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Movie Trailer Review and Predictions: Don't Look Up (2021)

Camillia has BA in University Studies with a minor in English. Has enjoyed writing reviews since her sci fi/fantasy class in high school.


Overall review

The first look trailer of Don't Look Up(2021) made me laugh. This is a good sign because the movie is supposed to be funny. Leonardo DiCaprio's breathing in this trailer gave me anxiety and it was mentioned in the trailer how overly dramatic Leonardo's character is being even though the world is ending. The intense music is somehwat off putting even though there are jokes being made left and right. The music and the jokes seem to contradict each other. One being intense while the other one making the end of the world as the pit of the joke. We see Jennifer Lawrence sporting a new red head look in the trailer. The comedian Jonah Hill, the singer Ariana Grande and the award winning actress Meryl Streepe are all starring in this film. It will be interesting how this movie is going to play out as it is a Netflix film with an all star cast.


My prediction is that we are either going to love it or we are going to hate it there is no in-between . The movie may be funny like the trailer or the only jokes in the movie were in the trailer. It would be a shame if the movie did not provide the comedy it is conveying in the sneak peek. Even though there are some great actors in this film, I am still unsure about Netflix producing the movie. This leads me to believe that there is a huge chance the film may be bad. This prediction is only because Netflix has come out with some really bad original movies. It may be a total shame that these actors work on a horrible film because most of them are pretty talented especially Leonardo. Netflix may make a good movie for once but this is literally a shot in the dark. They are already making tons of money and don't need to make good movies to get subscribers.

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