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4 Movies That Came out in 2021 That Are Rated Poorly on Imdb

Camillia has BA in University Studies with a minor in English. Has enjoyed writing reviews since her sci fi/fantasy class in high school.

Most controversial: Music


Maddie Zeigler plays Music who has autism and loves music. Her half sister Zu played by Kate Hudson has recently became sober and is trying to be the sole guardian of Music. Sia the famous singer both directed and wrote the screenplay for Music(2021). It has been probably one of the most controversial movies that came out in 2021 as Maddie's portrayal of an autistic young girl can seem like she is making fun of those with autism. Besides this, the movie has loud music, bright lights, and bold colors. Ironically, people with autism may be too overwhelmed to even watch a film that is about an autistic person. There are a lot of people who wish that Sia hired an actor that is also autistic. The weird relationship between Sia and Maddie can be jarring and a lot of people have speculated this is why Sia hired Maddie. This movie is Maddie's first real acting gig and it shows through her subpar acting. Even though Sia has some good but somewhat weird music, this movie is a definite no from me. I watched the trailer and it was enough for me for one day. Best to skip this one and to forget it exists in 2022.

Poorly executed: Vanquish


Vanquish is about a woman named Victoria played by Ruby Rose who is in the drug business but wants to keep this in the past. But Damon who is a retired cop played by Morgan Freeman kidnaps Victoria's daughter and she has to save her daughter with guns and stuff. According to reviews, the movie itself is poorly made and Ruby Rose has terrible acting. I guess this film has a 6 minute intro which is horribly long. They also said it has this weird green tint to the film shots. In regarding to movies, this film did not have a chance because of the bad editing and acting within the film. Probably would be a hard pass from probably anyone who would like to watch a decent film.

Most anticipated: Coming 2 America


The jist of this movie is the main character goes to America to find his long lost son. The first Coming to America(1988) was not necessarily a great film but it was decent. The second movie is on the 2021 worst movie list on IMDB but has mixed reviews. Some say it is good but other say Eddie Murphy is a wash out of what he used to be in the 1980s. The fact that they waited so many years between the original and sequel. It definitely played a part in how well the movie did on Amazon Prime. The media has used nostalgia as the way to reel in viewers. Take Disney, a company who lives off of making sequels that elicit nostalgia in older viewers. Just because a movie provides nostalgia does not mean it will be good. Instead of coming up with new ideas, film companies are making movies that are not only remakes but are a money making machine. According to reviewers on IMDB, the sequel is not that funny and relies too much on the original. If you would like nostalgia films, I would give it a watch but keep in mind it may be mediocre.

Outlandish plot: Honeydew

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Honeydew is about a couple who get infected with something weird after seeking shelter at home of a farmer and her son. Wow okay, this movie is about cannibalism and religion. According to movie reviewers, this movie's plot is ridiculous and outlandish. While reading the storyline, I completely agree. It just gets worse and worse as the movie progresses. I would say to skip this movie and watch a horror film with a stronger plot.

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