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Movie Review of Walking With Dinosaurs the Movie

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Walking With Dinosaurs Movie Review

Walking With Dinosaurs on DVD

Walking With Dinosaurs on DVD

Walking With Dinosaurs the movie


Walking With Dinosaurs animated movie – Movie Review

Walking With Dinosaurs the movie begins with a man that is an archaeologist, driving a vehicle with his son and daughter as passengers. He is excited to go on the excursion to look for some artifacts and he is looking forward to showing his children his findings and having them assist him. His teenage son acts typically uninterested, unfortunately.

  • It is not long before the plot of the movie Walking With Dinosaurs enters fantasy territory.
  • A while after the car has been parked and the man and his two kids have gotten out of the vehicle, the young boy ends up being approached by a historical type of bird that was around at the time of the dinosaurs and had a ‘bird’s eye’ view of everything.
  • In Walking with Dinosaurs, this talking bird that approaches the boy is intent on narrating the story of what a fascinating time it was when the dinosaurs lived and roamed the earth.
  • The bird makes it his project to narrate the stories of peril and adventure that the dinosaurs experienced. He is confident that he will help to mitigate this young boy’s cynicism.

Walking With Dinosaurs the movie DVD cover

Walking With Dinosaurs the movie DVD cover

Walking With Dinosaurs the movie DVD cover


A dinosaur adventure

While his father and sister are presumed to be digging and searching for dinosaur artifacts such as dinosaur teeth and skeletons, the teenage boy is taken on an adventurous journey to the past by this talking bird that he encounters.

(While the movie later uses animation, real human actors play the roles of the boy, his sister and father.)

The bird tells the boy the story of Patchi the dinosaur….

Walking With Dinosaurs the movie takes the audience on a ‘blast from the past’ when the dinosaurs roamed.


Two male dinosaurs fight over a female dinosaur

In the movie, Walking With Dinosaurs, Patchi the dinosaur is born as the “runt” of the litter and he is small. He is often shoved around by his older brothers.

While participating in a migration with his herd, both of his parents are killed. During a forest fire, they are ambushed by larger dinosaurs. (Patchi's now deceased father had been the leader of the herd. He and his brother had hid and cowered as they witnessed their own father's demise.)

  • Patchi’s older brother then becomes the leader of the herd, to lead them on the migration.
  • Patchi and his older brother end up fighting over a female dinosaur, Patchi’s love interest. She likes Patchi’s individuality and uniqueness including the hole in his head, one of his ‘battle scars’.
  • Patchi had been so smitten when he first saw her and her formidable mother called her away.
  • He had spent a lot of time looking for her after that only to reunite with her and then have his own brother fight him over her.

Patchi's brother

Considering that it is by his own brother, Patchi gets beaten up and humiliated pretty badly. How betraying and devious of his brother!

Later, Patchi’s older brother’s own life is endangered by more enemy dinosaurs on the attack. Patchi tries to save him and his older brother says that it is okay, don’t bother because he is basically a goner anyway.

Patchi refuses to give up and leave his brother in that situation, basically with an enemy dinosaur’s teeth clamped on his neck.

Patchi ends up leading the herd of dinosaurs to chase the enemy dinosaurs (that they outnumber by a great deal) away.

Patchi becomes the new leader of the herd

Patchi’s older brother’s life is spared and Patchi, through his act of heroism earns his rank as the new leader of the herd. His girlfriend dinosaur becomes his mate and they have baby dinosaurs of their own!

Walk With Dinosaurs is a cute and straight forward children’s movie. There are no complicated plot twists here.

  • It is basically a movie that teaches lessons such as you need to be careful in life and walk with integrity.
  • In life, even your own family members can potentially betray you but you should take ‘the high road’.
  • When it comes to family especially, be there to reach out and help those in need even if they, themselves have hurt you in the past.

Walk With Dinosaurs is an adventurous children’s movie that will capture the attention of the children watching it. The soundtrack to the movie Walk With Dinosaurs includes are really catchy tune very suitable for a dinosaur anthem, as things were at times vicious out there for the dinosaurs. The song discusses how yesterday is gone and needs to be put “in the fire” and encourages the listener to live for today and “Live like a warrior.”

The song, "Live like a Warrior" by Matisyahu has a good sound and a reggae beat. You can listen to the song, "Live like a Warrior" in the video below.

Surely, it is an encouraging song for lots of people that are going through various things in life. "Live like a Warrior" is a great song for the Walking With Dinosaurs movie soundtrack.

"Live like a Warrior" song by Matisyahu, music on the soundtrack of Walking With Dinosaurs the movie

Walking With Dinosaurs the movie

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