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Mrs. Doubtfire Movie Review (1993 Movie)

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Mrs. Doubtfire Movie Review (1993 movie)



Mrs. Doubtfire Movie Review (1993 Movie)


Mrs. Doubtfire Movie Review (1993 Movie)

Mrs. Doubtfire the movie is a movie that is both funny and heartbreaking in many ways. I have seen this movie , Mrs. Doubtfire before, many years ago but a recent movie recommendation moved me to watch Mrs. Doubtfire the movie again after all these years.

Mrs. Doubtfire the movie is a 1993 movie starring movie actor Robin Williams and movie actress Sally Field. Robin Williams was very gifted in his craft of movie acting. In the movie, Mrs. Doubtfire, the main movie character that Robin Williams plays, Daniel is an actor as well. In the movie plot, at the beginning of the movie Mrs. Doubfire, Daniel is married to movie character Miranda, played by movie actress Sally Field, and together, they have three children.

  • The opening movie scene of the movie Mrs. Doubtfire shows Daniel at his job as a voice-over actor.
  • In Mrs. Doubtfire the movie, the movie character Daniel is doing a phenomenally impressive job, voicing the parakeet in a cartoon show when he suddenly and unexpectedly goes off script.
  • In the movie, the words that Daniel is saying are no longer in sync with the mouth motions of the animated parakeet character in the cartoon.
  • In the movie, Daniel's supervisor stops him and asks him what he is doing.
  • Thousands of dollars are being spent in studio time for the recording and Daniel’s supervisor does not understand why Daniel would intentionally mess up the recording.
  • In the movie, Daniel explains to his supervisor that what they are recording will reach an audience of so many children and he does not agree with there being an element in it that appears to promote smoking cigarettes.
  • After briefly debating with his supervisor, Daniel has a falling out with him and abruptly quits his job! (Did I mention that he has three children?)

Mrs. Doubtfire movie DVD

Mrs. Doubtfire Movie Review



He quits

The movie character Daniel (played by movie actor Robin Williams) abruptly quits his job in Mrs. Doubtfire the movie.

The family in Mrs. Doubtfire the movie

In the next movie scene of Mrs. Doubtfire the movie, the movie character Daniel proceeds to his kids’ school to pick them up. There are two girls and a boy. The youngest, a girl is five years old.

In Mrs. Doubtfire the movie, just as Daniel’s three kids are lining up to board a yellow school bus, Daniel appears to them and they leave the line and approach him, excited to see him.

The oldest daughter in the movie Mrs. Doubfire is a movie character that is very perceptive and she relatively quickly recognizes that with her father’s sudden availability to pick the kids up from school, he either quit his job or he got fired from it.

A disappointed, exasperated and frustrated look comes across her face but at the same time, the element of her being surprised is missing because apparently her Dad does this kind of thing pretty often.

The middle child in the family in the movie Mrs. Doubtfire is a boy that is having his twelfth birthday on this day and Daniel lets him know that he is throwing a party for him at their house, a party that turns out to be complete with a petting zoo!

Daniel knows that Miranda would not approve of this but he decides to undermine her and let the kids know that their Mom, Miranda will not be home for another four hours so the party is on!

  1. In the movie, Daniel’s son’s 12th birthday party turns out to be the event that tips Miranda’s anger for Daniel over the edge.
  2. In the movie, a neighbor calls Miranda at work to let her know about the disruptive party and all the farm animals running around.
  3. In Mrs. Doubtfire the movie, Miranda is a successful interior designer working in a group and is in the middle of a meeting when she has to take that call.
  4. She rushes home as quickly as she can but not without the birthday cake for her son.
  5. In the movie, as Miranda gets home and sets down the birthday cake, one of the animals starts to eat the cake right out of the box!

Miranda would not approve

In Mrs. Doubtfire the movie, Daniel knows that Miranda would not approve of the big birthday party with petting zoo animals.



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Mrs. Doubtfire the movie : Jump Around

In Mrs. Doubtfire the movie, the song that is playing at the birthday party is a frequent favorite for dance parties, “Jump Around” – such a great song for a movie soundtrack. The kids at the party are all found dancing, ‘jumping around’ and having a great time. Miranda is beside herself and looks for Daniel, eventually finding him dancing on a table. The music cuts when she unplugs the stereo system and everyone sulks and realizes, hey, the party is over.

Daniel also looks at his son with remorseful eyes and says, “Party’s over.” His son nods with immediate acknowledgement and understanding.

  • In Mrs. Doubtfire the movie, a bad argument between Daniel and Miranda ensues as they walk around the house together, cleaning up after the birthday party.
  • Miranda lets Daniel know that she feels like he always makes her out to be the bad guy. We know the cliché about “good cop, bad cop” parenting between two parents.
  • Miranda resents the way that Daniel makes her feel with this and she expresses her feelings very animatedly and outspokenly.
  • She believes that while she would have kept things simple with a cake and a few gifts, he had to go over the top and she is left having to clean up the big mess that is made.
  • In the movie, Daniel begrudgingly points out that the clean up involves cleaning up some party paper plates, “not toxic waste.”

Partying in the movie, Mrs. Doubtfire

The character Daniel (played by actor Robin Williams) throws a birthday party for his son in Mrs. Doubtfire the movie.

The character Daniel (played by actor Robin Williams) throws a birthday party for his son in Mrs. Doubtfire the movie.

Come on Miranda, you just have to pick up some paper plates, "not toxic waste."

We love each other, right?

— Daniel to Miranda in Mrs. Doubtfire the movie

In Mrs. Doubtfire the movie, just like that, Daniel has to leave his family

In Mrs. Doubtfire the movie, as the argument continues to unfold, Miranda declares that she wants a divorce. In the movie, a look of shock comes across Daniel’s face and he pleads with Miranda. No, no that can not happen because “We are a family” and “we love each other, right?”

Miranda says , “I’m sorry” but still wants to proceed with divorce. Daniel ends up in immense emotional pain and sadness over this.

In Mrs. Doubtfire the movie, just like that, Daniel has to leave his family and move out of their big, beautiful house.

He seeks refuge at his brother’s place for a while (on the phone with his brother, his mother offers to let Daniel stay with her but he does not want to do that) , until he finds a place to live.

  1. When Daniel does find a place to live, it is not an impressive sight and he has to do a lot of work to clean it up and refurbish it.
  2. All of this is going to be important for proving that he has a suitable place for the children to stay when they go to visit him.
  3. In Mrs. Doubtfire the movie, the custody battle is brutal for Daniel as Miranda gets primary custody of the three children and Daniel is given three months, by the judge at the divorce court proceedings, to prove that he can land a job and hold it down as well as have a place to live.
  4. During this time, Daniel gets to see the children on the weekends. There is a lot of bitterness and resentment between Daniel and Miranda, so in their interactions when she comes to pick the kids back up from him, you can see his anger and hurt from all that the family is going through.
  5. On one occasion in the movie, when Miranda is picking the kids up from Daniel’s place, he reminds her that they are on his time and she dropped the kids off an hour late and is also picking them up an hour early.
  6. He does not like this at all. He loves and misses his children and wants to maximize the amount of time that he gets to spend with them.

Mrs. Doubtfire the movie

Robin Williams as Mrs. Doubtfire in Mrs. Doubtfire the movie

Robin Williams as Mrs. Doubtfire in Mrs. Doubtfire the movie

In Mrs. Doubtfire the movie, Housekeeper wanted

Later on in the movie, Mrs. Doubtfire, the character Miranda reveals to Daniel that she is placing a classified ad for a housekeeper that can be with the children from 3-7pm every day, when they come home from school. With Miranda’s busy career, she needs the extra help with housecleaning, cooking and watching the kids.

  • In the movie, Daniel is surprised and annoyed by this.
  • He does not feel like the hiring of a housekeeper is necessary and he asks how much Miranda will be paying for this.
  • She sarcastically says, “Three hundred a week. Is that alright with you?”
  • Daniel is again pleading with Miranda to let her know that he can take the kids after school each day instead and this way, he can get to spend more time with them.
  • While Miranda tells Daniel that she will think about it, she ends up still wanting to hire the housekeeper.

Due to Daniel sabotaging Miranda’s classified ad a bit by changing a couple of numbers in the phone number of the ad when she had lays it down on a table, no legitimate job applicants respond to Miranda’s ad.

Instead, it is only Daniel repeatedly calling Miranda’s number and impersonating the voices of various prospective “job applicants”. This part of the movie was hysterically funny and highlighted Daniel’s ability to do funny voice impersonations.

He does his voice impersonations at several times throughout the movie. Daniel’s final job applicant persona is Mrs. Doubtfire and Miranda is very impressed when she talks to this Mrs. Doubtfire on the phone.

Mrs. Doubtfire claims to hail from England and to have been the former nanny for four wonderful children that are now all grown up. (Of course, with background check and everything, this ruse that Daniel is pulling will never fly in today’s society. It is amazing that it did even back then, but this is the movies and this is farfetched.)

Needless to say, Daniel/ Mrs. Doubtfire is invited to appear for a job interview with Miranda. Daniel goes to his brother’s place and asks for help with developing the disguise to look like Mrs. Doubtfire. Specifically, he says “can you make me a woman?”

Daniel’s brother immediately gets to work with his skills as a makeup artist. It is all very elaborate as a cast of Daniel’s face is made to make a mask. They discuss the kind of look he is going for, the wig and clothes that he will wear and do a little musical number as well.

Can you make me a woman?

— Daniel to his brother, the makeup artist in Mrs. Doubtfire the movie

The job interview and landing the job in Mrs. Doubtfire the movie

  1. In Mrs. Doubtfire the movie, Mrs. Doubtfire nails the job interview where she is also “introduced” to the three children.
  2. Over drinking cups of tea that Mrs. Doubtfire prepares, Miranda remarks that Mrs. Doubtfire really knows her way around the kitchen.
  3. Eventually, during the conversation, Miranda makes the job offer to Mrs. Doubtfire and Mrs. Doubtfire lets Miranda know that she is looking forward to the “business partnership.”

Here is when the movie becomes really over the top, as Daniel juggles the lifestyle of changing from himself into this costume get up of being Mrs. Doubtfire, on a daily basis.

There is even a day where, while dressed as Mrs. Doubtfire, Daniel is letting himself into his apartment with the key and is approached by the social worker that had stated that she would be coming by on Monday and Friday evenings to have a look at Daniel’s apartment to determine its suitability for hosting the children.

While dressed as Mrs. Doubtfire, Daniel says that “she” is his sister and would get him from his room in the apartment for his meeting with the social worker. This is a very over the top scene as Mrs. Doubtfire scrambles to change into Daniel and Daniel into Mrs. Doubtfire again. It is all ridiculous but ridiculously funny!

Eventually, the mask (that Daniel puts on to become Mrs. Doubtfire) falls out of the window to the street below and gets flattened by a passing truck!

Daniel explains to his brother that he had an “accident” and he has to go back to visit his brother to receive a new version of the mask. Daniel’s brother tells him to “Be careful with this one. She is an old lady.” as he hands the mask over to Daniel at the door. Acknowledging to himself what a mess Daniel is, he jokingly says to himself, “Why wasn’t I an only child?”

Why wasn't I an only child?

— Daniel's brother in Mrs. Doubtfire the movie

Mrs. Doubtfire the movie is a great movie

Eventually, while he is working the job as the housekeeper, Mrs. Doubtfire, Danielle’s two older children find out what he is up to and he receives their promises to keep it a secret from their little sister (who would “blow [his] cover” if she knew) and their Mom.

Nevertheless, this can all go on for but so long before everything comes to light….

Mrs. Doubtfire the movie(1993 Movie)

Mrs. Doubtfire the movie is starring Robin Williams, Sally Field, Pierce Brosnan and others

Mrs. Doubtfire the movie is rated PG-13,
I rate it 4 out 5 stars. ****

Mrs. Doubtfire the movie is a great movie that will make you laugh but can also make you cry as it explores the nuances of family dynamics and what can happen when everything falls apart.

(I enjoyed purchasing this movie DVD, Mrs. Doubtfire for under just $4 from a bin at a Walmart Neighborhood Market. Toward the front section of the store, near one of the cashier lines is this bin that customers can rummage through for some great finds on inexpensive DVD selections. It was very interesting to watch the movie, Mrs. Doubtfire again after all these years.)

Everything comes to light, eventually.

Mrs. Doubtfire Movie Trivia

For each question, choose the best answer. The answer key is below.

  1. Where do you think the movie character Daniel came up with the name for Mrs. Doubtfire?
    • It came to him in a dream
    • He was reading a newspaper headline and saw the words "Police doubt fire" was accidental
    • He sat for a long while with a notepad and wrote out a bunch of various ideas for the name before deciding on name

Answer Key

  1. It came to him in a dream

Mrs. Doubtfire the movie

1. Jump Around song by House of Pain, on the soundtrack of Mrs. Doubtfire the movie

2. Mrs. Doubtfire movie trailer

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