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19 Engrossing Movies Like Harry Potter Everyone Should Watch

Rahul is a movie addict who can never get enough of good films. His all time favorites are Inception, 12 Angry Men, and Scarface.


Everyone loves to get lost in the worlds of magicians, witches, werewolves, and other supernatural beings once in a while. Now that the Harry Potter story has finally concluded, it’s only fitting to look for some more movies like the Harry Potter series.

Being a huge fan, I’ve compiled a list of some similar films. Take a look –

Lord Of The Rings Series


The plot revolves around a hobbit, who is on a quest to protect a ring that gives him the power of invisibility. Surrounded by monsters and other creatures, he must do whatever he can to protect it.

No one could have anticipated that Lord of The Rings trilogy would smash all the records. When the movie began to take shape, everyone was expecting something good, but it exceeded our expectations with a tight plotline and an amazing cast. The supporting cast of Hugo Weaving, Ian Holm, Liv Tyler, Brad Dourif, and a few others are just as good as the main cast.

Although the plot is much darker than the Harry Potter series, there is still some fantasy elements that’d appeal to the fans of Harry. If you’re looking for some good movies like Harry Potter series, “Lord of The Rings” should be your best bet.

Inkheart – One of the most underrated movies like Harry Potter


Here is a story that would frighten a kid. Fret not. There is a lot to feast your eyes on even if you’re an adult.

The plot revolves around Mo, a man who has the unique ability to draw characters out of books. The catch? Real people find themselves trapped within the books. When one of the vicious characters manages to escape the books into the real world, her daughter sets out on a quest to stop the villain.

There is a lot of screaming, cries for help, drama, and some jaw-dropping action. With some amazing work with special effects and a brilliant storyline, Inkheart cements its place as a must-watch movie like Harry Potter.

The Secret of Kells


When a young boy is surrounded by barbarians in a remote outpost, the help arrives out of nowhere – an illuminator with an ancient book filled with secrets.

I felt that special effects were overused a times, but it’s not going to ruin an otherwise amazing experience. A mix of some fantasy elements and real fats draws you in and keeps you hooked up until the credits roll. Despite a somewhat underwhelming ending, this is a movie you shouldn’t miss out on.

The Haunted Mansion


When a realtor and his family decide to visit a mansion, they soon find out that things are not what they appear on surface. Unexplained events start occurring, getting more bizarre with passing time. When the attempt to escape, things spiral out of control.

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A lot of critics thrashed this movie for being over simplistic. I’m glad to report that it’s not the case. The storyline might be a bit shallow, but you’d love the scares this movie has to offer.

That only thing that felt out of place was the child actors – they looked bored chasing ghosts rather than terrified. Leave your logic at the doorstep and enjoy this movie for what it is – a fascinating piece of entertainment.

The Spiderwick Chronicles


When grace family moves to the run-down Spiderwork Estate, unexplained things start to happen out of nowhere. One of them unknowingly unleashes a hidden force, which pulls them into an alternate world of magical creatures that live around the mansion. Everyone must come together to beat those evil creatures.

The world of goblins is believable, immersing you into its fantasy. The pacing is just right for everyone to not get bored or not get shoved with too many details all at once. It takes some time to pick up the pace. Once it gets going, though, it’s a roller-coaster ride.

If you’re looking for a good fantasy movie like Harry Potter series, you should give “The Spiderwick Chronicles” a go.

The Chronicles of Narnia (film series) – A series of movies like Harry Potter


Based on the novels of C.S. Lewis, The Chronicles of Narnia series brings the adventure of a few children in a fantasy world. Out of 7 books, only 3 have been adopted, grossing well over $1.5 billion overall.

Being a huge fan of the series, I was skeptical about the adaptation. Anyone who has perused them can tell that it’s not something one could easily bring to the silver screen. With 3 movies out so far, I’m glad to report that they have done just about everything right to capture the spirits of the books. If you love movies like Harry Potter, you’ll love Narnia series even better.

Worst Witch


Mildred, a young girl at a witch academy, is often made fun of by her classmates. Things always go wrong for her. When she finds out that headmaster’s twin sister, is planning to destroy the whole school, she embarks upon a quest to stop her at any cost.

Not a mind-boggling movie by any means. With a predictable plot, it often seems that you are watching an already told story. If you an overlook it, however, you’re looking at a decent fantasy movie like Harry Potter.

Pan's Labyrinth


The plot revolves around a girl, who believes in fairy tale stories. When she’s sent to live with her stepfather, she meets a fairy on the way. She’s s a princess. To meet her real father, though, she must complete three tasks. Will she ever see her real father?

Overall, Pan’s Labyrinth is one of the best movies like Harry Potter you shouldn’t miss out on. Credit must be given to the al the main and supporting characters. Sergi Lopez, who played “Captain Vidal’, is one of the most sadistic characters I’ve ever come across. Still, I felt for him. I understood why he is the why he is. An amazing performance! Similarly, Ivana Baquero and Marbel Verdu shine in their roles as a 12 year old kid and a rebellious housekeeper.


Based on the novel by Veronica Roth, “Divergent” takes place in a near dystopian future where the whole world is divided by virtues. People live in different factions and contribute to society in whatever way they can. One of the girls discovers that she is a divergent – a rare kind of human being that are considered a threat to the whole society. She must fight for her life and her friends.

Those who’ve read the books will find that the movie captures the heart of the story, while tweaking a few moments to streamline it. The result is a thrilling, satisfying ride that will take you to a different world.

While Woodley might not have the rock-star power of actress like Jennifer Lawrence, she has a sense of subtlety about her that makes you wanna root for her. When she needs to gear up and kicks some ass, she does it without overselling it.

The storyline might feel a bit cheesy and shallow at times, but those moments are far and few between. Don’t let those few moments ruin an otherwise amazing experience. If you’re looking for some good dystopian movies like Harry Potter series, you should go for “Divergent”.

The Hunger Games (Movie Series) – A series of movies like Harry Potter


I’ve read all the books of this series. When they decided that they’re going to make movies based upon the books, I was excited but at the same time, skeptical about it. “The Hunger Games” is not a very easy source material. The books are incredibly detailed, explaining everything from the looks, costumes and futuristic devices they use in the dystopian future. Conveying all these details without a huge budget and some serious talent would not have been possible. Of course, I was proved wrong.

The plot revolves around Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence), who volunteers in place of her sister to take part in annual Hunger games – a brutal live reality show where teenagers tear each other apart to pieces until only one of them survives. Two teenagers from each of the 12 district are chosen and locked away in a huge playfield for fun of audience. Will she come out unscathed?

For a PG-13 rated movie, this movie is gloriously graphic. There is just enough for gorehounds to keep them happy. There is much more than just gore and violence. “The Hunger Game” touches upon the delicate issues such as hunger, poverty, corruption and government control. There is a bit of romance along the way. It feels like a part of the story rather than mere filler. Overall, “The Hunger Games” is a fascinating series of movies like “Harry Potter” you shouldn’t miss out on.

Game Of Thrones – An enthralling fantasy TV show


As in case of Harry Potter series, Game of Thrones is based upon a series of fantasy novels authored by George Martin. One might question why a TV show is listed here? You’ve to experience it first hand. There are dragons, army of undead, witches, rituals and some other fantasy elements mixed with some politics, romance, nudity and drama.

It’s not kid-friendly though. Unless you’re okay with nudity, (HBO. Need I say more?), gore, and violence, you should skip this entry. If you’re over 18, however, you’re more than welcome to board the ship to Westeros, a land torn with war amongst different factions. With political tension and backstabbing on its peaks, there is another threat looking around the corner – an army of undead. A long, dark winter is just around the corner. And with winter, the army of white walkers will come. Will they join hands to conquer something that’s already dead?

Overall, Game of Thrones is filled with a lot of intriguing storylines that will tempt you to binge watch the whole 5 seasons in no time at all. While the last seasn (5th) was not up to the mark by Game of Thrones’ standards, it was still far better than anything else TV has to offer.

The Hobbit (film series) – One of the best movies like Harry Potter series


Based on the 1937 novel written by J.R.R. Tolkien, The Hobbit continues the story told in “The Lord of The Rings” trilogy. It’s much darker ad serious in tone, especially considering the fact that the source material is a children book. This, however, is certainly not a children’s movie. There are a lot of dark, stressful moments that only an adult mind can process.

I don’t understand the negativity surrounding it. How can one like LOTR and not “The Hobbit”, considering that the theme is not much different? Don’t pay attention to the negative review. Go for it. If you loved LOTR, you’ll love what “The Hobbit” series has to offer.

The Golden Compass


A mysterious organization is experimenting on children. When Lyra Belacqua journeys to the parallel universe to save them, things spiral out of control.

It’s not your typical fantasy movie. The efforts they have made to put together a thrilling and breath-taking experience quite clearly show through the production values. The cinematography is breathtaking, casting is amazing, and the special effects are used just at the right places. Eveyone involved with this movie deserves a salute.

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl


The plot follows Jack Sparrow and Will Turner on a quest to find Elizabeth Swann, who has been kidnapped by the notorious Captain Barbossa. Little do they know, they are up against a cursed, undead pirate crew. There is much more at stake than what they initially anticipated.

Pirate themed movies are nothing new. They’ve been done before. With its huge budget, amazing directing and a really talented cast, however, “The Pirates of The Caribbean” has poised himself as a movie you should not pass on. If not for anything else, give it a shot for the performance of Johnny Deep. He’d certainly win you over with his mildly drunken performance.

There are no magic wands, spells or gigantic creatures, but this movie would still win a Harry Potter fan any day.

Honorable mentions – Other movies like Harry Potter series

“The Sorcerer’s Apprentice”, “Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief”, ‘’ Stardust’’, and ‘’ The Matrix’’ are some other movies you should try. Did I miss out on any other goof entries? Let me know in the comments section.


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Interesting list of movies!

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