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Must watch Jang Ki-Yong Dramas

The world of kdrama introduced me to a whole new dimension of undiscovered comedy, romance and fantasy.


1. Come and Hug Me

This kdrama has it all.

Romance? Check

Suspense? Check

Tragedy? Check

Childhood Connection? Check

Jang Ki Yong brings out his best in this drama where he plays Chae Do Jin, the son of a serial killer who goes on to become a detective. Female lead, Han Jae Yi, is played by the charming Jin Ki Joo, who is a struggling actress whose parents were murdered by Chae Do Jin's father. Their struggle to break through societal stereotyping, their fight to overcome their own fears and doubts form the story of this drama.

Bottomline: You will not regret watching it.


2. Born Again

There is reincarnation, there is a serial killer, there is a love triangle and there is Jang Ki Yong and Lee Soo Hyuk. You need more reasons? Go watch it right away!

In 1980's Gong Ji Chul, a loner falls in love with Jang Ha Eun a bookshop owner who has a fiance, Cha Hyung Bin, a detective. Their story ends in a tragedy in the 1980's but continues in the present time after they're 'born again'.

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In the present time, Gong Ji Chul is a student, Jang Ha Eun is an osteoarchaeologist while Cha Hyung Bin is a Prosecutor adamant on believing that criminal genes exist. Their story is finally completed in this life. The drama offers some emotional roller coaster ride stretching through time and space.


3. Kill It

Kill It offers what we have craved for. Jang Ki Yong as an assassin. The badass role has him in various action sequences with an intriguing story.

Kim Soo Hyun, an elite assassin is blackmailed into killing if he is to find his long lost family. The plot offers illegal medical procedures, political misuse of power, investigations and assassinations. He gets entangled with a detective who thinks he is a veterinarian and together dig out the truth behind his past. Though the drama's course could be called tragic, it has a beauty within.


My Roommate is a Gumiho (Ongoing Drama)

After seeing him as an assassin, we wanted a goofy Jang Ki Yong. The heavens have heard us. In 'My Roommate is a Gumiho', Shin Weo Yoo, a professor cum 999 year old nine tailed fox who meets a University Student who swallowed his precious bead and his only chance at becoming human. As a result, the both end up staying together until they can find a solution.

It will be a fun watch, given that supernatural fantasy kdramas never disappointed its viewers. Special mention to Hye-Ri whose H stands for humor. Look forward to a fun ride with this drama.


5. Sweet & Sour (Movie)

This can be called a typical plot but we haven't yet seen Jang Ki Yong in an out and our romance, so here it is.

A lovely couple lose their charm over time and end up farther from each other. Meanwhile, an office colleague aka rival, could end up between the two as she grows closer to the man.

Jang Ki Yong plays Jang Hyeok, an office worker desperate for a permanent position, Chae Soo Bin plays Da Eun, the girlfriend and Krystal plays Bo Young the office worker also aiming for the permanent position.

The movie is expected to premiere on June 4th on Netflix. Look forward to some 'sweet and sour' romance.


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