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Movies of The Week Part 20

Pirate Girl (Christine Ellsworth) is attacked by the killer bees outside a hotdog stand

Pirate Girl (Christine Ellsworth) is attacked by the killer bees outside a hotdog stand

The Savage Bees- 11-22-1976

Following the success of Jaws a year earlier, it was time for the killer bees to cause terror on land. Humans weren't safe in the water and now being on land was a scary thing as well.

It's Mardi Gras season and everyone's in a partying mood until little Julie Compher (Tiffany Gautier Chase) turns up missing when she doesn't come home from church. The last person to see her alive was Sheriff Donald McKew (Ben Johnson) as he was on his way home.

When he gets home, he finds his dog dead in the grass and thinking that it was poisoned, he takes the dog to the morgue for an autopsy.

Dr. Jeff Durand (Michael Parks) the coroner on duty tells him that he can't do an autopsy on a dog and McKew threatens him. Reluctantly, he goes ahead with it and lets McKew know that the dog has a stomach full of bees.

Finding it odd, he calls Jeannie Deveraux (Gretchen Corbett) a bee expert and ex-girlfriend. She's upset with him that he called her early in the morning but comes down to the lab and she identifies the bees.

While she's baffled, she calls Dr. Rufus Carter (Paul Hecht) the true expert and he agrees to meet with Jeff and Jeannie. As they leave the coroner's office, victims of a "ghost ship" are brought in and the two take a quick look at one of the bodies.

Jeff goes to the police lieutenant (Bruce French) but he doesn't really do anything since he doesn't want to cause a panic.

While meeting with Rufus, he tells them about Dr. Jorge Mueller (Horst Bucholz) the leading expert on killer bees and he shows them a film that Dr. Mueller made regarding the bees and how they attack.

Even though they've tried to keep the bees a secret, Mckew is flagged down by Mrs. Compher (Carol Sutton) and she tells him that Julie hasn't come home from church. He gets a search party together and they search the nearby fields.

After a day of worry, Mrs. Caziot (Carol Wilmot Alden) and her son come to McKew's office, and she tells him that her farmer husband (Dr. Norman Gary) hasn't come in from the fields.

McKew and his men go searching for him as Dr. Mueller comes to town.

The object is to get the queen and then destroy the hive, so they set out looking for possible locations of where the hive may be. Dr. Mueller tells them that the bees are attracted to the colors red and black, along with sound.

Jeannie and Dr. Mueller come across a hotdog stand and he goes inside where he comes across the dead body of the owner.

A couple (Kenneth Lorenzen and Christine Ellsworth) having driven through a barricade and headed into town, stop at the stand where they're attacked by the bees, along with Mueller. With no one to help her, the bees set their sight on Jeannie's car and now they have to figure out a way to kill the bees before they kill her.

While this movie generated a sequel due to the killer bee craze scare at the time, this is a pretty good nature vs. man movie and at times the makeup is a little gruesome, especially for a made for television movie.

And the movie did a good job with educating the population about killer bees!

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Catherine Kennerly (Joanne Woodward) thinks she's been living the perfect life with her husband Richard (Richard Crenna) but she doesn't know about his secret

Catherine Kennerly (Joanne Woodward) thinks she's been living the perfect life with her husband Richard (Richard Crenna) but she doesn't know about his secret

Passions- 10-1-1984

For a lot of television movies, infidelity brings in the ratings and this movie had kind of a twist to it.

Successful businessman Richard Kennerly (Richard Crenna) comes "home" from a trip from Dallas to Nina (Lindsay Wagner) and their son Eric (R.J. Williams). They have the perfect life together with a house in Malibu and she has a career as a sculptor, while she encourages him to live out his dream of being a painter.

Before going to bed that night, she shows him her latest piece and when he leaves the next day, he stops at the art gallery where he buys one of her other pieces and pulls up into his other house, where his wife Catherine (Joanne Woodward) is doing some volunteer work with some women.

She introduces him and the two head inside.

After asking how his trip was, she tells him that their daughter Beth (Heather Langenkamp) is home from school, and she has something on her mind but won't discuss it with her.

He goes to her room, and she tells him that she came home to think about her relationship with her boyfriend Lim (John Walcutt) and that the two of them have decided to move in together. Richard asks what the problem is, and she says Catherine won't approve of it.

Both are surprised when Catherine doesn't complain about the proposal, but deep down it is eating away at her, because she's embarrassed as to what the neighbors will say.

One day while playing tennis with his friend Jack (John Considine) Richard collapses and is rushed to the hospital.

Over in Malibu, Nina's getting restless since Richard was supposed to be over there for dinner and she calls his office. She finds out about Richard and asks her neighbor Lila (Viveca Lindfors) to watch Eric as she rushes to the hospital.

Once at the hospital, she manages to get into his room by telling the staff that she's his sister and while she's visiting him, Catherine comes in and catches her holding his hand.

She does the math and realizes that he's been unfaithful to her and after Richard dies, Nina makes the bold decision to go to his funeral.

Following the funeral, Catherine searches through his desk and calls Jack, where she finds out about the house in Malibu and his son.

Since his will hadn't been updated, she wants to throw Nina and Eric out onto the street and the only person to benefit from his death is Beth, since her schooling will be taken care of, and she also has a trust fund.

One day Beth decides to take a walk on the beach, and she meets Eric and the two of them talk. While she doesn't say anything to him, Lila notices her and tells Nina.

Nina goes outside and sends Eric into the house and the two talk on the beach. She invites her in, and Beth discovers a whole different side to Richard, one that she didn't know about.

She later tells Catherine that she met Eric and Nina, which causes Catherine to get angry and after she finds out that some of the sculpture was made by Nina, she destroys the pieces.

Enraged, she leaves and winds up on Nina's doorstep and the two of them have a tense conversation. She, like Beth, discovers a whole different side of Richard.

Since Beth is heading back to school, she goes to the airport just as Beth is getting ready to board her flight and she assures her that everything is alright and will learn to live with the situation.

Fearing that she's not perfect, Kate (Meredith Baxter-Birney) only eats when no one else is around

Fearing that she's not perfect, Kate (Meredith Baxter-Birney) only eats when no one else is around

Kate's Secret- 11-17-86

Following the death of Karen Carpenter in 1983, eating disorders came out of the closet and to look back now, there wasn't a name associated with the various disorders, but bulimia was around and even today it's still a secret.

Kate Stark (Meredith Baxter-Birney) wakes up to a perfect Sunday morning in California while her perfect lawyer husband Jack (Ben Masters) stirs next to her. She jumps out of bed because she has to go for her daily run. He tells her to stay since he's feeling a little frisky.

After some playful banter, she agrees, but goes into the bathroom to brush her teeth and weigh herself. The scale shows her weight as 120lbs. and she starts to panic. She tells Jack that she needs to go running.

Following her run, she serves breakfast to her daughter Becky (Summer Phoenix) who complains that she wants something different. Subconsciously, Kate is starting to push her eating disorder onto Becky.

The two are set to go on a ride when Kate's mother Faith (Georgann Johnson) calls. She doesn't accept the phone call but lets her know that she'll be at the airport to pick her up.

Since the two have a somewhat rocky relationship, Faith notices a store on the drive and mentions that they sell mint tea. At first, Kate doesn't want to stop, but then she does and runs into the store.

She gabs the box of tea and then eyes some baked goods.

Having grabbed a container, she hides and eats half of the container and then goes to the dairy cooler and drinks some milk, hoping not to get caught. After filling up she drops off the tea box and goes outside where she vomits in the bushes.

Back in the car, she tells Faith that they didn't have the tea she wanted.

On the day that she and Jack are hosting a party for his promotion, along with the unexpected announcement of Monica Fields' (Leslie Bevis) promotion.

At the end of the party, Kate's friend Gail (Shari Belafonte-Harper) offers to take Monica home, but Kate suggests that Jack take her home since Gail would be going out of her way. When they leave, Faith scolds her because she tells her that the two of them are obviously having an affair.

After Faith goes to bed, a distraught Kate starts to eat everything that she can get her hands on and heads to the bathroom to purge, which wakes up Faith. She sees the mess in the kitchen and Kate uses the excuse that the dogs had gotten in and went after the food.

The next night, Kate has a romantic dinner planned for her and Jack, but when he calls due to working late and Faith and Becky having gone out to dinner and a movie, Kate runs around town eating everything that she can- from fast food to a pizza.

When Jack does get home, they argue, and he confesses that he had forgotten about Becky's Brownie ceremony the next day. She tells him that she'll come and pick him up before the ceremony.

Before she herself leaves, she goes to the gym where Gail works and while in aerobics class, she passes out missing the ceremony as Jack tries to find her.

She makes it to the school and after picking up Becky, she apologizes to her letting her know that she was sick and as she drives, she passes out causing the two to be in an accident.

At the hospital, the attending doctor (Robert Lipton) asks her about her condition, and she brushes it off, but he tells her that he's called in Dr. Resnick (Ed Asner). They recommend that she immediately check herself in for treatment and this is how her family finds out about her bulimia.

While in the treatment facility, she meets a variety of women who have different issues, but she bonds with her roommate Patch (Tracy Nelson) a high fashion model who lives under the pressure of her career and her overbearing mother (Sharon Spelman).

Having followed the facilities rules, Kate asks Dr. Resnick if she can have permission to attend another party for Jack and Monica. He turns her down and with the help of Patch, she sneaks out and goes to the party.

While there, there are too many temptations and she's rushed back to the hospital.

After another six weeks in treatment, she's finally released and promises to face everything head on in life and that starts with her mother.

If you think you may have an eating disorder call the Bulimia and Self-Help Hotline at 1-314-588-1683 (24 hours) or National Mental Health Association Information Center at 1-800-969-6642.

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