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11 Fantasy/Medieval Movies Like the Lord of the Rings

Rahul is a movie addict who can never get enough of good films. His all time favorites are Inception, 12 Angry Men, and Scarface.


What Films Are Like The Lord of The Rings?

The Lord of The Rings trilogy is one of the most mature fantasy drama I've have seen to this date.

It’s a story about an underdog’s success against all the odds. He must protect the sacred ring that makes him invisible, and to some extent, invincible. When it comes to cinematography, plotline, and drama, The Lord of the Rings easily topples other fantasy movies out there.

The only problem with The Lords of the Rings is that there isn’t enough of it. With only three movies out there, you are bound to look for some other movies like The Lords of the Rings. My personal recommendation is The Harry Potter series. If you haven’t yet, go check them out. It transports you a different world. Since most of you have already watched the Harry Potter series, I’m not going to include it here.

Are there other films like The Lords of the Rings? Anyone who has watched those movies knows what the answer is going to be. We are talking about the movies that are somewhat similar to the scale and beauty of LOHR. Let's take a look.


Kingdom of Heaven

The plot revolves around Balian, who travels to Jerusalem and finds out that he is supposed to protect the city and its people.

This movie starts in Europe and takes you all the way to Jerusalem. I really love it. Taking place in the 12th century, this movie showcases how dark things used to be back then.

I was actually surprised to see how Orlando Bloom was able to carry the whole movie on his shoulders. A job well done. Of course, the beard helped. If not for anything else, this movie is just worth watching for battle scenes. I never really thought a battle scene could leave my jaws dropped on floor (barring Game of Thrones, of course), but they were ineffable.

If you are looking for some movies like The Lord of The Rings with nail-biting battles, you should give ‘Kingdom of Heaven’ a go.


Willow - A simple movie like The Lord of The Rings

Willow is a fantasy film about a dwarf, who sets on a quest to save the baby princess from a certain death. Will he succeed against tall the odds and get the baby back from the evil queen?

There is not much depth or meaning to it. It’s just one of those movies like The Lord of The Rings that I thought should be included in this list. As long as you don’t expect anything, you’d enjoy this movie.


Shrek - One of the best fantasy movies like The Lord of The Rings

The plot revolves around Shrek, an ogre who must get his land back from Lord Farqaad. Instead, he manages to make a deal with him. All he has to do is, rescue the princess, who is awaiting her true love in a tower guarded 24/7. Things don’t turn out the way as intended when the ogre realizes that he is beginning to fall in love with the princess. Not only that; she is also hiding a big secret no one else knows about.

Shrek is a whole new thing in the movieshpere. Never before a full CGI movie has been so deep, twisted and surprising at every stage. It manages to set the right balance between a serious tone and its humor. You’d find yourself laughing out loud at little comments, and trying hard not to tear up at other times. And no, those emotional moments are not at all cheesy. Despite being a CGI movie, it’s easy to relate to the charters, which speaks volumes about the quality. With its real, lifelike characters, it’s hard not to feel anything. You’d laugh and cry with them. You’d be totally absorbed in this movie.

If you are looking for some CGI movies like The Lord of The Rings, The Shrek is what you’d like to watch.

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Never Ending Story - One of the most underrated movies like The Lord of The Rings

The magical land is under attack by an evil force called nothing. Will the hero be able to save the townsfolk and the Queen from the evil?

I know, the plot doesn’t sound like much, but no other movie had tapped into this kind of uncharted territory before. This is a kind of movie that would appeal more to introspective children- those who are puzzled about life, infinity and other unexplainable aspects of life they’re just beginning to encounter. The question is, do kids really think about these things. My answer would be ‘yes’. I know, I thought about it as a kid.

The special effects are not all that impressive. Given that this movie is old, it’s good for their day. Nonetheless, it still holds up well today. What really makes this film tick is two child actors, who carry the whole movie on their shoulders.

Overall, Never Ending Story is one of those fairy Tale movies like The Lord of The Rings you mustn’t miss out on.


The Chronicles of Narnia (film series) - A novel adaption

Being a huge fan of this books series, I can tell you that it’s not one of the easy novels to adapt to the screens. It was quite a challenge to take, but when they did it, the result was one of the best movie series ever brought on screen. Out of 8 novels, only 3 have been filmed so far.

I’m not going to tell you anything about the storyline. The plot revolves around a lion, who can speak, and a couple of kids who follow him in his adventures. Saying anything else would be spoiling the fun. I wouldn’t want to do that. If you dig movies like The Lord of The Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia series is yours to churn out.


Bridge to Terabithia - One of the must watch movies like The Lord of The Rings

Terabitha – a place infested with monsters, trolls and a royal family. When two kids meet each other, their surreal and unlikely friendship gives birth to this strange, mystical place. It doesn’t matter whether it’s just imagination or reality. For them, it’s just as real as everything else.

Too often, we see a movie built around action sequences and brain-dread drama. This movie, thankfully, doesn’t follow the same path. It’s a slow, character driven and beautiful fairy tale everyone should watch at least once. ‘bridge to Terabithia can hold you captive with its magic of imagination and a beautifully woven story.


The Hobbit (film series)

Are you looking for some more Lord of The Rings? How about an official follow up to those movies? The Hobbit picks off in an emphatic style from where the Lord of The Rings leaves the scene

It’s a story about Biblo Baggins, who sets off in search of a treasure guarded by a dragon. At least this is what he has heard about this treasure from other people. Everyone talks about it, but no one havs managed to get it. He embarks upon the journey to find that precious treasure, which is going to be the adventure of his life.

If you complained about the not so dark tone of The Lord of The Rings trilogy, The Hobbit just happens to offer what you’ve been longing for. It more exciting, stressful and darker in tone that its predecessors. Simply put, The Hobbit has more to offer than what meets the eye in the first glance. It’s much more than an eye candy. Of course, the beauty of sceneries cannot be overemphasized, setting this series apart from other movies of similar genre.

With a perfect cast, amazing acting and an intriguing plot, The Hobbit cements its place as one of the must watch movies like The Lord of The Rings.


Inkheart - One of the best fantasy movies like The Lord of The Rings

When a young girl finds out that her father can draw characters out of book and bring them to life, she must call on the hero in the book to deal with a dangerous villain who somehow manages to escape. With some amazing special effects and brilliant storytelling, Inkheart has cemented a place in this list.

This is going to delight any fan of Inkheart. It’s just like the story told in the book with some tweaks and twists, of course. If you haven’t read the book yet, you should.



Based on the novel of same name, Eragon is the story of a farm boy who has a huge task of saving his homeland from all sorts of evil. Will he be able to stop the king?

This movie will entertain youngsters as well as adults with its light humor and feel-good factor. The swordplay certainly stands out above all. I haven’t read the books, so I have no way of comparing the texts with visuals. You don’t really need to read the books to enjoy this movie. It’s one of the best movies like The Lord of The Rings. The special effects and action-sequences can’t match up to the multi-million quality of The Lord of The Rings trilogy, but it still is believable.


Alice in Wonderland - One of the most epic fantasy movies like The Lord of The ings

Alice in Wonderland is based upon the novel authored back in 1865 called Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Almost everyone knows about the story. It still remains one of the most epic fantasy tales of all the time.

The story revolves around Alice, who accidently falls into a rabbit hole to end up in a totally unknown, strange and beautiful world of white rabbits. But there is much more to this world than what meets the eye.

Wonderlands often feels like Narnia movies. With it’s out of the world imagination and beautiful sceneries, Alice in Wonderland is one of the most beautiful movies like The Lord of The Rings. Of course, there are some stiff animations. If you look where the 3D doesn’t want you to look, it won’t look pretty. Apart from these small hiccups, though everything else works just fine.


Braveheart is a story about William Wallace who leads a rebel Scottish army against the English tyrant to take revenge of her bride’s execution. The English empire rules over the whole Scotland and it must be dethroned.

When asked about their favorite movie, most people would name ‘The Shawshank Redemption’ or ‘The Godfather’ as their favorites. In my opinion, Braveheart is best movie ever made. I can’t believe how underrated this movie is. This is as close to perfections you can go. Everything from casting, plot to cinemo0tography is ineffable. You can’t ask for anything else from a movie. With tons of violence, gore and a strong storyline, Braveheart cements its place as one of the must watch movies like The Lord of The Rings.


Tea Cake on December 20, 2019:

If you've read the book you'll probably be hugely disappointed with The Hobbit trilogy. It may have great special fx etc but the writers have really padded out a 300 children's fantasy into a bloated 9 hour borefest.

They could have just gone with a standalone film, but I guess the studio wanted another LOTR mk2 and as a consequence the old trope of quality trumps quantity fails quite miserably here.

whyeragon on November 19, 2019:

Just want to point out that the Eragon movie is one of the worst movies and the worst book to movie adaptions ever made.

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