, during the Christmas season, I went to many Christmas-themed areas like Busch Gardens, Disney Springs, Universal Studios, New York City's Rockefeller Center, the Christmas market close to my house etc. I had so many that I wanted to get all of them edited and posted before the Christmas season was over.

Subscribers and Monetization

It's really hard to gain subscribers on Youtube, after almost one year, I haven't even gotten 100 subscribers yet. I check my analytics on occasion and I get a decent amount of views on my channel and some of my videos get a lot of views. However, gaining subscribers is hard and most people that view my videos don't become subscribers. I definitely haven't mastered Youtube's magical algorithm yet and I don't expect to any time soon. I never realized how hard it was to gain subscribers until I started my Youtube channel. It's true that it does take a lot of time to gain subscribers and the Youtube channels that I follow only have a lot of subscribers because they have been actively posting videos for the past three to five years.

Also, when I originally created my Youtube channel, I thought I would be making money on my videos. I remember being so excited to be making a profit even if it was only like $5 or $10 a month. However, I learned that to monetize your Youtube channel, you need 1000 subscribers and I don't even have 100 yet so I'm far from being able to monetize my channel. I don't think I will reach 1000 subscribers until five years later so I'm hoping that in five years, I will start to see some profit from all my hard work. I don't expect to be making $3000 a month at all but I hope to at least be able to pay a utility bill with my Youtube videos in a few years.

What I Learned

I learned that being a Youtuber can be a lot of fun because your job is to create content for others and you get to do and travel to some fun places. However, it's also a lot of hard work especially when you haven't seen any profit come from your work yet. It takes time and money to travel to new places and even if you're not traveling far, you need to take time out of your day and pay for things like gas to get to another place. Unfortunately, I live in a small community just next to a lake and there's nothing close by for miles so I can't just take a walk for a few blocks and film something because there's nothing to see here. In the future, I hope to live in a big city where I can just take the bus places and I will be able to film content more cheaply and easily.

Something I also learned is that Youtube has a very strange algorithm, I will never understand why some videos that I thought would be popular only get like five or ten views but some that seem like less popular topics get 50-500 views. I've read articles about Youtube's algorithms and most of the Youtubers also don't understand it. It's very strange. For example, I thought a video about Los Angeles or New York City would get a lot of views. However, both only got less than 20 views each but my video on the Florida State Fair got 500 views!

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Even though I haven't gained any profit yet from my Youtube channel, I still plan to continue posting content at least once a week and I still have many more things in the pipeline that hasn't been edited yet. I plan to continue traveling as much as possible without breaking the bank and finding fun things to do in Florida. I'm not going to give up and I hope that the public also won't give up on me.

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