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10 Movies Like Princess Diaries

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If you are a fan of teen comedies, then there is a big chance that you’ve seen 2001 hit teen comedy The Princess Diaries. The 2001 movie was a major hit, bringing people to the cinema in a major way to enjoy one of the most satisfying coming-of-age movies of the year. However, for many fans of the movie, one problem it does have is that it does leave you wanting a bit more. Do you feel like you still have a hankering for a movie with the same kind of theme and mind-set as The Princess Diaries? If so, it's definitely worth exploring our fantastic array of suggestions for movies like Princess Diaries below.

Then you should be pleased to know that there are numerous movies out there that you could enjoy which enjoy some similarities with this classic. Following Mia Thermopolis is a fun way to enjoy your afternoon, getting to enjoy the ascension of a young American who has no clue that she is actually royalty in Europe.

It’s an endearing story, but one thing that you might have in mind is another big journey to enjoy. Need some help in finding the next story to get satisfied by? Then take a look at some of the movies like Princess Diaries below.

Similar Movies Like Princess Diaries

  1. Miss Congeniality
  2. The Sisterhood of Traveling Pants
  3. 13 Going on 30
  4. The Duff
  5. She's All That
  6. Legally Blonde
  7. What a Girl Wants
  8. A Cinderella Story
  9. Princess Protection Program
  10. The Princess Diaries

As the lead option for a movie that you might wish to enjoy, Miss Congeniality is the best of the 2000s action comedy scene. While it might not be as innocent as The Princess Diaries, it does have a fair amount of comedy and enjoyment to be found. It’s a story of Sandra Bullock, who serves as an FBI agent who joins a beauty pageant.

It’s a hugely enjoyable movie, and easily one of the most satisfying of the era. While some film fans might find it all a bit too whimsical to be compared to something like TPB, it’s from the same train of thought and movie era. Definitely one to add to your list if you enjoyed TBP but want something a bit more slapstick and enjoyable from a comedic perspective.

An interesting movie for some, this is part of a series of movies that is quite controversial to some. They are classic Marmite movies; you will absolutely love them, or wish they had never been made. It’s an interesting enough movie, and one that we would recommend that you take a look at if you were able to enjoy the jaunt across Europe to royalty that brought you here in the first place.

While it might not be as engaging as TPB in many ways, it’s an interesting story that has plenty of laugh-out-loud moments that you should enjoy along the way. Definitely not for everyone, but this is absolutely for some movie buffs.

13 Going on 30 is, like the above film, a move that seems to draw both ire and a bit of a following. It’s an interesting movie and one that follows the romantic comedy style that was so ridiculously popular in the 2000s. The story follows a girl who wants to be popular, but at her birthday party she is made a fool of her classmates.

She then wishes that she was 30 years old, so that she could escape the madness and the hurt that she felt. However, she appears to then wake up and finds herself just five days short of her 30th birthday – with no idea how she got there. A fun rollercoaster journey and one that a lot of movie fans will have a good time with.

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When you want to watch a movie from a more recent era, The Duff, released in 2015, might be a good place for you to start. It’s an enjoyable enough feel-good film that is all about the comedy and the wit that takes place. It follows the story of someone who is referred to as a ‘DUFF’ – a Designated Ugly Fat Friend. Crass and harsh? Sure is.

The story, though, shows her journey to get rid of this degrading and harsh label once and for all. It can be a bit on the nose at times, but it’s the kind of film that you can enjoy if you have seen similar horrible stories play out in the past – a very good movie with a tough but important message.

A good high school era flick follows Zach Siler; the kind of guy in school you hoped would get his comeuppance for being horrible. The movie follows his development as he goes from being the envy of the whole school to the school joke. This all happens after his girlfriend, Taylor, decides to call it a day and starts dating reality TV star Brock Hudson instead.

It’s a feelgood movie that shows us the importance of personal development, redemption, and improvement as a person. While it’s definitely not a film for everyone, it’s got enough charm and humour in there – as well as a good, heartfelt message – to ensure you can get a nice little lesson from the movie. Jocks, take not: you could learn a lot from this particular movie!

You should probably look to take a look at Legally Blonde – and its sequel. Both are of a similar mind to The Princess Diaries, albeit the plot of is a bit different. They both make enjoyable coming of age movies to enjoy, though, and should make it a bit easier for you to enjoy a more satisfying experience than you get with a lot of movies in the genre.

One thing you should find with Legally Blonde is that it has just as many whimsical moments in there as The Princess Diaries. It’s the kind of film that feels fun to follow along with, and easy enough to enjoy when the good moments kick in. While it won’t be for everyone, it’s definitely a move to add to your collection.

From the same era of films comes What A Girl Wants. It follows the story of Daphne, who moves to Europe from the USA in a bid to find her father. It turns out that her old man is a politician who could be en route to becoming the next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. So, she moves over there to find him – only to find out that the similarities with her mother and father end at her.

It’s an interesting journey, and one that touches well on the idea of finding out that perhaps the things we missed out on life were missed out for a reason. A fun little journey, and an interesting movie with an enjoyable enough plot.

An interesting little move to add to your list of teenage dramas is the story of Sam Montgomery. A tomboy in every single way, she’s relatively unpopular due to her un-girly nature. However, she’s been in the process of texting someone who is called Nomad for a period of months. Eventually, Nomad asks her to come and meet him at the Halloween dance at 11:00, on the middle of the dance floor.

It’s going to be an interesting journey, with some very interesting little plotlines that open up as the movie develops. While there’s enough cheesiness to cover a pizza base in this one, it’s definitely a good film to watch if you happened to enjoy The Princess Diaries.

Going back to the royal route for a moment, this comical movie is one that you should be adding to your list of comedies to enjoy. The plot is simple: an evil dictator does his best to overthrow the royal power of a kingdom, and it means that the princess of the movie, Pricness Rosalina, is put under the Princess Protection Program.

With Joe Mason guarding her, she’s forced into a program for her own safety. While it’s humorous enough at times, there are some pretty poignant moments that stops this from feeling too serious. Definitely a film to be enjoyed if you are a fan of movies that don’t look to take themselves too seriously.

A fine choice of movie when you might be looking for something that’s got some good points in amongst the humour.

Of course, if you intend on watching on the first one again then why not follow it up with the acclaimed second? Unlike the first movie, this is not based on a book of any kind. It’s a book that takes the story of the first, though, and takes it even further – adding even more drama to the whole story.

Despite not being as highly rated as the first, TPD 2 is a good watch for those who want to see where the first film might have led. We do have to say, though, that a lot of people were not especially satisfied with the conclusion that it drew. If you want to keep the fantasy alive in your head, avoid this. Otherwise, it’s a fun and enjoyable sequel overall.

Of course, if you have any questions or have any additional suggestions for film and moves like Princess Diaries then please don't hesitate to mention them below. Firstly, we will watch them and see if they are worth adding to the list of similar princess movies to the ones above.

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