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My 10 Best Movies of 2021

2021 has ended and this is my personal 10 best movie of the year 2021. Reminder: the ranking does not reflect the quality of the movie. I just personally love all 10 of them this year. Also, I haven’t watched all the movies from 2021 even some of the famous ones.

1. The Suicide Squad


The Suicide Squad, directed by James Gunn, is a soft reboot and a sequel to the original Suicide Squad (2016). The story follows a group of superpowered criminals being forced to do the government’s dirty work. The strength of this movie comes from the director and the cast. James Gunn understood the source material he was adapting. Because of that, he decided to create a movie that is both crazy and violently over the top but didn’t lose the plot. And then, there was the cast. Idris Elba, John Cena, and so many others brought their best to further enhance the movie.

2. Shang-Chi and The Legend of the Ten Rings


The MCU was "OKAY" at best this year. The other movies from this year lack something that would entice me to sit and watch them again. Shang-Chi is the only movie from the MCU that didn’t suffer from this issue. And to think it was an origin story. It did the character Shang-Chi justice by telling his story brilliantly and establishing the importance of his presence further down the line. To top it all off, we have a fantastic villain and amazing supporting characters, which further appealed to me to watch the movie again.

3. No Time To Die


First things first, I am not the biggest fan of the 007 franchise. I enjoyed the franchise, but it is not my most favourite movie franchise of all time. But something about this one, which was Daniel Craig’s last outing as James Bond, made me want to put it on the list. It was a strong movie on all fronts. The cinematography was gorgeous. The action was spectacular. Daniel Craig was at his best, and the ending was just something else. It is not a perfect movie (the villain), but I still enjoyed it so much.

4. Malignant

There are no other crazy movies this year other than Malignant. From the mind and hands of James Wan, the guy responsible for The Conjuring franchise, comes a stupidly horrifying and entertaining movie. The placement of this movie in this very list would probably anger some people. But there was something about this movie that made me like it so much. I just love a dumb movie in which the aim is to entertain the audience. The scary elements were top tier despite its sometime confusing plot.

5. Pig


Pig sees Nicholas Cage star as Robin, the titular character, in which he is on a personal mission to find his stolen beloved pig. First things first, I was never a fan of Nicholas Cage, and to my surprise, seeing myself enjoying this movie to the point I put it in my top 10 list was mind blowing to me. It has a nice, tight narrative. And despite the John Wick vibe early on, it emphasises more on the drama side than the action, which helped the movie in my opinion. It was the best movie of the year, but it was just a surprise hit for me, and I believe putting it in the top 10 is reasonable.

6. Nobody


This is the old man beating the hell out of bad people. This is the movie I needed this year. The old people kicking assess genre had been on the decline for quite some time, but no one had been able to revitalise it. Then, along came Nobody. As an action movie, it was brutal, creative, and dynamic, but it also seemed realistic in some ways. However, the actual gem of the movie comes from the scripting department. The story being told was interesting as you got the necessary information, but some was held back on purpose. All in all, it was just a fun and engaging movie to watch in the span of two hours.

7. Copshop


Copshop was entertaining. I believe that sentence thoroughly justifies putting it on my list. The movie starts and it never stops entertaining you until the end credits roll. It was filled with wacky, silly, and funny characters. The movie also never forgets to tell its story. And what you get is a one-and-a-half-hour movie that can tell you the story and provide you with a lot of entertaining characters and great action scenes.

8. King Richard

Will Smith stars as Richard Williams in this sports biopic movie about how Venus and Serena Williams were brought into the world of tennis. I am not the biggest fan of tennis; I just don’t get it. And even after watching this movie, I still don’t get it, but the movie did something great as I was invested and captivated by the story being told. Will Smith gives his best performance ever as an actor. And the supporting actors also delivered on their end, as did the teen actors. It was also a good surprise to see John Bernthal involved in the movie. I was just surprised to be able to love this movie as much as I did.

9. Luca


Sometimes, a movie that has a basic story is all we need in the world. Luca is nothing special in the Pixar world of animation, but it was still enjoyable to watch, nonetheless. And the joy comes from the simplicity it had. It is just about the story of two friends working hard to achieve their dreams, all the while learning how the world works and accepting themselves for who they really are. Once again, nothing out of this world, but me and my family enjoyed the movie so much. And if your entire family can sit and watch it from start to finish, then there is nothing left to be said.

10. J2: J Retribusi


Being a Malaysian, it's only right if I shine a few lights on local films released in my country. J2: J Retribusi is a sequel to the first movie; J Revolusi. While the first movie failed in focusing on an identity, the second understood what it wanted to be and focused on that. J2 is an action movie through and through. We follow Jay as he races against time to save his boss from a group of terrorists. It had good action scenes and a brilliant villain performance from the late Ashraf Sinclair. Zul Ariffin also looks comfortable in the lead role, much better than in his first outing. It’s just a good action movie with a good story. Nothing is wrong with that.

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