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Music and Everything Included


Music is an art form that consists of tempo, pitch, rhythm, and dynamics. The definition and production of music varies culture to culture. For example, the African and Irish cultures have their own type of music that differs from music in the United States. Music can be divided into many genres such as jazz, country, classical, opera, r&b, rock and roll, etc. The different types of music help to express various emotions, for instance, happiness, love, and sadness. The majority of people relate to music because of the lyrics, the beat, and how it makes us feel.

Jazz is a type of music that is a combination of African and European traditions. Jazz began in the early 1900s in the city of New Orleans, Louisiana. Some instruments used in jazz are the trombone, flute, clarinet, trumpet, and banjo (Thadani). A trombone is a brass instrument, where the player’s lips causes vibrations in the instrument (Musical Instrument). The banjo is a five- stringed instrument that is similar to the guitar (Musical Instrument).

Some jazz singers are Ray Charles, Erykah Badu, Tony Bennett, Dean Martin, and Anita Baker (Metrolyrics). “I was born with music inside me. Music was one of my parts. Like my ribs, my kidneys, my liver, my heart. Like my blood. It was a force already within me when I arrived on the scene. It was a necessity for me-like food or water” (Charles). Ray Charles was an artist, who loved to make others happy through his music. As time progressed, different types of genres began to form. There are a few genres that originated from Jazz. Some genres that originated from Jazz are rhythm and blues, rock, reggae, and funk. The majority of older people like Jazz because Jazz is a type of music that the older generation grew up with, when they were children. The minority of younger people dislike Jazz because younger people are not used to Jazz and the different sounds that Jazz music contains. I like Jazz because I feel that Jazz is another way of expressing yourself through music, even though I am not accustomed to this style of music.

Rhythm and blues also known as r&b is African- American music that started in the 1940s. Rhythm and blues began to take shape, when Jazz began to evolve and incorporate more beats and sounds. “Rhythm and Blues used instruments such as the saxophone, horn, organ, piano, and the double bass” (Thadani). The double bass is the largest and low-pitched string instrument (Musical Instruments). “Thewords rhythm and blues originated from music that was played by or made for African Americans” (Thadani). Some rhythm and blues singers are Aretha Franklin, Johnny Ace, Hank Ballard, and Jimmy Hughes (Metrolyrics). The majority of people like r&b because of the smooth sounds that are produced from r&b that help to put people in better moods. The minority of people dislike r&b because the people do not like the sounds that come from r&b music. I like r&b music because r&b music is versatile and always evolving.

The R&B singer Cleo Sol is a woman of poise, who loves to share her music and feelings with the world. She is inspired by singers all over the world. She feels that emotions and lyrics in songs have a very strong relationship. She plans to show the world her raw talent. “As an artist, you have to speak on how you’re feeling and be as real as possible” (Sol).

“Rock music is a genre that evolved from rhythm and blues, jazz, and country music in the 1960’s” (Thadani). The difference between r&b and rock is that rock music uses electric guitars, bass guitars, and drums. Also, rock music uses instruments such as the acoustic guitar and keyboards. The bass guitar is a stringed instrument that is played with the fingers or thumbs (Musical Instruments). The acoustic guitar is a guitar that uses a bridge that the strings vibrate against. The acoustic guitar is similar to a violin because a violin also uses a bridge for strings to vibrate against. Rock music began forming in the United Kingdom and the United States. Rock music is a genre of music that is louder and expresses more anger than other genres. Some rock performers are Blink 182, Barry McGuire, Bob Evans, and Brian Wilson (Metrolyrics). The majority of people dislike rock music because they feel that rock music is too loud and only makes you feel angry inside. I like rock music because I feel that rock music is a way to relieve stress and is another way of expressing yourself.

Reggae is a genre of music that developed in Jamaica in the 1960s. Reggae became a music sensation in the 1970’s. The word “Reggae” refers to different types of Jamaican music. Two origins of reggae are jazz and rhythm/blues. Some instruments used in Reggae are the organ, melodica, and guitar. The organ is an electric keyboard. The melodica is a musical instrument that is similar to a flute but has a keyboard on top (Musical Instrument). Some Reggae singers are Shaggy, Stephen Marley, Sean Kingston, and Shiloh (Metrolyrics). The majority of people like reggae because reggae is a style of music that brings a person joy. The minority of people dislike reggae because reggae is an unusual type of music that some people are not accustomed to and because the dialect is hard to understand. I like reggae because reggae has a unique sound and uses unique instruments that are not from the United States.

Funk is a music genre that is a mixture of soul jazz and R&B. Funk began in the United States of America in the 1960s. Funk has a unique upbeat sound with the help of the electric bass and drums. Other instruments of “Funk” are the trombone, saxophone, drums, bass, clavinet, and congas. Clavinets are amplified keyboard instruments that are similar to electric guitars (Musical Instruments). Congas are wood instruments with a round shape and beads that are inside. When you swing congas back in forth the movement of the beads helps to create a beautiful and interesting sound. Some Funk singers are Marcus Miller, Maceo, Billy Preston, and Bo Diddley (Metrolyrics). The majority of older people like funk because funk is upbeat, fun, and brightens your spirit. The majority of younger people dislike funk because younger people are used to music in their generation and not used to the music in the older generation. I like funk because a relative of mine would always play funk in the car and I became used to the funk music. After listening to this style of music for a while, I began to like the rhythms, beats, tones, and voices that clashed together to form this wonderful music called Funk.

Country music is a music genre that originated in the United States in the 1920s.” Country music began in Canada and the southern part of the United States” (Thadani). Two origins of country music are folk and Western cowboy music. “Some instruments used in country music are the harmonica, mandolin, dobro, fiddle, and steel guitars” (Thadani). The harmonica is a mouth organ that a person blows air into in order to make sounds. A mandolin is a string instrument with an oval-shaped soundboard that is either strummed or plucked (Musical Instrument). A dobro is a special type of tenor guitar that was made in the 1920’s (Musical Instrument). A fiddle is a stringed instrument similar to a violin but, does not use a bow. A steel guitar is a guitar that is played horizontally with the use of one hand plucking the strings and the other hand strumming the strings with a metal bar. Some country singers are Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift, Randy Travis and Rushlow (Metrolyrics). The majority of people like country music because country music expresses different emotions of love, anger, and sadness without using profanity and nudity. I love country music because country music is fun, interesting, and exciting.

Classical music is a form of music that was produced in the 1500s. Classical music is a type of music that uses an idea and expresses the idea in different ways. Some ways that classical music is expressed is through love, happiness, sadness, and anger. Some instruments of classical music are the violin, viola, bass, flute, piano, and organ. The viola, violin, and bass are stringed instruments that are played with a bow. The flute is a wind instrument that you blow into in order to produce various sounds. A piano is a musical instrument that is similar to a keyboard but is somewhat larger. Some composers of classical music are Beethoven, George Gershwin, Antonio Vivaldi, and Sir Edward Elgar (Metrolyrics). The majority of people dislike classical music because classical music does not include voices, only instruments, and because classical music is very refined.

Opera is a form of art, where musicians and singers combine to demonstrate a dramatic play. These plays or stories are performed in opera houses and theatres. Opera originated in Italy during the 16th century. Opera became popular during the 18th century throughout Europe. Some instruments that are used in an Opera are violins, violas, bass, flute, trumpet, clarinet, and trombone. The majority of people like opera because opera is very dramatic, upbeat, and intriguing. The minority of people dislike opera because opera is too loud, moves too fast, and is confusing with the dialects and characters. I think that opera is a wonderful art form that will continue for a long time.

Likewise, there are many different types of genres and subgenres of music. Sometimes, people cope with feelings by listening to different types of music. Music expresses many emotions of love, happiness, sadness, and anger. The emotions that music expresses help people to understand the feelings that they have for someone or something. Sometimes, emotions can change based on the situation, environment, interactions with others, and time. “Emotions are named and distinguished from one another largely in terms of the external circumstances in which the response takes place” (Meyer 8). This phrase means that the different kinds of emotions are characterized based on the environment that responses takes place in. In other words, a person does not feel emotion because that person is listening to music. A person feels an emotion based on the environment and the people that are around at the time, when an event or action takes place. If a person does feel emotion because of music then, there would have to be a study conducted to see if there is a relationship between responses and music. “Every art has its principles, which we study, in order to increase our enjoyment, while we are forming our taste” (Fetis 1).

Eighty-five percent of people said that music does not have a greater influence on them than people. Also, the survey suggested that “sixty percent of people feel that music does affect their mood” “Seventy-five percent of people feel that listening to songs does not influence decision-making” (Hicks). “Ninety-two percent of people felt that they listen to current music more than older music”. “Eight-three percent of the people surveyed felt that happy songs help you feel better” . This study shows that music and emotions does have some sort of relationship, but a negative and weak one. The data explains that music does not have a greater influence than people and that music does not affect decision-making but happy songs helps to put someone in a good mood.

Music can be articulated in many different ways. Some ways that music can be expressed is by performance, music videos, movies, theatre scenes, etc. Music is expressed many different ways in order to display the different emotions from the different perspectives. These perspectives are hearing and seeing. The perspectives assist individuals to comprehend music in different ways, other than just listening to music. An example of hearing music would be listening to music through your IPod or cell phone. An example of seeing music being played would be to go to a concert consisting of country music.

Overall, the strict laws and norms of instruments that can and can’t be imported or exported have increased. The concern has increased because of a story that has been released lately concerning guitars. There was a situation, where an owner of a factory imported parts of ebony and rosewood from India to make guitars in the U.S. The action of the factory owner was illegal because a person from the U.S. can’t import any plant that violates U.S. laws. “The Lacey Act states that a person can’t import, export, sell, or produce any plant that violates U.S. laws” (Majeski 20). If the ebony and rosewood was a complete guitar instead of parts that were imported then, the factory owner would not have been in violation. Instead, the parts were imported, which violated the law because U.S. labor was used rather than Indian labor to produce the guitars. “The Lacey Act is a “fact-based,” rather than a document based statue (Majeski 20).”

The point of this story was to show how stricter laws are making the production of guitars made from different types of wood hard in the U.S. As a country, the U.S. strives to think of different ways to keep consumers interested and steadily buying products in order to try and increase the economy. As technology increases, people become bored with old inventions and are ready to see something new and different. In the U.S., the demands of instruments have a gone down. A factor of the decrease of the demand may be the economy. Another factor of the decrease in demand may be because of there aren’t new varieties of instruments that people would like to buy. If people aren’t buying instruments then

music is not being played. This event alone could lead to a decrease in the music that we listen to on a daily basis.

The economy is steadily decreasing, which leads to a decline in wages. As a result of a decline in wages, high- priced goods are not brought and production declines. The decrease in production keeps the U.S. in a depression because an income is not increasing. “It’s obvious that consumers are reluctant to spend, and when they do, they are less inclined to spend on high-priced goods” (Armstrong 76). The decreasing economy could lead to people not buying tickets to concerts, Operas, theatres, which could lead to bankruptcy of music industries and Opera houses

Music is a mixture of beats, sounds, and tempos that have been ingrained into a variety of cultures around the world. Music can show people ways of expressing themselves in a positive way, instead of in a negative way. Music can bring people joy and pain. Music can be seen as a type of art form that helps to create beautiful sounds, wonderful music, and peace. Music is a great style of art that people in the past generations have created.


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You have a great write up here about music genre. When i got into that age of knowing the real meaning of music, Boys II Men were rocking all over and so did Tevin Cambell, New Edition, Dru Hill, AZyet, MJ and many more. I like RnB genre, it kind of sooth the soul. Voted up and useful. Stay safe and have a nice one.

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