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The Life and Times Of The Late Rhumba Legend Musa Juma

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It's ten years now since the death of Luo Rhumba Maestro Musa Juma Mumbo. Just as I say, MJ's life and work presents bounty opinions and various analytical perspectives, debates and discussions.

Musa Juma knew his death was coming judging from his actions, mood and songs in his last album dubbed "Lake Victoria." His last shows in Arlington-Texas, New York, Nairobi, Kisumu and the very last one in Mombasa gave a different image of him; a humble, listening and patient Musa contrary to the one who was known by people to be proud, independent and a non-listenting character who never bothered about the request of his fans.He entertained his obsessed fans on stage, paid attention to their requests, appreciated the ones who filled his basket with a smile and spared his minutes to address them.

When Musa Juma broke from Solar International to start his own band (Limpopo International Band) around 1996, his fans in Naivasha held the first ever Harambee to help him raise funds for the purchase of band performance equipments.This made him believe that Limpopo Band was born in Naivasha, not Nairobi, Kisumu, Mombasa , Muhoroni or Siaya as many of his fans thought.

After his last show in Kisumu (Bomas Resort) in 2011, MJ told his then bodyguard, Oliver that he was planning to have a show in Naivasha on a weekend during the 2011 Easter holiday but, he was not sure of the right joint for the show. Musa Juma knew his time was over but he was so courteous to have the urge of going to say "Goodbye" and "Thank you" to the town that gave birth to Limpopo. He thought it was the right time to show the people of Naivasha how their child had grown in the world of Music

Going by history, there was something in Musa Juma that people never noticed and that was patience. Musa Juma generally waited until the death of Hadjoullas Nyapanji Ochieng Kabaselleh in 1998 then he released his first song "Hera Mudho" which became a hit. It's said that Kabaselleh was Musa Juma's Inspirer and he borrowed his musical tact from him.

Both Musa Juma and Ochieng Kabasselleh artistically decorated love with soothe in their compositions.The calmness and confidence in their voice complements romance.

It is rumored that MJ's marital life was bewitched in Muhoroni where he mostly performed between 1997 - 2000, first at BOLUMA Bar owned by Boaz Lusi Magero and later at a bar owned by one Andrew Matoka, the father of Christina of whom he composed the song " Christina." If it was not for Senior Chief Magero, Musa Juma would have been killed in Muhoroni and that is why in his most earlier songs he mentioned Magero Chief who advised him to shift base because there was a plot to kill him.

I don't say Musa was promiscuous but he was a darling of women and sometimes he might accidentally have ended up being loved by other men's wives. It is believed that he carried the curses which would later follow his marriages from Muhoroni. The town being lively as it was with perfect currency flow and beautiful women and MJ being an admirable and a talented gentleman by then, every woman desired to sit on his bench though he was also in a relationship with Christina, Andrew Matoka's daughter who by then a school girl at Nyakach Girls, something that the Dad was against just like any other parent would do.

Christina is currently a mature woman living a quiet life abroad.

Netizens also say he "ate" the chicken and the egg at the same time .so I won't delve into this.

MJ made a lot of friends in Muhoroni and he appreciated most of them in a song " Mos Mag Osiepe" which he purely dedicated to friends and supporters. There are also several songs which he composed while in Muhoroni but later recorded under different titles. Songs like Gidali.

He then migrated to Nairobi where he expanded his empire and in less than three years The Band had grown so huge. Limpopo transformed from the known village band to an international outfit with even band members from Congo and Tanzania.That was when he brought clubs like Mayaka International to life with hits like Hera Mudho, Maselina, Oyoo Daktari and the classical hit Siaya Kababa.

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On relationship between Musa Juma and his brother Anthony Omondi Mumbo (Omondi Tony) , they had what we call " composition rivalry ". Omondi Tony was a good composer just like MJ but as it is said, two cocks can't crow in the same homestead. Musa and Omondi parted ways because they felt threatened by each other.

When Omondi composed Nyoremo which did and is still doing well , Musa contributed a lot in helping him come up with the " fine product " and its studio perfections. Omondi thinking that Musa would own the track , secretly did the video alone just the same way Mali ya Mungu secretly did Adongo Nyananga video without Johnny Junior and Otieno Jamboka.

This was the era when artists thought you'd make a fortune overnight by doing a music video and Omondi pre-empted a success which never happened. The video quality was shamefully low and music pirates never gave him an opportunity to sell even 100 copies of that video album.

On shows , Musa Juma charged higher than Omondi, so promoters after failing to struck deals with him would go for Omondi Tony because both of them had a similar voice and would sing the same songs, something that Musa didn't like. Remember in 2008 when Omondi Tony died after an accident in Mombasa, he had gone for a show which was initially to be graced by Musa Juma and Limpopo but because of negotiation flaws MJ declined and Omondi chipped in.That is why most people still believe that Musa had a hand in Omondi's death but, it was just coincidental.

On whether Musa Juma had one microphone (the one with the yellow mouth piece ) he would use on stage, Netizens have watched several videos of him on live shows with different mics.This makes them to disapprove the rumor that he used the Mic with the yellow mouth piece that is believed to have been ordained by the black-science experts in most of his shows .

Musa Juma married four times before finally getting Winnie whom together they had a daughter named Vicky. After his death, Winnie got re-married to Kisumu Based Politician former Kisumu East MP Gor Sunguh.

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Hello femi .kindly find the video uploaded

femi from Nigeria on March 09, 2021:

Loved by other men's wives? Crazy! I love the way you wrote the biopic. However you should have added a video of his performance to give us the full taste of his craftsmanship.

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