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Movies-the 13 Best Psych-Thrillers Ever!

A mystery of who the psycho is, remains to be solved.


What is a psych thriller?

Tensions build when uncertainty lurks. When we aren't sure who the murderer is or when they'll strike again, all is unsettling. This is a list of movies that keep you on the edge of your seat until the psychotic or evil murderer is exposed.

13. Don't talk to Strangers- Rebecca Dimornay, Dennis Miller, and Antonio Bandaras makes this a great watch. A host of people are interacting as one of them is being stalked. As accusations start to fly, the pressure builds on the culprit until it's time to strike and silence the suspicious. This is a classic mystery movie to it's very core.

12. Cape Fear- 1962 Robert Mitchum was awesome in this. It was hair raising and intense. Some of the sequels were decent too, but this was the best.

11. Pacific Heights- A married couple starts a new venture. Unfortunately for them, this decision draws some unwanted attention.

10. Identity-A star studded cast comes together to bring this mystery to life. Stranded at a motel in Vegas, a group of strangers try to figure out why they are being killed one by one,... and by whom.

9. Psycho 2 The reason this movie gets no accolades is because it's totally misunderstood. There are strange events happening all over the place as Norman Bates is released from the mental institution. He returns to the motel and the murders start to occur. Who is committing the murders? Are they doing it alone? Is Norman's mother really dead? With many twists and turns, psychosis is everywhere

8.That Cold Day in the Park - One of Sandy Dennis's best performances. The acting was excellent and there were confused and lonely people through out this story that brought this to a head. It does drag a little but that leads to an excellent ending.

7. Vertigo- Hitchcock strikes again! This was a strange plot that kept you watching.

6.Momento - A man who has a head injury, can not form any new memories. He writes notes every where as he can trust no one. He can't remember anything since his accident. Unfortunately, he can remember his wife's murder and will not stop until he solves it.

5. Shutter Island - A pair of federal agents visit an island that is an asylum for the criminally insane. A special and secretive mission and investigation is underway. The cast was excellent and the plot takes many twists and turns.

4. Rear Window - Jimmy Stewart and Grace Kelly get caught up in a mystery that someone doesn't want solved.

3. Rosemary's Baby- An intense and gut wrenching , plot driven movie that focus on a young married couple. This is creepy and nerve racking right up to the last second. Mia was perfect!

Rosemary's Baby has been imitated and remade but none of them come close to the original!

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2. Silence of the Lambs –You had to know that this was coming....with a side of farva beans.


And now for number one!

Psycho-. A woman caught up in a web of deceit , one that she created, is suddenly murdered. A young motel owner holds the key to the truth but doesn't even know the truth himself. As a private investigator, the police, and family try to solve the puzzle, and put the many pieces together, someone who seems harmless, and whom has some answers, watches from a distance.


MikeSyrSutton (author) from An uncharted galaxy on October 09, 2020:

Thank you! I appreciate that.

Mr. Smith from Indiana on September 18, 2020:

Good list. "psychosis is everywhere" - Love that.

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