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Movie(s) of the Week: Part 12

Tami Maida (Helen Hunt) gets ready to try out for the football team

Tami Maida (Helen Hunt) gets ready to try out for the football team

Quarterback Princess- 12-3-1983

Tami Maida is your average teenage girl who has one goal. To play football.

When she and her family temporarily move from Canada to McMinnville, Oregon, so that her father Ralph (Don Murray) can complete his doctorate in psychology, she shakes the town up when they find out that she wants to play football with the other Grizzlies. It's something that has the town divided.

In order for her to even try out with the team, she has to get approval from the school board and when she's granted a tryout, the boys don't know how to treat her.

Coach Ainsworth (Carmen Argenziano) tells them to go hard on her, as he's being pressured by Mr. Caine (Dana Elcar) who's son B.J. (Beau Dremann) is also on the team. Some of the boys welcome Tami (Helen Hunt) and Ainsworth is impressed with her ability.

After Tami makes the team, reporters are immediately at the door to interview her, which at first is fun for her sister Kim (Daphne Zuniga) but later her jealousy gets the better of her.

On the night of the first game, Ainsworth keeps her out of the game, but since they're losing he puts her in and they win by one point. Of course the crowd goes wild and Craine reminds Ainsworth that this wasn't a real win. It was a gift.

Scott Massey (John Stockwell) asks her out on a date and he takes her to the woods where he tells her that he's into athletics as well, but not within school. He enjoys logging and basically takes her on a course before he askes if she can climb a tree.

Tami is furious with him and later she tells him that she's a girl away from the football field and enjoys doing girly things, but doesn't know what she is on the field. She wants people to take her at face value and not be so quick to judge her.

As the season continues, the Grizzlies are on a winning streak and Craine still looks for a way to get Tami off the team, even though she's the force behind the wins, until an injury at an away game causes her to sprain her ankle.

With a 6-1 season, the team finds itself in the championship and B.J. tells her that he's nominated her for Homecoming Princess. She's flattered, but embarrassed since she doesn't have the money to get an evening gown.

B.J. and the team pick up on it and they raise $125 and head to the local dress shop where the saleswoman sells them a much more expensive gown for the amount that they raised.

On the night of the big game, the Grizzlies win and Tami is voted Homecoming Princess.

After accepting the crown, she thanks the school and it's a bittersweet moment as she tells them that she won't be able to play with them since she and her family will be back in Canada.

And with the Grizzlies having won the championship, Craine tells the Maida's that it's a shame that they'll be back in Canada since they could use Tami again next year.

On a rescue mission Racer (Ben Browder) succumbs to the deadly heat

On a rescue mission Racer (Ben Browder) succumbs to the deadly heat

The Sky's on Fire- 7-15-2000

Chicken Little only squawked about the sky falling, not that it would catch on fire, but when a sizeable hole in the ozone layer develops, mankind could be in it's last days.

Dr. Evan Thorne (John Corbett) has warned about this happening someday and now that the day has come, he tries to cut the red tape that was holding him back on a project and before he can get back to helping the earth, everyone needs to suffer.

Evan's sister, Jennifer (Josie Bissett) works for the mayor (Richard Penn) and receives a call from the hospital that her boyfriend Racer (Ben Browder) has been brought in with burns on his face and hands, following a failed rescue mission. When she finds out that he'll be okay, she goes back to the office and following an emergency management meeting, birds start to crash into the windows of the mayor's office.

As the temperature begins to rise, humans began to go crazy and become violent and reporter John Morgan (Bradley Whitford) feeds into the frenzy.

At home, Jennifer is getting ready to fix dinner and when she opens the pantry door, bugs of every kind fall and bite her causing her to go into shock and nearly dies. Thankfully, Racer finds her in time and gets her to the hospital where her prognoses is up in the air.

Racer and Evan get into space and with hope and prayers, they test Evan's experiment and are able to save the world.

Alison (Eva LaRue) snuggles next to Robert (Grant Show) for heat in an abandoned bank

Alison (Eva LaRue) snuggles next to Robert (Grant Show) for heat in an abandoned bank

Ice- 7-22-2000

The week before this movie was shown on TV, Los Angeles was baking due to the heat from a hole in the ozone. This week, the northern hemisphere froze over and the people north of the Equator died from the cold.

Evil Dr. Norman Kistler (Udo Kier) has known about the possibility that half the world would freeze and when he finally releases his findings, it's basically too late for mankind and he tells the government that he wants special privileges. The most important being a way to the warmer climate south of the Equator.

But before the world finds out, Robert Drake (Grant Show) is hellbent on putting Kelvin (Flex Alexander) behind bars for murder. While he's successful in the early days of the big freeze, he needs to work with him after everything has frozen over.

With Kelvin in jail, Robert and his girlfriend, Alison (Eva LaRue) seek refuge at his ex-wife Julie's (Audie England) house that she shares with her fiance' Greg (Michael Riley) and son Max (Kyle Fairlie). At this point, they are fairly able to survive, but when the house begins to crumble, they head to the city since Robert knows how they can get around.

Once they get to the city, Robert releases Kelvin and the other prisoners and then finds out that he can drive the special car that they need.

As the snow continues to rise, they do come across a few other survivors, but due to the conditions, they perish in the cold and since they have Kistler with them, he has promised to bring them with him on the sub to the southern hemisphere.

Of course Kistler lies and with Robert having been injured and waiting for death to overtake him, he's rescued and the survivors are able to board the sub and embark on a new life in the warmer climate.

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