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Video Rewind: Movie(s) of the Week Part 21

Maggie (Hope Lange) and Felicia (Patricia Barry) explore the house Maggie's inherited

Maggie (Hope Lange) and Felicia (Patricia Barry) explore the house Maggie's inherited

Crowhaven Farm- 11-24-1970

Do you believe in reincarnation? This little television movie was ahead of its time when it explored that possibility before box office hits like The Reincarnation of Peter Proud and Audrey Rose.

Maggie Carey Porter (Hope Lange) is at the reading of her cousin's will with her husband Ben (Paul Burke) and another cousin Henry Pearson (Pitt Herbert).

Her cousin has left her a brooch, some milk glass and an original oil painting, while Henry is getting her farm, Crowhaven. If he doesn't take possession of it within thirty days, he forfeits it, and it will become Maggie's. He tells the lawyer that he plans on going to the farm as soon as he leaves the office.

Later that night, he's involved in an accident and Maggie becomes the owner of the farm.

As Maggie and Ben explore the property with their friend Felicia (Patricia Barry) Maggie instinctively opens up a secret passageway and has a flashback. Stunned, she tells Felicia that she's been here before but doesn't know when.

After finding Ben in the garage, she tells him that she can't live there, and they need to leave. Her reasoning is that it'll cost too much money to repair the house and with living so far out in the country, it wouldn't be beneficial to them.

He, however, thinks the place is perfect for his studio since he's a fine art painter. Reluctantly, she agrees to stay.

Ben hires Cheever (John Carradine) a local handyman and Maggie is freaked out by him when she sees him stacking rocks and seeing a door.

While enjoying a quiet evening at home, the neighbors stop by and throw an impromptu housewarming party and they meet Kevin Pierce (Lloyd Bochner) who takes a fancy to Maggie. He finds out that she used to be a legal secretary and tells her about a job he knows of.

Ben won't let her take it, but she tells him that she needs to get away from the farm since she's been having bad dreams and feelings from the past. And, with a strained marriage, she thinks that taking a job should take her mind off of the fact that the marriage is childless, even though she desperately wants a baby.

Enter Mercy Lewis (Virginia Gregg) and her orphaned niece Jennifer (Cindy Eilbacher).

Mercy brings Jennifer to the farm after talking with Dr. Terminer (Milton Selzer). She hopes that the Porters will adopt her since she's dying and needs someone to take care of Jennifer. The Porters tell her that even though they've thought of adoption, they were hoping for a baby, but, since Mercy has to go to Boston for tests, they agree to watch Jennifer for the weekend.

Unfortunately, during her tests, Mercy passes away and the Porters end up taking Jennifer in and her demeanor begins to change.

She sets out to destroy Maggie after overhearing Kevin and Maggie talk about the time Maggie spent the night at Kevin's apartment during a rainstorm and she tries to seduce Ben.

Things start to get weird once Maggie becomes pregnant and she starts to learn more about the history of the farm and gives birth prematurely thanks to Cheever and Jennifer.

For a TV movie, this is pretty good and has a lot of mystery to keep you guessing as to what may happen and the ending could have been followed by a sequel.

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Helena Varga (Louise Sorel) is confronted by Christie Love (Teresa Graves) as her secrets are being revealed

Helena Varga (Louise Sorel) is confronted by Christie Love (Teresa Graves) as her secrets are being revealed

Get Christie Love!- 1-22-1974

You could say that the Fall of 1974 was the year of the female detective, as Police Woman also debuted that year, following the success of this made-for television movie.

Teresa Graves starred as Christie Love, an undercover cop working as a prostitute to capture a serial killer (Ron Rifkin).

As the only woman on Captain Casey Reardon's (Harry Gaurdino) squad, Christie wants to do more than bust guys for soliciting. She overhears a conversation regarding a drug ledger and tells him that she can get the information within three days, but he tells her no and she's to report for pickpocketing duty.

Christie calls her new boss and tells him that she's sick and convinces Reardon to send her to Miami, where Helena Varga (Louise Sorel) is visiting her nephew. Whenever Helena goes to Miami, a shipment of drugs usually arrives in Los Angeles a day or two later.

She tries to befriend Helena, but Helena knows that she's a cop and won't give up any information regarding a "ledger" or any information regarding her lover Enzo Cortino (Paul Stevens).

Back in Los Angeles, Christie breaks into Helena's luxury apartment and after snooping around she finds an address book and makes comments about how tacky the apartment is. While in the bedroom, she hears someone coming in and hides in the closet, only to find that it's Reardon.

He tells her that the building is being staked out and she was spotted going in without authorization.

Christie finds the name of her friend Ceila (Lynne Holmes) a recovering alcoholic in Helena's address book, and she goes to see her. The visit doesn't help Christie, but later she gets a call from her after she's been drinking, and Christie goes to help her.

After seeing Celia, Christie visits Myron Jones (Davis Roberts) who handles adoptions and gets more information regarding Helena. She was told that Helena had an abortion, but finds out that she hadn't had one and following the birth of her son, she worked at the clinic for a few months, before taking a job as Amy's (Deborah Dozier) caregiver.

Contino decides to get into the film business as a way to move the drugs and Christie and Helena get into a physical fight at her apartment.

She blackmails Helena into meeting her and Reardon and following a chase, Helena is shot and demands to see her son.

Unfortunately, the actual television series didn't last an entire season but since this served as the pilot for the series, it's a little cheesy but had a lot going for it.

Chad Foster (Robert Burton) asks his teacher Julie (Karen Black) on a date in the story Julie

Chad Foster (Robert Burton) asks his teacher Julie (Karen Black) on a date in the story Julie

Trilogy of Terror- 3-4-1975

The title says it all and immediately your mind goes to the Zuni Hunting Fetish doll at the end of the movie.

Karen Black plays the title roles of Julie, Millicent, Therese and Amelia in this three-story movie and subsequently cemented Black as an early scream queen.

But before going to the final story, Julie begins the fright fest as Black plays a college professor who starts dating a student Chad Foster (Roberrt Burton) after he starts to blackmail her.

He bets his friend Eddie (James Storm) that he can bed the prudish Julie and after asking her out, she declines the offer telling him that students and teachers are forbidden to be seen socially. The second time he asks her out, he invites her to the drive-in where they can discuss the film based on its literature history.

She agrees to go and while disturbed with the movie, Chad goes to the concession stand and after getting soft drinks, he drugs the one intended for her.

After passing out, he takes her to a motel and takes provocative photos of her and the next morning he demands to see her where he shows her the pictures. At this point, she essentially becomes his sex slave and has her meet him (and his friends) at his off-campus apartment.

In the second story, Black plays sisters Millicent and Therese.

Millicent is a young spinster who despises her wild sister Therese and following the death of their father, Millicent is appalled as to how Therese acted at the funeral and how she went out to a party that night.

When Therese's date, Thomas Amman (John Karlin) arrives, Millicent starts to tell him about her behavior and how she's always been wild, using men to her advantage. She tells him that she's responsible for killing their mother and that she had a sexual relationship with their father. She warns him to stay away from her.

With Millicent's anger over Therese, she calls the family physician Dr. Chester Ramsay (George Gaynes) and tells him that she can't take anymore of Therese's behavior and to come to the house.

When he gets there, Therese answers the door and tries to seduce him. He tells her that he's there to see Millicent, but she has no idea where she's gone off to and is concerned because Millicent told him that Therese must die.

Outside, Millicent hears neighbor girl Tracy (Tracy Curtis) crying and she tells her that Therese broke her doll. This angers Millicent even more and she puts a death curse on Millicent, since Therese is involved with the black arts.

For the third story, Black carries the story by herself as Amelia.

It's Friday night and she's cancelled her weekly Friday night plans with her mother since it's her boyfriend's birthday and she wants to spend time with him. This is the first that her mother has heard of her boyfriend, and she tells her that she's gotten him a Zuni Hunting Fetish doll as a joke.

After arguing with her, she sets the doll down and the chain keeping the spirit inside the doll falls off as she starts to get ready for her date.

When she comes back into the living room, she can't find the doll and is pursued by the doll as she tries to kill it in various ways.

If you haven't seen this movie by now, you're in for a treat and for a television movie in 1975, this certainly was controversial film based on the storylines.

I do remember watching it years later as a late, late movie (before the station went off the air for the day) and trying to get into the bedroom was an experience since Black really scared the living daylights out of me.

Along with the doll of course!

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