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The best movie about mother

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Movies about motherhood

All the things that previously worried women, stressors at work, minor differences in relationships, and so on, become unimportant in the face of the things that the mother then faces, as the mother begins to appreciate the small things that the child goes through.

Becoming a mother is a difficult and enjoyable task. The mother exercises the function of motherhood around the clock without any intermission.

Every moment with her child seems like a special memory that the mother will remember and enjoy. In this article we discuss motherhood through the cinema with a list of movies about motherhood that I addressed from various points of view.

Black swan

Black Swan is an extremely scary motherhood film about a dancing girl who slowly begins to lose control of her reality, an adult woman named Nina (Natalie Portman) who desperately tries to break free from the clutches of Erica, and her mother (Barbara Hershey) who controls everything in Nina's life, what she eats, who she talks to, and how she spends her time, in order to help her daughter fulfill her dreams.

Nina lives with her mother, Erika, a former ballet player, and is offered a ballet dance in which she plays the role of the white swan (innocence) and the black swan (sensuality and deception), but Thomas (Vincent Castle) places a rival to Nina, also a professional ballet player, whom Nina plays professionally as the white swan.

In the film, there are subtle hints about what Nina really wants more than anything, which is to get rid of her mother's remaining parts in her, either symbolically or literally.

Lady Bird

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Lady Bird is a film of coming of age, and one of the newest movies about motherhood revolves around a girl who realizes that her home is the place where her heart is located, Lady Bird (the role played by Saoirse Ronan) and her mother Marion (the role played by Laurie ), who suffer from a troubled relationship, Lady Bird rarely performs the duties assigned to her, and her mother Marion, driven by love and anxiety, sometimes puts pressure on her daughter.

At the beginning of the film, we see the nature of Lady Bird's relationship with Marion; as Marion drives back to their place of residence, the two listen to an audio book so touching that they cry together. This is a beautiful scene of course, but misleading, because at the beginning of the film, the mother and daughter are emotionally involved and later we find their differences on many levels.

Lady Bird and Marion wipe their tears and Lady Bird tries to change her mood by listening to music. Her mother protests at the music, annoying Lady Bird and staring silently in the window. The moment of emotional connection between them did not last long and tension started to rise on the surface.

Terms of Endearment

Mother-daughter relationships are strong, but the widow Aurora wants to control her daughter and influence her life decisions; this film follows mother and daughter's life for decades, through good and bad days, and is at times funny, at times dramatic, and certainly one of the best films about mother-daughter relationships.

Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again

Mama Mia is a warm and loving motherhood film about Sophie (Amanda Seyfried) who tries to find out who her real father is at her wedding, but the second part is mostly about motherhood, Sophie Donna's mother (Merrill Streep), who has passed away but appears in many scenes.

Sophie is pregnant and thinking about the future as she plans a big party, and in the meantime she thinks about her mother's life (Lily James is playing the young version of Donna) who ends up on this remote island of Earth and becomes pregnant with Sophie at the end Without being fully aware of the father's identity, the mother meets grandmother Ruby (Cher) and does a lot of singing dances.

Ultimately, the constant is that a mother may not notice it, but she begins to see the world with her child's eyes, who enjoys everything around them, like rainbows, bubbles, lemonade stalls, the world, the endless discoveries and fun, the strangers who become relatives after one game with children, when a mother is around her children, she can only look at the world with the pink eyes that her child sees.


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