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11 Mind-Messing Movies Like Saw

Rahul is a movie addict who can never get enough of good films. His all time favorites are Inception, 12 Angry Men, and Scarface.


What Movies Are Similar to Saw?

Films like Saw were revolutionary for its time. Nobody had seen anything like it before. It was brilliant with its storytelling and a grim setting, spawning a new genre, something that’s still popular today.

It’s a fascinating piece of work, and I won’t blame you if you want some more movies like Saw. Let’s take a look -



Cube is just like Saw, except that it’s more intricate. The plot revolves round 7 people, who find themselves places inside a giant cube containing traps. With seemingly no way to get out on their own, they realize that they must band together to survive. Each one of them has an important part to play here.

I don’t want to give too much since it’s better for you to just watch it without knowing much. But I’ll tell you this; it’s disturbing, not because of what happens on screen, but because of its mysterious, harrowing storyline that compels you to think about human nature. This is the ugly side of humanity that no one wants to see. I think this movie exposes it really well.

It probably cost about half the budget of this movie, to make the opening sequence, which successfully gets your attention. Once it has your attention it simply refuses to let you go, it is compelling to say the least. “Cube” is one of those movies like “Saw” that has a profound effect on you, and stays with you, like family.

Clever, horrifying and enjoyable!

The Experiment - One of the most underrated movies like Saw


26 men are chose to participate in a psychological experiment. They’re given the roles of guards and prisoners. Before they know, things spiral out of control.

Remakes often tend to get a lot of flake for nothing, and this is one of those movies. I get it. I understand that some people preferred the original movie. The American remake, however, isn’t bad either. I refuse to buy the 1 out of 10 user ratings on, and so should you.

This movie definitely doesn’t get the credit it deserves. The tension, drama and violence – everything is there, which makes it one of the most underrated movies like Saw. The storyline is extremely fast-paced. Things move at a pretty brisk pace, not giving any chance for breathers. The only thing that goes against this movie is a rushed ending. I was hoping for a better conclusion. Nevertheless, it’s still great.

Give it a chance. Ignore the negativity surrounding it. You’d love it.

The Collection


This is sequel to “The Collector”. If you haven’t watched it already, do it. You’d need it to get the full picture of the story.

The plot revolves around Arkin, who managed to escape from the grips of “The Collector” – a group of serial killers. But when a rich man’s daughter is abducted, Arkin is blackmailed to go back and rescue this innocent girl.

Just like the first movie, this sequel is gory and funny. Try not to make too much sense of what’s happening on screen. Heck, don’t do any rational thinking at all. It’s better that way. Just enjoy this movie for what it is – pure mindless entertainment. Want to spend 90 minutes on something that’ going to keep you guessing for the whole time? “The Collection” will do just time. It’s one of the best movies like Saw.

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Martyrs - One of the saddest movies like Saw


I don’t think movies like Saw and Martyrs are fir everyone. Some people are going to love it for all the violence, brutality and depravity it has to offer.

The plot revolves around a young woman, who teams up with another woman to gang up on same people who kidnapped and terrorized her as a child. Things soon spiral out of control as Lucie begins going down the road of madness without any hope. Anna, on the other hand, begins experiencing what her friend did when she was a kid.

Simply put, ‘martyrs’ can feel like going through a torture sometimes. But I think you’d love to go through it. It truly is a monster, never failing to stun the audience with its sheer brilliance. With a strong direction, beautiful cinematography, and amazing performances from leads, “Martys” cements its place as one of the best movies like “Saw”.

The Tortured


The story takes place in Rutlamd Country, where a girl is kidnapped and murdered by a psychopath. Obsessed with inflicting pain on the murderer, her parents capture him and begin torturing.

I didn’t have much expectation for this movie, especially after reading reviews about it. I’m glad to report, however, that this is gem of a movie. Sure, the plot sounds all familiar, but believe me, you’re going to love the latter half of the movie.

Some torture scenes are uncomfortable to watch, making you feel for the murderer. I had to do well to remind myself that he is only getting what he deserves. Again, the ending is well-worth it. Seasoned horror fans and gorehouds will have a lot of feast their eyes on. A decent, thought-provoking movie.

Misery - One of the best adapted movies like Saw


This is what happens when a fan fails to recognize the line between obsession and admiration.

The plot revolves around a famous author, who gets rescued from a car crash by his number one fan, Annie Wilkes. She takes him to a remote house without telling anyone. Thins turn drastic when she learns that her favorite character is killed off in his book. As the time passes by, he realizes that she is not going to let him leave.

Misery is without a doubt one of the best films of the 90's, and in my opinion, Stephen King's best adaptation into a movie. This is TRUE horror, there's no monsters, no mega special effects, just Kathy Bates who is truly made the big time on one of the scariest villains in horror movie history.

Stephen King is has most of his works adapted into a movie or a TV series. And he deserves every bit of credit he gets. The problem lies with adaption. I can recall a lot of adaptions that went awry. “Misery”, however, is able to bring out the pain, trauma and depravity of the protagonist to life. Kathy Bates is just as disturbing in the role of Annie as I’d hoped she’d be, treading on a fine line between being caring and obsessive. She rightly deserved the Oscar for this role.

If you are looking for a good adapted movie like Saw, “Misery” should be your best bet.

The Woman - A thought-provoking film like Saw


The Woman tell the story of a practicing lawyer, who captures and attempts to civilize one of the last remaining members of a clan that terrorized people in the past. As the time passes by, he becomes obsessive with his mission, jeopardizing his career and family.

It’s shocking, intense and violent – just what you look for in a movie like Saw. With a compelling, twisted story and some amazing cinematography, The Woman manages to successfully convey a profound message.



The plot is pretty simple – it revolves around a pregnant woman, who is terrorized by another woman out of nowhere. She explains why she is here and what she wants from her.

This may sound like you’ve heard it before, because you have. We’ve watched these kinds of movies before. But trust me; things get from bad to worse pretty soon. Majority of this movie is plain violence, cruelty and inhumanity, making other torture porn movies like “Saw” and “Hostel” pale in comparison.

Things get incredibly week within first 30 minutes, then it turns cruel, to disgusting, to completely unwatchable in final few moments. About 35-40 minutes in, I had to pause it to recollect what I was watching and make sense of everything that’s going on. I wouldn’t have watched it, if I’d known that it gets progressively worse with each moment. There is no beating around the bush. It’s downright scary, shocking you to the core.

Why should you watch it, knowing that it’s not a typical ‘happy-ending’ movie? Because it’s one of a kind. It’s one of those movies a feminist would love. The two leads battle it out like true WOMEN. And yeah, the shocking twist in end that leaves you scratching your head should be the reason enough for you to watch it.

The Jacket - One of the most disturbing movies like Saw


The plot surrounds around a sane man, who wrongly gets sent to an insane asylum. Things get from bad to worse as he becomes the subject of various experiments over there. He begins to learn about himself and the dark, heinous secretes of hospital. Will he come out unscathed?

It reminded me of so many other movies for good reasons. I thought it’s Donnie Darko meet 12 Monkeys meet Jacob’s Ladder. It couldn’t possibly be a bad thing.

The talented cast has done an amazing job with their characters. “The Jacket” demands a lot from them, requiring them to play different each time in every alternate reality. And they deliver!

As good as the acting is, you can’t overlook the masterful direction of John Maybury. I found it to be inventive challenging for the most part, giving a unique touch to this movie.

Overall, The Jacket is a piece of art – A movie like “Saw” you shouldn’t miss out on.



In the final stages of a job interview, 8 candidates are selected and locked inside a room to find an answer to a secret question. Will 80 minute to answer a simple question, tensions begin to unravel soon, and things spiral out of control. Soon, they realize that they must help each other find the question before they can begin attempting the answer. How far are they willing to go to get this job?

I was surprised to find out that despite being a low-budget movie, the production values are up to par with movies like “Saw”. Without any doubt, it puts most high-budget productions to shame. It’s hard not get caught up in the whole story and try to figure out what’s at stake. All in all, “Exam” is an engaging psychological thriller that stimulates your brain.

Saw II


And you thought nothing can topple “Saw”. Here it is! The sequel to a legendary movie to unsettle you even more than the original one did. Jigsaw is back, and he is more vicious, conniving and charming that ever!

When a detective sets on a quest to capture him, things turn personal as Jigsaw gets to his son.

This not a movie where people walk towards the danger instead of running away from it. It’s all too cliché – something Saw II avoids altogether. Almost nowhere in this movie you can say that you’ve got it figured out. There are twists and turns at every other moment that will keep you on the edge of seat for the whole movie.


Ced Yong from Asia on October 04, 2016:

Cube is definitely a good one.

Jay Doshi from Mumbai, India on September 27, 2016:

I like Cube and the Jacket, they're one of the best movies I've seen.

john kyungsoo park on May 11, 2016:

the best

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