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My Blog about Jim Henson's World of The Dark Crystal (Part 2)

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Disclaimer: Before reading this page, you need to know that all of my assumptions are not right or wrong. I thought they would be fun to share with other fans of The Dark Crystal. Also – if you haven’t read the first part of this blog, you are more than welcome to read it here.

Several years ago, I found the official website for The Dark Crystal, so I read each page. I noticed that Jim Henson’s daughter Lisa and Cheryl announced a writing contest that is supposed to be based around the time the skeksis started draining the gelflings essence to keep themselves alive while the world of Thra was deteriorating. I did get very excited about it, but I was worried, because I noticed that I was late finding it out. I wouldn’t have enough time to write a full novel. I did give it a try and write as much as I could, but I didn’t finish it by the due date. I found out that writing a story (and possibly be published) based on characters that were created by other people is more challenging than just fan fiction for fun. If I had more time, I probably could finish the whole novel.

Other than that, I have been fine for not finishing the story. Some of the ideas I had in mind, I used in a sci-fi/fantasy screenplay I wrote shortly after the contest deadline. I have always liked to believe that things happen for a reason. Sometimes, I have been debating on translating it into a novel form.

Going back to the Dark Crystal story, I did keep an eye on the official website to see who would be the winner of the new series, and his name is J.M. Lee. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on my copy of his book. That story ended up being a four book series.


As I was reading the first book, I did enjoy it, but I was surprised that he made his main character being a girl gelfling (Naia). I thought he would use a male gelfling as the main character like it was in the movie. Don’t get me wrong, but it would be interesting and see a female being a lead in this series and dealing with the evil skeksis.

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Naia did have a friend that went on an adventure with her and his name was Kylan. As I was getting to know the character, I couldn’t stop thinking of Kira (from the movie). I couldn’t stop thinking that Kylan could possibly be Kira’s grandfather. I am not completely sure why I thought they could be related other than both of them loved to sing and they were very nature like gelflings. I was wondering if I would get to find out if Kylan will find a girlfriend or not in the series. Since I knew that Kira had some Vapran blood in her, it would make sense if Kylan fell for a Vapran girl.


Last summer, I read the whole series, and I would like to congratulate J.M. for writing a great entertaining book series based on my favorite fantasy planet. You did make some characters that have been lovable like Naia and her gang of friends. Kylan and Gurjin have and still are my favorite characters from this series.

Gurjin and Kylan

Gurjin and Kylan

While I was reading the second novel in the series, Netflix released a ten episode series loosely based on the books. I have an article or entry as the third part of this blog. Check it out and read how I felt about that…

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