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10 Breathtaking Movies Like "Taken" Everyone Should Watch

Rahul is a movie addict who can never get enough of good films. His all time favorites are Inception, 12 Angry Men, and Scarface.


What Films Are Like Taken?

Taken is a gripping, intriguing movie about an ex-government agent on a one-man mission to save his daughter from a sex-trafficking gang. It’s fast-paced, character-driven and far more original than what we’ve come to expect from Hollywood thrillers. Even though it might require suspension of disbelief more than a few times, there is no denying that it’s an entertaining flick that keeps you on the edge of your seat for the whole time.

Being a huge fan, I’ve compiled a list of other films like Taken. Take a look—

1. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)


With the success of the remake of this brilliant thriller, it’s worth taking a look at the original. While the remake did most of the things right, it didn’t have the same feel of the original.

Five friends decide to visit their grandfather’s house. Things go awry on the way when they start getting hunted down one by one by a psychopathic family. Those cannibals make life a living hell for the youngsters. Will they come out alive?

What is it about this simple story that still makes it one of the best thrillers ever to hit on screen? The plot is simple; it’s far from gory by today’s standards. Still, the fear of the unknown is what works for this movie. You can guess that they’re in some trouble, but nothing is revealed in the beginning. Gradually, we learn the horrifying truth about the cannibalistic family.

In the later stages, this movie becomes a mixture of chainsaw grinding, slashing, screaming, blood and despair, all of which can be hard to stomach for some of you. If you have a gorehound, go for it. There have been countless remakes and re-skins of this classic, but it still remains our favorite.

2. The Strangers


A young couple are on vacation in an isolated home. With no one around for miles, three strangers begin haunting them. Slowly but surely, they start becoming more aggressive. It doesn’t take the couple long to realize that they’re in more danger than they initially thought.

You could call this movie “torture porn" and you wouldn’t be wrong. There is a lot of torture in this movie. The physiological aspect of it is what’s more haunting. The director has skillfully handled the whole hide-and-seek game, keeping the audience at the edge of their seats till credits begin to roll. A horror thriller doesn’t get scarier than this. If you’re looking for an underrated movie like Taken, you should give The Strangers a go.

3. Wrong Turn


What could be worse than a cannibal chasing you through the woods with no help in sight? How about a few of them?

The plot revolves around six people, who find themselves being chased by cannibals in the thick woods of West Virginia. As the night progresses, it becomes increasingly clear that it’s only going to get worse.

This is the definition of creepy movie. If you can digest some extreme violence and gore, you’ll love what Wrong Turn has to offer. Never before I have been shaken to the core like this. The last time I remember shuddering in amazement and shock this way was while I was watching The Sixth Sense.

The horror never lets up, building the tension all the way through. To some extent, it’s exhausting. You feel like you are there, running away from those monsters. One amazing experience!

If you’re looking for some good thriller movies like Taken, Wrong Turn should be your best bet. See whether you like the ultra-violence. Go for the sequels if you do.

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4. The Ring: Remake of a Creepy Japanese Movie


The plot revolves around a mysterious video. Anyone who watches it dies after a week. When a curious journalist makes the mistake of watching the tape, she must get to the root of the mystery before it kills her.

Let me say it right away: this is going to scare you to your core. When she crawls out of the TV with a creepy smile on her face, it just kills you. The scare is real. This is why people go to watch horror movies. This is your dope right here.

If you’re creeped out by watching the American remake, don’t go for the original movie. The original is definitely creepier. I was just a kid when I saw the original, and I honestly believed that someone would come for me after seven days.

Modern horror can’t get scarier than this. If you’re looking for a movie like Taken that will haunt you for days, take The Ring for a spin.

5. The Others


A woman with two photosensitive children lives in a remote mansion waiting for World War 2 to be over, so that her husband can come back home. As time passes, she becomes increasingly convinced that the house is haunted. Things start getting only worse when new servants arrive.

There is a lot to tell. Not here though. You should experience it firsthand. And believe me; you don’t wanna know much about the plot before watching it. It starts off slowly, taking its time in setting up everything. Once it gets going, though, it’s a breath-taking, horrifying ride. Get ready for a mind-boggling, twisting movie that never lets you guess what’s coming at the end. The ending makes you wanna watch the whole movie with a different perspective.

The Others is more about the mood than action. Not a lot happens in the beginning, but you know for sure that something is gotta give. And the somber, foggy weather only helps matters.

The Others is often accused of stealing the plotline from The Sixth Sense. Yes, they share a lot of elements. One cannot deny, however, that The Others is just as good as The Sixth Sense at delivering shock value.

6. Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit


A CIA analyst finds out that Russians are planning a terrorist attack on America in the coming days. He must do something about it before it’s too late.

I wasn’t expecting much when I went in to watch this movie. I was, however, wrong. Shadow Recruit turned out to be a pretty engaging, suspenseful spy thriller, capable of keeping people on the edge of their seats all the time.

Most of the story is plain simple. Simplicity, however, doesn’t equate to dumbness. The movie lacks originality, but more than makes up for it with a strong cast and good cinematography. In short, Shadow Recruit is an underrated movie like Taken that will quench your thirst for spy action.

7. "The Expendables"

Don’t expect to find any deep character studies or award-winning performances with movies like this. They’re all about explosives, guns, and witty one-liners. If action is your cup of tea, you’ll love what The Expendables brings to the table.

With a cast like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Randy Couture, Jason Stathum, Mickey Rourke, Terry Crews, Jet Li, and Bruce Willis, you expect nothing less than perfection. And the movie doesn’t disappoint.

Enjoy this movie for what it is—an entertaining flick.

8. "Eden Lake"


Eden Lake is the story of a couple on a romantic weekend, who confront a gang hell-bent on ruining their stay. They take all the necessary measures, but things spiral out of control.

The first couple of minutes are easy going, but once things go wrong, they keep getting worse. Overall, Eden Lake stays captivating all the way through. It manages to evoke contrary emotions at the same time, which is testimony to authentic acting and a great script.

Playing a character that everyone can genuinely loathe is easier said than done, but the young actors playing the chavs have done an amazing job. Similarly, the casting for the role of the couple was perfect. The chemistry between them feels real. You empathize with the couple, while loathing the bullying youngsters.

I knew that there would be a lot of gore, but didn’t know that it would affect me in this way. It could easily have been a torture porn movie. I’m glad to report, however, that it’s much more than that. It manages to convey a profound message for the audience.

9. "Law-Abiding Citizen"


Contrary to its name, the plot revolves around a frustrated man who has taken the law into his own hands. When one of the killers behind the murder of his family is released without charges, he embarks upon a quest to target the killer as well other behind this perpetration.

I have no idea why this movie ended the way it did. It could have been perfect. Unfortunately, the ending leaves a lot to be desired. Nonetheless, the rest of the movie is a treat and you don't want to miss it.

10. "The Equalizer"


An ex-CIA operative is living a quiet, peaceful life, leaving the past behind him. But when a young girl is captured by Russian gangsters, he has no choice but to help her.

Denzel Washington is peectly cast as Robert McCall, a man with a mysterious past. And Chloe Grace Moretz is flawless as the abducted teenager. The direction by Antoine Fuqua is seamless, drawing audiences into a character-driven flick. A violent, bloody flick you won’t want to miss.

Honorable Mentions: Other Movies Like "Taken"

District 13, The Transporter, 3 Days To Kill, Lockout, Saw, and Leon: The Professional are a few other movies you should try. Did I miss any good movies? Let me know in the comments section.


Dipin Divakaran on March 29, 2019:

Except 'Equalizer' none of the movies match Taken... The one who wrote this article must watch Taken again.

Carrie Lee Night from Northeast United States on August 26, 2018:

Thank you for sharing :)

Mark Sammut on January 09, 2016:

Although these are all good films and should be watched, I do not think they are that similar to Taken. Something like The Ring is completely different and will terrify someone who might love Taken.

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