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Open Letter to Brad Paisley - Country Music Star

Linda (Kaywood) Bilyeu is a self-published author. Her books are available on Amazon. She writes from the heart—there is no other way.


Dear Brad Paisley;

You never cease to amaze your fans! Whether it's with your guitar playing, songwriting or your remarkable hits you just keep on entertaining us and we keep on enjoying you! I've been a fan of country music for many years and no other artist can sing about something as simple as water, fishing, the internet, or camouflage and turn it into another mega hit! Only you, and I'm thinking you just might be quite talented! :)

I thank your grandfather for giving you the gift of a guitar at the young age of eight. Your grandfather had seen something in you that no one else had. It was because of your grandfather that I gave my granddaughter a guitar at the age of three, we're still working on actually learning how to play it, or should I say stop playing with it and actually learn to play. Our guitars come in handy while listening to your songs and pretending we are jamming along with you. They also were a nice addition to our halloween costumes this year when I dressed as a cowgirl and my hubby was a cowboy!

I was wondering, were you nervous when you first performed at the tender age of ten at your church? I'm thinking you possibly felt right at home. Congratulations to being the youngest person honored into the Jamboree Hall Of Fame. That's a sensational triumph for a boy born and bred in West Virginia. The hometown folks of Glen Dale were very supportive of you. Being from such a small town was a bonus for both you and them.

You just don't sing country tunes, your smash hits border on southern rock and kind of edgy pop. You are truly a Brad Of All Trades when it comes to music! In the 14 years that you've been in the country music business you have created 10 albums which have garnished 16 number one hits! Wow, you are truly amazing! It just goes to prove that you aren't just making a pit stop, you possibly could be on music row for the long haul. You have achieved 48 awards such as entertainer of the year, vocalist of the year, song of the year etc.... do your awards have their own wing in your home? Or their own room? I should hope so! If you got it then you should flaunt it!

Brad Paisley

The Brad

The Brad


Brad Paisley

Brad Paisley

Brad Paisley is so likeable...

I always enjoy hearing the story on how you met your stunning wife, Kimberly Williams. We remember her as Annie Banks the beautiful bride in Father Of The Bride. You fell in love with her while watching the movie along with your girlfriend at that time. Years later you requested that Kimberly perform in one of your videos. The rest is history. Awww Brad that story is so sweet that's it's mushy! I guarantee that your sons Huck (2007) and Jasper (2009) will forever appreciate hearing the tale of how their parents met for the first time and the history behind the scenes.

You deserved to win the 2010 CMA Entertainer Of The Year. Your emotional speech had the your fans, family and fellow artists in awe. You were correct country music fans support all artists, not just one. We are like one big happy family, well except for that one time that Kanye West shook things up a bit for Taylor Swift BUT look what that did for her career! We all wanted Kanye to interrupt us after that memorable moment! Regardless, we are anticipating the 2011 Country Music Awards show tomorrow night! I intend to have my annual Facebook party along with other fans who will be enjoying the show! You, along with Carrie Underwood will again be hosting. A perfect match! The two of you will also perform your duet "Remind Me," which should be as amazing as the video! I wish you both good luck with the show! I'll be laughing at your humor and cheering you on to win some more awards also!

My favorite video of yours is Online which was directed by Jason Alexander (George from Seinfeld). George plays a geek who's obsessed with MySpace. William Shatner and Estelle Harris who portrayed his parents were a perfect match for the video! Maureen McCormick (Marsha from the Brady Bunch), Taylor Swift and Kellie Pickler also made some memorable appearances. This is a hilarious, classic video!

I also wanted to let you know that due to the catchy tunes of your hit songs I find myself quoting your lyrics quite often. Your lyrics always generate a smile from Sunshine. I do have some song lyrics that are stuck in my head that only YOU could turn into a song and it WILL be a MEGA HIT, but only if you, Mr. Brad Paisley wrote and performed the song. No one else could make these lyrics work. If interested just give me a holla!

On April 19, 2015 it was announced that you snagged a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records for winning the most consecutive ACM Male Vocalist of the Year awards! How amazing is that!? Congratulations to you! Personally I think you should have won again in 2015 too. You rock!

Thank you again for all you give your fans! Thank you for being your genuine self. Your kind heart and sweet soul are transparent through your music. Your family is blessed to have you in their lives. Keep on entertaining and we'll keep on enjoying!


Remind Me... Duet with Brad Paisley

Toy Story comes to life at Brad's home!

My Fan Letter To Carrie Underwood

Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood 2014 CMAs

© 2011 Linda Bilyeu

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Barbara Tremblay Cipak from Toronto, Canada on October 15, 2014:

just love Brad Paisley and artist and a funny man!

Dianna Mendez on October 28, 2013:

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He is so darn cute! A friend of mine was so pleased when he picked her daughter ( 10 at the time) to come on stage with him for a photograph. It was through a contest and this made for wonderful memories. She said he was the nicest man.

Linda Bilyeu (author) from Orlando, FL on October 28, 2013:

Hi HWM! That's a great song of Brad's. He's quite a character and so lovable! :)

Ruth R. Martin from Everywhere Online ~ Fingerlakes ~ Upstate New York on December 13, 2012:

Brad is one of my all time favorite country singers. My favorite song of his always brings tears to my eyes. It it the song, "When I Get Where I'm Going"

Linda Bilyeu (author) from Orlando, FL on October 28, 2012:

Happy 40th Birthday to Brad Paisley!

Linda Bilyeu (author) from Orlando, FL on October 08, 2012:

I'm glad you enjoyed this fan letter to Brad Paisley! Thanks for stopping by to visit! :)

Joshua Zerbini from Pennsylvania on July 27, 2012:


Another awesome letter to an amazing country singer! Paisley is so stinking talented. Your tributes are always a joy to read! Thanks for sharing Linda!

Linda Bilyeu (author) from Orlando, FL on May 22, 2012:

Hi Jeff! Thanks for stopping by to visit with Brad and Sunshine!:)

Haley, This was written 6 months ago Dec. 2011

haley on May 22, 2012:

when did you write this?

Jrandol62 on January 11, 2012:

Great hub sunshine, as always!! I enjoy Brads songs and he and Carrie did an awesome job with their duet of "Remember me"...Only thing I'd change in the video would be me RUNNING to her instead of slowly walking....Hello Brad, pretty woman straight ahead brother!!....LOLOL Thanks for sharing the hub friend, and thanks for being a friend as well to all of us hubbers!!...Hugs!

Linda Bilyeu (author) from Orlando, FL on November 27, 2011:

Hi nomad! Gone Country by Alan Jackson was the first country song I liked!:))

nomadicasian on November 27, 2011:

That was really great Ms.Sunshine, I love it. Haven't you Gone Country lately? say, Alan Jackson?

Linda Bilyeu (author) from Orlando, FL on November 27, 2011:

Hi Sharon, as long as you are having fun and enjoying my letters my mission is accomplished. I am a bit of a country music fanatic. Thank you :))

Sharon Smith from Northeast Ohio USA on November 27, 2011:

Geez Sunshine,

With all your great letters here, I'm going to become a country music fan for sure. You are so much fun!


Barbara Purvis Hunter from Florida on November 19, 2011:

WOW! your know how to write a fan letter Sunshine625. Brad is so cute--I especially like him because he is such a loving husband and father--then I like his singing, after that. I like music, country, classical, and etc.

This was a great hub and fan letter, and I hope you have a great Sunday.


Linda Bilyeu (author) from Orlando, FL on November 10, 2011:

Hi Kathy! I think Brad and Carrie might have a permanent hosting gig with the CMAs! Everyone seems to adore the both of them! You are correct watching the video is way better then hearing it. I'm glad you enjoyed it:))

KathyH from Waukesha, Wisconsin on November 10, 2011:

OMG, that was hilarious! :) Thanks so much for finding the video and putting it here!! I listened to this on the radio, but it's not the same as seeing it! Great stuff! :)

Linda Bilyeu (author) from Orlando, FL on November 10, 2011:

Hi Marisa! Heck yea I was watching the CMA's! It was fantastic! Brad and Carrie were hilarious, I added the opening video to this hub for those who missed the best part...the Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Barbie doll spoof was a riot!! Thanks for stopping by:))

Marisa Hammond Olivares from Texas on November 10, 2011:

Great fan letter - I must admit I kept getting distracted by the picture though - that smile is too much! Last night as we watched the CMA's I just knew you were watching. :)

Linda Bilyeu (author) from Orlando, FL on November 09, 2011:

I aim to please Frank! Looking forward to you picking my brain one day:)

Frank Atanacio from Shelton on November 09, 2011:

Your fan letter idea is so amusing great hub Sunshine :)

Linda Bilyeu (author) from Orlando, FL on November 09, 2011:

Hi drbj, I have pimped this tribute to Brad's people! Enjoy the CMA's tonight! It should be very entertaining as always. Maybe next year we could attend together:))

drbj and sherry from south Florida on November 09, 2011:

Just watched the Online video, Sunshine, thank you for including it. Will be watching the CMA tonight. If you can find the email address for Brad's agent, forward your Tribute to him. You never know what that could lead to!!!

Linda Bilyeu (author) from Orlando, FL on November 09, 2011:

Hi stokermm...Brad is the wittiest country music performer! He does have a beautiful family. He's a blessed man.

Hi eiddwen ... Thank you for your nice comment. Wishing you a wonderful day also!

Hi Rogers ... Online is a classic video! Brad is a unique performer who can truly sing about anything and create a hit!!!

Thank you all for stopping by:))

UltimateMovieRankings from Virginia on November 09, 2011:

A great fan letter to Brad Paisley....I learned many things about Brad in your letter....and I enjoyed viewing the videos as well. I especially liked the Online video...what a great collection of actors...and it was like a Seinfeld reunion. Voted up and awesome.

Eiddwen from Wales on November 09, 2011:

Brilliant !!! A great read and one to vote up up and away!!!!!

Take care and have a wonderful day.


Stokermm from Gainesville, FL on November 08, 2011:

For some reason, I never got too into Brad Paisley but this hub made me want to listen to his music! Brad and his wife are adorable together! Their story is so sweet. :)

Linda Bilyeu (author) from Orlando, FL on November 08, 2011:

Real: I so agree, I also miss MTV videos from back then. Country music videos keep getting better, always have a tale to tell. A video can make or break a hub sometimes which is why I'm picky about which ones I pick to stick on my hubs! lol re: radio star!

Kelly Umphenour from St. Louis, MO on November 08, 2011:

I did watch it - hilarious! I was really happy to see that someone spent the money to make such an entertaining and CLEVER video - back when MTV first came out - they used to make such good music videos...spend money and use good visuals....lately it seems like it's all reality on MTV....I love the videos so much and I miss that - video did not kill the radio star!

Anyway - sorry I just do so much enjoy the videos you embed - I can tell you take your time and I try really hard to use just the right videos too....I spend hours looking at you tube!

Linda Bilyeu (author) from Orlando, FL on November 08, 2011:

@Ida ... well Brad is sure getting some attention now! :))

@Pauls ... you are very welcome my friend :))

Suzie from Carson City on November 08, 2011:

Thanks for schedule correction.....

blessing980306 on November 08, 2011:

I like Brad Paisley a lot his voice is so soothing.He doesn't really have a song I don't like.Great hub Thanks for posting it.He doesn't get noticed as much as I would like him too!Great Job Aunt Linda xo

Linda Bilyeu (author) from Orlando, FL on November 08, 2011:

I totally agree with you Bryan! I had a feeling you would get this hub:) Thanks! BTW...Congrats on LSU's win!!!

Mentalist acer from A Voice in your Mind! on November 08, 2011:

A great tribute Linda to the hardest working performer in country music.;)

Linda Bilyeu (author) from Orlando, FL on November 08, 2011:

Hi Real! If you only watch one video I highly recommend the Online video, you will really enjoy it!

Hi Paula, The CMA special with Robin Roberts is on tonight at 10pm on ABC. The CMA's are tomorrow night :))

Hi Made, Thank you for the compliment and the comment!

Madeleine Salin from Finland on November 08, 2011:

I've listened to Brad Paisley just a couple of years. He's a great artist, who plays great music and you are a great writer, Sunshine. :)

Suzie from Carson City on November 08, 2011:

What a CUTEY he is! I do like his music. I'm hoping to watch the CMA's tonight.....I KNOW you'll be glued to it & having your FB party!! Enjoy!! Great hub for Brad!

Kelly Umphenour from St. Louis, MO on November 08, 2011:

Great JOB! He is so cute! I didn't know that much about his life but you did a really interesting job of drawing the good details out! I loved the videos - you always have the most hilarious ones!

You are right - this one isn't just a pit stop:) lol Fantabulous!

Linda Bilyeu (author) from Orlando, FL on November 08, 2011:

Hi Gloria! Kathy! Alecia! Be sure and tune in Wed. 11/9/11 on ABC to see Brad in action for the Country Music Awards! He's an amazing performer and person! Thanks for stopping by!

Alecia Murphy from Wilmington, North Carolina on November 08, 2011:

I don't know much about his music, but from what I've seen of him in interviews, he seems like a cool person with an awesome sense of humor. I always enjoy artists in any genre who have a lot of fun with what they do. Great Job Sunshine :)!

KathyH from Waukesha, Wisconsin on November 08, 2011:

What a wonderful letter to Brad! :) Well done!! He is one of my favorites, too, and every time I see the video for "Wrapped Around" I just melt (those two ADORABLE little kids kissing gets me every time!) "Might as well put a ring on the finger I'm wrapped around." Voted up and awesome! :)

geegee77 from The Lone Star State!! on November 08, 2011:

Oh how I love love Brad Paisley of course you already knew that, when I took my daughter to see him in SA a couple of years ago we were about 4 rows back from the stage and it was amazing, I love to hear him play that guitar he's truly gifted. And his songs are so down to earth that every one can relate to somehow. Love his videos too, he has such a great sense of humor. And you are right him & Carrie Underwood make a great team hosting the awards, I can't wait!!! Voted up and awesome sunshine :) ge

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