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10 Movies Like 17 Again

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Have you ever seen the movie 17 Again? It’s an interesting movie that taps into a lot of our desires to want to go back to our teenage/young adult years. It follows the story of Mike O’Donnell, a basketball star who has a rich and impressive future ahead of him in the sport. However, despite having all of that sitting in front of him, O’Donnell gives up his dream of being a basketball player to marry his partner and have a child.

However, two decades on, his marriage has failed, and everything is wrong. His kids are embarrassed of him, he has no career prospects, and his marriage is finished. His world changes, though, when he is given the chance to restart the whole thing and do it all over again. He gets the chance to go back to being a teenager, and basically see if he makes the same mistakes as he did in the past.

As he tries to fix the past, though, he starts to cause problem in the present and the future. The movie is filled with comical japes and ideas, but it’s also filled with some very important messages and lessons. This awesome movie does a fine job of breaking them down and asking some pertinent questions; what would you do if you were able to go back in time? Would you do it all again?

One thing you might want to do, though, is watch more movies like 17 Again. While the list of movies out there which are very similar can be quite small, we’ve put together 10 movies that you should look to watch if you are looking for something with a similar theme, plot, story, or idea.

Similar Movies Like 17 Again

  1. John Tucker Must Die
  2. Picture This
  3. Charlie St. Cloud
  4. Valentine's Day
  5. Freaky Friday
  6. She's the Man
  7. The Last Song
  8. The Clique
  9. 16 Wishes
  10. Camp Rock

If part of the film that you enjoyed most with 17 Again was the sporting side, then you’ll enjoy John Tucker Must Die. It’s a film about a popular sportsman who has been found out to be playing games and dating multiple girls all at once. He’s discovered to be playing the love rat, though, so his three girlfriends all come together to put an end to his devious ways.

To do so, they bring in a new girl to help play as his fourth ‘victim’ – all the while making sure that they break his heart, and make him look like the cheater he is. It’s a film well-worth seeing if you’ve ever dreamt of seeing a cheater get taken down a peg or two!

A fine choice for many people who enjoy an interesting movie of youthful rebellion, Picture This is all about a high school senior who has been grounded trying to get out of the house to go to a party. It’s a story that just about teen can imagine and put themselves in the shoes of; doing all sorts of tricks and playing all kinds of games just to try and buy a few hours out of the home.

The movie, though, is well worth your time because you will get to enjoy a deeply exciting experience. It follows a story that most of us can resonate with, and the kind of ending that you can definitely resonate with.

Another good choice to look into would be that of Charlie St. Cloud. This movie follows the story of Charlie St. Cloud, a sailor of quality who is on his way to college. However, when his beloved little brother, Sam, dies in an accident, it makes Charlie lose all of his hope for a more ambitious future. He soon stops dreaming, but he spends an hour before sunset every day playing catch with his now-dead brother.

It’s a real tear-jerker and one that gives you that immediate feeling of wanting to go back to an easier time in life. In this case, when someone that we care about was alive. A great film with a journey you’ll remember for years to come.

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A good place to finish up your search for movies like 17 Again would be to go and watch Valentine’s Day. It follows a series of stories which all wind up quite loosely connected. It leads to all manner of madness taking place, with their various highs and lows all coming to life for the audience to enjoy.

It’s a fun and exciting story of various Los Angeles people and couples all going through a tough and challenging day. Valentine’s Day is often a lot more stressful than people might think. That’s why you should watch it: it will give you that dosage of youthful joy and entertainment that you were looking for when you watched 17 Again!

If you like the part of 17 Again that sees people switching bodies, then going for Freaky Friday might make a lot of sense. It follows mother and daughter Tess and Anna who have so little in common, you would presume they had nothing to do with one another. Neither can enjoy spending time with one another, and this can make it hard for them to form a relationship.

However, when they wake-up the next day and notice they have somehow switched bodies, things change very quickly. The mother/daughter combo leads to all sort of japes that, in the end, teaches both of them valuable lessons about the other.

She's the Man is a sporting feel-good story that is all about Viola Johnson and her bid to try and pretend to be her twin brother. He’s managed to get a place at a boarding school, but she decides to go in his stead. Things he complicated, though, when she falls for her ‘friend’ Duke, who has fallen for her friend Olivia, who has fallen for Viola1

It’s a love triangle of the most confusing kind, leading to all manner of chaos and comedy that makes this film very much one to be enjoyed.

A good choice for a lot of reasons, too, is that of The Last Song. Based on the book of the same time, this sees a teenager with a challenging lifestyle connect with her estranged father. During the summer she spends with her dad, she also meets a man and falls in love, creating a story that’s all about a journey from being with a parent to finding your own future.

It’s a story that many will enjoy, with plenty of exciting moments that allows the whole movie to shine on its own terms. The fact it’s got a few famous faces doted in and around the cast will make sure you can enjoy it even more!

Another good choice for a lot of people will be that of The Clique. While The Clique has had a bit of a bad reputation for various reasons, if you enjoyed 17 Again you can probably enjoy the same factional politics and storylines that dominate the entire plotline here. A fun enough and enjoyable story, it’s one that follows a group of four popular girls known as The Pretty Committee.

However, when the main character, Massie, finds that her life has been transformed due to a family decision, she begins to have to face change that she never would have come across normally. An interesting story with a few important lessons for the cast throughout, movie buffs should enjoy an educational message that shows us that sometimes the biggest life changes can lead to the most pronounced, positive changes.

If you are a fan of 17 Again, you might also enjoy 16 Wishes. It’s a film that revolves around Abby Jensen; a girl who is planning her Sweet Sixteen birthday party. Having been planning it since she was little, she has a list of wishes that she wants to come true on the big day. However, when she adds her final wish to the list – a photo of her crush Logan – she hopes that it will be fulfilled.

Her house is overrun by a massive wasps nest that had been building for 16 years, forcing all manner of odd occurrences to take place across the rest of the movie. It’s one of those movies with a lot of cool hidden messages throughout, and not shortage of interesting twists and turns that should give you ample food for thought.

The last movie that we have to recommend to you that has some kind of thematic similarity to 17 Again is that of Camp Rock. It’s got all manner of interesting events taking place, with this Disney Channel Original Movie becoming hugely popular with a lot of users.

The only way that the main character can get to the summer rock camp she wishes to go to is to work as part of the kitchen staff. However, when she’s overheard singing in the kitchen, it sets in place a chance for her to grasp and grab her dream with both hands: a great feel-good hit that manages to build on the theme of second chances and grasping opportunities that comes out in 17 Again.

What will you watch next?

What will you watch next?

What movies like 17 again will you watch next from the list? If you have any other suggestions, we would love to hear them in the comments below. We will give them a watch and see if they are worth adding to the list above.

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