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Movie(s) of the Week Part 16

Addie (Lisa Lucas) finds ways to help Mr. Davenport (Richard Hatch) after school in 1949

Addie (Lisa Lucas) finds ways to help Mr. Davenport (Richard Hatch) after school in 1949

Addie and The King of Hearts (2-25-76)

At the ripe old age of fourteen, Addie Mills (Lisa Lucas) can't wait until Valentine's Day, but at the same time, she's repulsed at the thought of love.

With her teacher leaving to get married and then go on a two week honeymoon, Addie thinks she's stupid for getting married on Valentine's Day, but as her classmates point out, she did get engaged on New Year's Eve. Addie brushes off the comment and while getting ready to leave for the day, her friends taunt her with rumors of her father (Jason Robards) dating beauty salon owner Irene Davis (Diane Ladd).

Fuming, Addie stops into the salon on her way home to check her out and she doesn't like what she sees.

Under the guise of wanting a perm, Addie watches and listens to Irene when she turns down a date and while Irene is standing on a chair, she catches a glimpse of "Sweet Stuff" embroidered on the hem of her slip. Irene asks about the perm and she tells her that she's changed her mind.

At home, she learns from her grandmother (Mildred Natwick) that he has been seeing Irene which doesn't sit well with her.

The next day her mood begins to change when substitute teacher Mr. Davenport (Richard Hatch) comes in and she develops a huge crush on him. He's recommended a French book on paintings and she devours it (along with learning a few words of French).

Mr. Davenport asks her if she's going to the Valentine's Day Dance and she tells him no, because it's not her thing. When he tells her that he wouldn't miss it, she then rethinks her decision and tells him that maybe she will show up.

After her grandmother tells her that she doesn't need a date, Addie tells her father that she needs a new dress, high heels and a perm to go along with her look.

On the day of her appointment, Irene doesn't know that she's her next appointment and while both are uncomfortable, Irene tells her that she knew her mother when they were girls and how she had admired and wanted to be just like her.

When she hears her life's story, Addie has a change of heart and asks her dad to be her date for the dance and he agrees to go. She felt bad that he broke the date with Irene and hopes that this will make up for everything.

At the dance, she asks Mr. Davenport to dance and when the two are done dancing, he introduces her to Kathleen (Christina Hart) and learns that the two are going to get married and move to Kansas City.

With her heart broken, Addie causes chaos at the dance and later, her father tells her about love and what she should expect later in life when it comes to matters of the heart.

This was the last special in the Addie Mills collection.

Steve (Scott Colomby) reads the mysterious note that Gail (Kathleen Beller) received in her locker

Steve (Scott Colomby) reads the mysterious note that Gail (Kathleen Beller) received in her locker

Are You in the House Alone? (9-20-78)

When I answer this question, the answer is always yes, but in the case of babysitter Gail Osborne (Kathleen Beller) she should have said no since she was on duty.

As the movie is told in flashback, following the rape of Gail, when she's asked if she knew her attacker, she won't divulge his name, but there are plenty of suspects.

With a new school year underway, Gail and her friend Allison (Robin Mattson) are at Gail's lakeside cottage and are swimming when Gail tells her that she's really not interested in meeting Steve (Scott Colomby) even though he has a pretty good academic resume and she feels that it's too early to start dating after breaking up with E.K. Miller (Randy Stumpf). Allison wants to know why they broke up, but Gail avoids the question.

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On a school night, she double dates with Allison and Phil (Dennis Quaid) and after going to see a movie, they head off to the ice cream shop where they discuss the movie that they've just seen and how long it should take before someone can technically fall in love.

Steve takes her home and while it's after midnight, her mother (Blythe Danner) flicks the porchlight letting her know that the date is over. The two agree to have lunch the next day and after Gail gets into the house, the phone rings.

No one is there.

The next morning, she has an argument with her mother and her father (Tony Bill) doesn't feel like playing referee. Gail storms out of the house and her mother is reminded that the two of them had a whirlwind relationship when they were young.

Since Gail is taking a photography class, she takes candid pictures of the student body and while in class, the students have to take a sexy self portrait of themselves. Embarrassed, Gail shoots herself.

For some reason, everyone can just walk into the dark room while Gail is developing pictures and Steve asks her why there are circles around those that have been developed. She tells him that they're mugshots.

At her locker, Gail gets a disturbing message and when she comes home gets another phone call. This time her mother answers and again, no one is there.

Gail continues to get notes at her locker and the phone calls follow her to Jessica's (Tricia O'Neil) house where she's babysitting. Jessica is dating her photography teacher, Mr. Elden (Alan Fudge) and he offers to take her home, but she would rather walk home.

As the harassment continues, she tries to talk to her parents, but they have problems of their own and she goes to her counselor, Miss Rouillard (Ellen Travolta). Rouillard is at first more interested in her grades, but after Gail tells her what's been happening, she tells her that she'll interview the troublesome boys in the school.

The final straw is her sexy self portrait hanging from the locker's vent with rape written on it. She knows that its going to happen, but doesn't know when.

After the rape, Jessica encourages her to press charges against the attacker, but, she says that in all honesty, the judge may throw out the case since she invited the attacker into the house.

Following the rape, the movie shifts gears as to the rights of victims (regardless of the crime) and with this being a sexual assault, the attacker could be let go, while making the victim look bad.

When another classmate begins to receive notes, Gail makes it her priority to get pictures of her attacker and when she does, it threatens her relationship with Steve and others at school.

I'm not sure why I had never seen this movie, but it is quite the thriller and will keep you involved as to what's going on. I don't think there's anything that could have made this movie boring and I think you'll agree.

Bus driver Laura (Joanna Cassidy) goes on a wild chase after evil

Bus driver Laura (Joanna Cassidy) goes on a wild chase after evil

Wheels of Terror (7-11-90)

If The Car (1977) and Christine (1983) were to mate, this is their child. An evil black sedan terrorizing the children of Copper Valley.

Laura (Joanna Cassidy) and her daughter Stephanie (Marcie Leeds) leave behind their Los Angeles lifestyle and move to the small town of Copper Valley where she thinks the two of them will be safe from harm.

She was wrong.

When two girls are kidnapped and molested by a mysterious fast paced car, Laura doesn't realize that she needs to protect Stephanie even more as it has its sight on her.

After having taken a school bus driver position, Laura first comes upon the car the first day on the job. The kids are both excited and scared by it, since it keeps racing against the bus and cuts it off.

When it finally leaves the bus alone, it disappears and Laura can continue on her route.

Stephanie and her best friend Kimberly (Kimberly Duncan) are waiting outside after a gymnastics class and the car slowly approaches the two. At just the right moment, Laura pulls up and Stephanie gets on the bus as Kimberly walks home.

A few days go by and Laura complains to mechanic Luis (Gary Carlos Cervantes) about the clutch and how it won't go into reverse. He tells her that he fixed it, but his advice is not to go in reverse.

When she pulls up in front of the school, she parks behind a van and after it leaves, sees the car idling in front.

Since no one in town has seen the car, she approaches it and it speeds away.

With school out for the day, Laura greets the kids and while Brad (Jacob Kenner) is flirting with the much older driver, she asks Stephanie where Kimberly is. Stephanie knows that she was right behind her and in a split second, she's been abducted by the car.

After her body is found, the car is hungrier now for Stephanie and is able to abduct her when Laura was stopped by a train.

Having witnessed the abduction, Laura begins to chase the car with the hope that she can rescue Stephanie, or at least get help from the police.

From that moment on, a chase pursues while the car plays cat and mouse games with Laura.

It's very rare for a television movie to be so suspenseful, but this movie knocks it out of the park. There really isn't a dull moment, although the chase does become redundant and most of it is filmed in slow motion.

We don't really know what's in the car but know that it's evil and if you are looking for something which offers up some suspense, you'll be pleasantly surprised at this little movie.

It's that good!

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