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My Blog About Jim Henson's World of The Dark Crystal (Part 4)


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This article is based on my predictions of the time when season one of Age of Resistance ended to when Jen and Kira were babies. I did mention some of my predictions and guesses in my earlier articles, and you are welcome to read them.

  1. In an earlier article, I wrote about me thinking that Kira was not full blooded Vapran.
  2. I also don't think Jen is full blooded Stonewood. He had white/blond streaks in his hair, and the other Stonewoods didn't have blond/white streaks in their hair. I think it is possible that he could have some Grotten or Vapran in him.
  3. I think the knew who the father of the Vapran princesses was, and I think the father was Sifan. The princesses, especially Seladon, have green untone skin. I think the librarian traveled with the father along with Cadia and other Sifans.
  4. I think Jen was planned to be saved before he was born. The parents of him made a plan with the Mystics, because I think the Master knew where to go to pick him up as a baby and take him back home. He was willing to be out and about while the Garthims were destroying all the Gelflings homes and capturing all them.
  5. I think Heretic got involved in saving baby Jen.
  6. I like to think that Hup led baby Kira out of the hole in the tree where her mother hid her from the Garthims and the skeksis. I think he led her to the area where the Podlings were located.
  7. I think after the first battle between the Gelflings and the skeksis, the remaining Gelflings stayed in Stone-In-Wood, so all of them could stay together and fight the skeksis again if they had to...
  8. I think at that time, the gelflings got rid of each clans' logos and used the three leaf flower that we saw through out the Netflix series that represented all the clans. I think that what happened to the Stone-In-Wood throne.
Notice the three petal flower on the thrown behind Kira (from movie).  The logo was different from the prequel. (on bottom photo).

Notice the three petal flower on the thrown behind Kira (from movie). The logo was different from the prequel. (on bottom photo).

9. I think Seladon continued to be the All-Maudra, and she made Rian her head soldier/paladin.

10. I think after that first battle, the Emperor invited Deet into the castle and made her his Emperess. He thought using the Darkening that was flowing in her veins would be beneficial to the ruling of the world and draining all the Gelflings. That was why we saw Deet sitting on the Emperor's thrown.

11. Sometimes, I think it was Rian's sister that was the one that bore Jen. Besides, Jen and Rian being Stonewoods, they do walk the same way and they used the same words when talking...like "Together then..."

12. I think Jen's firca was owned by Gyr, the Song Teller (from the book "The Dark Crystal Creation Myths"). It was not Kylan's firca that Jen had, because both of them looked too different, and Gyr's looked very much like Jen's firca.

Notice the different fircas.  T to B:  Kylan and Jen.

Notice the different fircas. T to B: Kylan and Jen.

Gyr from the graphic novel, "The Dark Crystal Creation Myths".

Gyr from the graphic novel, "The Dark Crystal Creation Myths".

13. One of the first Podlings, Kotha, was bilingual and passed that skill down from generation to generation. That was how Kira became bilingual herself.

Kotha from the book, "The Dark Crystal Creation Myths".

Kotha from the book, "The Dark Crystal Creation Myths".

14. I think it was the Mystics that gave Jen his name. They named him after Thra's well-known legend Jarra-Jen. They did have high hopes that Jen would become the hero of Thra and the crystal.

15. I think Hup led baby Kira to the Podlings.

16. I think the Vapran princesses' father was a Sifan. The under tone of their skin is green...especially Seladon's skin. When Brea was talking to the librarian, he caught himself telling her that she sounded like the Sifan clan. I also think he went sailing with him when he did spend his time with the Sifans.

17. I think Jen and Kira wore hammy-downs from the gelflings before them. Jen's top does resemble the top that Ordon wore in the series. I think it was once owned by a Stonewood gelfling before Jen was born or when he was a baby. Jen's pants were very much like Rian, Mira, and Tavra's pants. It could've been one of them or a soldier gelfling. I think Kira's dress was made by the podlings even though it looks like it could be from the Grotten clan or the Spriton clan. However, I have noticed that Kira's cloak is the same color of Kylan's cloak. Jen and Kira's footwear resembled the Drenchens' footwear.

18. I think after the skeksis thought they got rid of all the gelflings, the scientist changed the draining essence machines, so the podlings would still be able to be alive.

19. Like in the book series, I think Tavra's spirit entered into the Arathim Ascendancy's body (in the Netflix series).

20. I think the podlings named Kira after Kira-Staba - a grove near Ha'rar and Silver Sea. They probably figured she had Vapran blood in her.

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