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My Favourite Crime TV Shows

I am into watching seasons alot and these deserve to be watched and promoted too.



Are you into watching murder suspense crime series? Here are some of my recent watch for you. These are all available on Netflix for a binge-watching. I shall provide my analysis to them as well. My sole purpose in writing this article is to share my views on these TV shows to update all the fans of Crime TV shows. I present the best of five crime shows from my binge-watching.

1) Guilt

It's an American TV show about the murder of a high school girl Molly who mysteriously got murdered in London while studying there. The pilot episode of the show is very gripping when right in the beginning the murder takes place. It enthrals the viewers right from the start and till the end. The director has kept the suspense alive about the real murderer. The show has been originally on aired in 2016 and it still has the decent rating of 6/10 on IMDB. The cast has done a decent job in the acting. The good thing about the show is the element of suspense that is kept alive till the finale. The only thing that sounds disturbing was that it has hit and targeted the elite Royals of the UK. Something fishy and similar to the dark clubs being revealed and highlighted. This show is recommended to be watched for 18+ viewers as it may contain adult discretion. If you are into intense murder drama then surely that is your show to watch at the weekend. It only has a single season with 10 episodes.

2) Bodyguard

A British crime drama political thriller, on aired in 2018 is an intense story about David Budd. He is a war veteran who works as a Sergeant at London Metropolitan Police Service in the Royalty and Specialist Protection branch. He is assigned as the personal bodyguard to the home secretary Julia Montague. The story may sound simple here but actually is twisted to the core as some flashbacks from David's troubled past life are revealed during the show. It seems as if David is undergoing his personal trauma. The acting and the plot are highly intrigued as the home secretary also seems to be sexually attracted to her personal bodyguard. The director has done a remarkable job in keeping the suspense alive until the finale about the task of Julia's protection and David's troubled past. This show only contains 6 episodes but it keeps you glued to your Netflix till the finale. The show enjoys a rating of 8/10 on IMDB.

3) Manhunt Unabomber

The show is highly intensed and is not advised for the audience not into watching white collar terrorist crime series. If you have been a fan of confession tapes series then this is your show to watch. The story revolves around a real-life FBI's hunt for the Unabomber in the 1990s. This is very important to read about that most wanted infamous terrorist in the 90s. The show only contains 8 episodes but the duration are 50mins with a slow pace. The acting is remarkable especially by the criminal Ted. I just wondered had the director kept Ted's identity in the dark till it’s last two episodes it would have been epic but still, the plot does not lose its charm while watching. Here, I would like to clarify that I am talking about the season 1 in particular as there has been a season 2 released this year with a different criminal. The overall rating of the show is 8.1/10 on IMDB.

4) Unbelievable

This season is based upon a rape victim's real-life story. It is highly recommended for the girls in their teens and above. As the genre is disturbing and the buzz topic of modern times but it is most decently presented American season. I have really enjoyed watching this show as a woman and I highly appreciate the director for handling such a sensitive topic with grace. The acting by the lead victim Marie Adler is superb and spot on. I kept wondering throughout the show as if she has been the real-life victim. The show does not highlight the rape scenes instead focuses on the victims and their struggles. I admire the director for revealing the facts about the mishandling of Marie's case at the hands of male police officers. He has beautifully drawn a great comparison in the handling of the rape cases by the female officers. The approach and the dealings of the female officers have actually helped them in a breakthrough to this most wanted rapist in the US. As a woman, I would recommend all the females to watch this show and compare the stories and reactions of the two real-life victims, Marie Adler and Amber. Hats off to the cast for remarkable acting. The show contains 8 episodes and enjoys a well-deserved 8.4/10 rating on IMDB.

5) Marcella (Season 1)

This is the latest watch in my recent playlist. The show has been on aired since 2016 with the 3 seasons till date. It is adapted from a Swedish Series “The Bridge”. The story revolves around a British Police detective named Marcella Backland working in contemporary London. The series of murders take place and all seems connected to a renowned serial killer. The plot is highly intrigued with twists to locate and catch the actual killer of Grace Gibson. Marcella's character is a really complex one as she seems under some kind of trauma of her married life. She often blackouts if provoked in dangerous scenarios. The season is still continued till date and is highly recommended for the serial killer movies’ fans. The show enjoys a decent 7.4/10 rating on IMDB.


I hope my article will prove useful to all the crime genre TV shows fans. If you have watched them do vote for your personal favourite at my poll below. Those who have not watched them yet, go ahead and watch today. I am sure you will find them interesting and a must watch in your watchlist.

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Tajwer Shakir (author) on October 18, 2020:

Hey! Thanks MJ! Great to see your comment and yes they all are a grest watch! Do watch n marcella is really good too but dk watch unbelievable. You will like that!

MJ on October 17, 2020:

I have not seen any of these yet but they all sound good. Marcella is my type. Thanks for sharing the list

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