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Music Artists Whose Names Indicate Direction


Mountain Cimbed The Charts With "Mississippi Queen"


Kayne West has managed to get his name on the ballots in more than half the states, seeking to become the 46th President of the United States. Some cynics claim that West is only running in order to hinder the Democratic chances, thereby taking votes away from Joe Biden.

Whatever reason he may have for adding his hat to the ring, West is a long shot for winning the election. Not only is he more associated with music than politics, but there is another factor portending poorly for his chance.

In the nearly 250 years since its birth, the United States has never elected as its Commander in Chief someone whose name indicates direction. It is after all a pesky obstacle to overcome, for a name such as West or South subconsciously offends those Americans who reside in the opposite part of the country.

In his other field, however, West is in good company. Numerous music artists with directional names have been successful, such as the ones on the following list.

1. Joe South

Having already found success as a songwriter for the Deep Purple hit “Hush,” South charted on his own with “Games People Play.”

2. The Souther- Hilman-Furay Band

Bands as famous as the Byrds and Buffalo Springfield gave birth to this supergroup, whose “Fallin' in Love” made the charts in 1974.

3. Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes

Closely associated with Bruce Springsteen, these New Jersey rockers have been mostly led by Steven Van Zandt.

4. George Strait

He took no side streets on his way to fame in the world of country music, where he was the most recognizable star throughout the Eighties.

5.Back Street Boys

One of the many boy bands who have enjoyed short-lived fame, the BSB owned the teen spotlight in the Nineties.

6. Head East

“Never Been Any Reason” has endured as the quintet's most popular single, which helped the album Flat as a Pancake earn Gold status.

7. Lesley West and Mountain

Recognized physically by his stocky build, it was his guitar playing that immortalized his rock group on hits like “Mississippi Queen.”

8. Great Northern

Rachel Stolte teamed up with 30 Seconds To Mars front man Solon Bixler to form this band, who in 2007 released the debut Trading Twilight for Daylight.

9. Matthews Southern Comfort

This offspring of the Sixties folk band Fairport Convention is best remembered for its version of Woodstock, a Joni Mitchell turn later turned into a rock hit by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young.

10.The Beautiful South

Many fans of the Housemartins were heartbroken when Paul Heaton ended its short run, but they had to be thrilled when he re-emerged as leader of this talented group.

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