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Moxie Film Review: Just Another Empowering Teenage Film



A shy high schooler, Vivian, is inspired by her mother's past and a friend who stands up to others, that leads to a creation of a secret magazine and club called Moxie.

It can be deemed as a coming of age story, with teen-romance and friendships also playing a major part in the film and character's journey. It's targeted towards younger and older teenagers who are likely to find this film empowering yet fun.



This is another Netflix film adaptation of a book. It's based on a novel written by Jennifer Mathieu of the same name and follows much of the same plot and story arcs. The book has 4.3/5 on Googlereads and was positively received overall hence leading to an adaptaion getting made.

Our Review

This film in short, is simple yet sweet and leaves you empowered. And to be fair, that is all the film tries to achieve. It is directed well and does capture the 'high school feeling' well and makes you feel for most characters that make it a good watch.

The film's message is not subtle but not too loud either, which makes the film shine in emotional and comic relief scenes. Although, this has been done by tons of films before and hence this has nothing new to offer. Yet, great performances and us rooting for the lead gets you through the movie smoothly.

You do feel what the movie wants you to feel and hence it works. Watch it if you are a fan of the genre, or have never seen films like this and recommend it to all the young teenagers out there to watch something fun on the weekend.

We give it a B- on a scale of A TO F.

What others are saying

The film currently holds an audience and Tomatometer score of 70% on the popular movie site Rotten Tomatoes. The site has this to say about the film:

Critics Consensus

Moxie comes up a little short on its titular ingredient when it comes to fully addressing its story's timely themes, but this sweet coming-of-age story is still easy to like.

It also has been decently received by others, but has failed to create a lot of bizz and hence has not been seen by a bunch of critics. It also does have score of 6.7/10 on IMDB with 17,054 reviews.

(All data is as of 5th May 2021)

  • Moxie (2021) - IMDb
    Directed by Amy Poehler. With Hadley Robinson, Lauren Tsai, Alycia Pascual-Pena, Nico Hiraga. Inspired by her mom's rebellious past and a confident new friend, a shy 16-year-old publishes an anonymous zine calling out sexism at her school.

Cast and Crew


Hadley Robinson


Lauren Tsai


Josephine Langford


Patrick Schwarzenegger


Alycia Pascual-Peña


Kevin Dorff


Sydney Park

Kiera Pascal

Nico Hiraga

Seth Acosta

Kim Lessing, Amy Poehler,Morgan Sackett


Tamara Chestna


Amy Poehler


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