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Movie Reviews for The Smurfs the Movie (2011) and The Smurfs 2 the Movie (2013)

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The Smurfs and The Smurfs 2

The movies, The Smurfs and The Smurfs 2

The movies, The Smurfs and The Smurfs 2

Movie Reviews for The Smurfs the Movie (2011) and The Smurfs 2 the Movie (2013)

The Smurfs

In the movie The Smurfs (2011 Movie), a man named Patrick Winslow is employed by a women’s cosmetic and fragrance company to run ad campaigns. In The Smurfs the movie, the character of Patrick Winslow is played by actor Neil Patrick Harris. The character’s work supervisor is played by actress Sofia Vergara.

In The Smurfs the movie, Patrick Winslow is a little on edge at many times when it comes to his work. Patrick snaps at his pregnant wife, Grace Winslow (played by actress Jayma Mays) a few times and it just seems so rude. Patrick eventually manages to successfully launch a “once in a blue moon” type of ad campaign that his supervisor and the people that she is trying to impress really appreciate but before all that happens, he meets The Smurfs.

  1. The Smurfs are magical little blue creatures that come through a circular portal of sorts from their world into the human world.
  2. When it comes to possibly being caught by their terrible villain Gargamel or going ahead through the portal, the smurfs opt to go through the portal.
  3. Papa Smurf, the parent and leader of the smurfs basically makes this decision for himself and some of the other Smurfs including his daughter, Smurfette, the only female Smurf among them. (Gargamel does follow the smurfs in pursuit, though.)

When in the human world, the Smurfs enter the home of Patrick and his wife, Grace. Patrick and Grace both freak out completely and try to swat the little blue creatures like they are flies.

  • Grace calms down before Patrick does and is ready to welcome the magical creatures, the smurfs.
  • Patrick says, “Don’t be fooled by their cuteness.”


Don't be fooled by their cuteness.

— Patrick to Grace, regarding the Smurfs

THE SMURFS THE MOVIE : Is this for real?

In THE SMURFS the movie, eventually when Patrick accepts the ‘reality’ of these other worldly creatures hopping in for a visit, he begins to research them on the internet and ask them questions (Yes, they can speak English.)

Patrick notices the interesting names when the Smurfs introduce themselves. Those of us who remember The Smurfs cartoon from our childhoods can remember the names of the Smurfs such as Clumsy, Vanity and Grouchy. The same names apply in the movie.

Patrick asks the Smurfs: are they named at birth or are they named after they develop certain personality traits. For this either/or question, the Smurfs just say "yeah, uh huh", which is puzzling and not a true answer but Patrick just lets it go.

THE SMURFS THE MOVIE : No time to play around

In THE SMURFS the movie, Patrick does not have too much time to play around with the Smurfs because he has a very strong work ethic and a whole lot of work to do.

  • As the Smurfs stay a while and make themselves more comfortable, they think that they are beginning to make some contributions when in Patrick’s mind, they are just messing everything up.
  • They change Patrick's office space into more of a nursery space for his and his wife’s expected baby and they interfere with some of his work.
  • He gets really annoyed and says that he never wanted “little people” to be running around in here. When he sees his wife’s disappointed face as she picks up on the inference that he might be making about the coming baby, he corrects what he says to say “little blue people” to refer to the Smurfs.

Patrick's wife, Grace is quietly chiding in The Smurfs the movie

In The Smurfs the movie, Patrick’s wife, Grace is not nagging but his quietly chiding voice of reason as she gives him a card containing the baby’s first photo (a sonogram photo).

In a scene on a busy street, in The Smurfs the movie, Patrick takes a moment to look at the photo and quiet the noise and doubt within himself as well as look up at a family nearby, a young couple playing with their own little son.

  • In The Smurfs the movie, Grace also tells Patrick that they are having a once in a lifetime opportunity as they interact with the magical blue creatures, the Smurfs. “They chose us”, she says.
  • Out of all of the people that they could have appeared to, the Smurfs chose them.
  • Once again, parallel underlying and symbolic references are made to their coming baby.
  • Grace wants Patrick to quell his anxieties and treasure the special moments in life because if he does not, then he “just might miss them”…..
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Patrick, Grace and growing family become the human allies that The Smurfs can count on for help with eluding their enemy. By the end of this movie, The Smurfs return to their own world but clearly, they will be back if they need to be!

The Smurfs is a fantastical fantasy film with the combination of live action and animation.

The Smurfs 2 DVD


Smurfs 2 the movie

Smurfs 2 the movie

In the movie, The Smurfs 2 (2013 Movie), a few years have passed in the plot and Patrick and his wife, Grace have gathered with friends and family at their home for their son’s birthday party.

  • Everyone is a little on edge as one of the children at the birthday party has food allergies.
  • The scene is making reference to how common these food allergies are among children, nowadays and how vigilant the parents need to be about offering or not offering certain foods at birthday parties and other social gatherings.
  • Of course the scene in the movie attempts to be comical about the situation but it is really no laughing matter.

Patrick's stepfather in SMURFS 2 the movie

At the party, someone stops by that Patrick is not at all happy to see. Now Smurfs 2 the movie is addressing other issues that can run deep.

  • In Smurfs 2 the movie, in the fabric of Patrick’s background and upbringing is the story of how his (biological) father “took off” when he was five years old.
  • His Mom remarried and present day, the man that shows up at his own son’s birthday party is his stepfather.
  • It is not fully understood why he dislikes and disrespects his stepfather so much.
  • It is just the typical immature “You are not my real father” attitude.

As a grown man, the character of Patrick is definitely being immature about still resenting his stepfather stepping in after his biological father left.

After much discord between the two opposing characters, the stepfather finally puts his foot down after being insulted and disrespected quite a bit. He lets Patrick know that he loved Patrick’s mother (now deceased) very much and he did his best with stepping in and providing for Patrick and helping to raise him.

Smurfs 2 the movie - Looking to cut the tension

Patrick is given many moments throughout the film, Smurfs 2, to stop and reflect about the generosity that his stepfather showed him over the years.

In Smurfs 2 the movie, Patrick’s stepfather also has a very good grandfather relationship with Patrick’s son whose birthday party he has shown up for.

So, Patrick’s stepfather really wishes that all the friction and tension between him and Patrick would end.

SMURFS 2 THE MOVIE : Don't freak out

In SMURFS 2 the movie, after all of the other guests leave the party, The Smurfs show up again! Patrick and his wife, Grace know The Smurfs now and welcome them but Patrick’s stepfather and Patrick’s son do not know the Smurfs yet. Patrick’s stepfather freaks out, similar to how Patrick and Grace did when they first met the Smurfs in The Smurfs Movie.

The Smurfs 2 the movie : Travel to Paris

In The Smurfs 2 the movie, by the time everything calms down, Patrick and Grace receive information that they must travel to Paris to help the Smurfs.

Patrick’s stepfather feels like it is his duty to tag along and help out in any way that he can and Patrick is once again pushing him away but he does not take no for an answer and seems to see that Patrick can definitely use his help.

In The Smurfs 2 the movie, Patrick’s stepfather must endure a series of harrowing experiences during his commitment to help out!

THE SMURFS 2 the movie - Who do you choose to be?

  1. During this installment of The Smurfs movie series, The Smurfs 2 the movie, it is around the time of Smurfette’s birthday also and every year around her birthday, she seems to have some nightmares with references about where she might have come from.
  2. She is told that she was actually the villain Gargamel’s creation.
  3. He made her to cunningly and under disguise infiltrate The Smurfs’s territory to assist with capturing their “essence” which he can use to perform magic and support his diabolical plans. (Does a movie villain wanting world domination sound familiar?).
  4. Smurfette is seriously emotionally disturbed to learn about her origins but Papa Smurf reassures her that sometimes, it’s not about who you are and where you came from but more about who you choose to be.

In The Smurfs 2 the movie, Papa Smurf sees Smurfette as his daughter and reassures her that she is good.

In The Smurfs 2 the movie, Papa Smurf sees Smurfette as his daughter and he is confident that she is good. Nevertheless, the villainous Gargamel sends two other little creatures that look just like grayish colored Smurfs (as opposed to blue Smurfs) to kidnap Smurfette from Smurf Village on her birthday. These little gray creatures that resemble Smurfs are called “The Naughties”.

The Smurfs 2 the movie - A scary time for Smurfette

In The Smurfs 2 the movie, there is a scary time for Smurfette but many of the Smurfs take a while to realize the peril that she might be in.

At first, they think that Smurfette took off on her own because it is her birthday and she thought that the other Smurfs forgot about it. Some of them say that they were really secretly planning a big surprise birthday party for Smurfette but she was sad, thinking that they all forgot about her birthday.

Eventually, it is realized that Smurfette leaving the village on her own was far from what really occurred. When they realize that Smurfette was kidnapped / captured, then the Smurfs work hard to develop a plan to rescue her.

Gargamel in The Smurfs 2 the movie

In The Smurfs 2 the movie, Smurfette and the two little gray creatures that look like her go to Paris where the villain Gargamel has been performing magic tricks on a theater stage. He sees his magic show as practice for the bigger picture, the plan in his head and he is desperate for collecting more and more Smurf essence and harvesting magical powers from the essence.

Gargamel tries to butter up Smurfette, reminds her that she is his creation, that they are “family” and he even wishes her happy birthday and gets her a birthday cake, but he loses patience quickly. He shows his true colors, brings forth his evil side and says more or less, “I gave you a birthday cake with no poison in it, now you give me what I want – the formula (for extracting more Smurf essence.)”

First, "the formula"

Meanwhile, Smurfette has also bonded to the two little gray creatures that captured her.

  1. She has had time to play with them and hug them (when they had never been hugged before!) instead of being repeled by them.
  2. She really is coming to see them as her sister and brother in a way.
  3. Gargamel’s cruelty is now causing the two little gray creatures to starve and Smurfette has to despairingly plead with Gargamel to feed them.

Gargamel reminds Smurfette that first, he wants the formula.

The Ending of The Smurfs 2 the movie : All is well

With a couple of parallel story lines occurring in the movie, The Smurfs 2, eventually Papa Smurf, other Smurfs, Patrick, his wife, and his stepfather all come together to rescue Smurfette plus the two little gray creatures from Gargamel. There are some intense moments of trying to evade captivity and/ or harm, themselves as they orchestrate the rescue.

  • By the end of The Smurfs 2 the movie, Gargamel is banished (for now), the Smurfs including Smurfette and the two little gray creatures go to The Smurf world after tender goodbyes to the humans including their little boy.
  • Patrick has learned some lessons and he is getting along much better with his stepfather.

The two little gray creatures are ready to live among the Smurfs in harmony as a family and they sing and dance together. Catchy songs are sung as the ending credits of the movie The Smurfs 2 begin to roll.

The animated characters of The Smurfs are voiced by various voice actors, some of them very famous and well known. For example, Smurfette is voiced by singer Katy Perry and Papa Smurf was voiced by Jonathan Winters who has since passed away after the movie was made. He passed away in April 2013 and movie, The Smurfs 2 was released in July 2013. There is a memoriam dedication to him.

While The Smurf characters in the movie are animated, their notorious villain Gargamel is played by a human actor under lots of stage makeup, some prosthetic facial features and prosthetic buck teeth. I must say that the guy that plays Gargamel does a really excellent job. Even with his evil and villainous ways, he is also funny, making jokes, performing awkward stunts and adds many comical moments to the film, making it less sinister and a little more appropriate for the children watching the film. They don’t need any nightmares. So, who is this actor that plays Gargamel? It is Hank Azaria.

Will Your Kids Like The Movies?

I think that your kids will love both movies, The Smurfs and The Smurfs 2. They might find the adorable little Smurfs to be endearing and addicting to watch with all of their comical antics! They might want to watch the DVD movies multiple times. These movie DVDs would be good movies for your children’s movies collection at home.

I watched these movies with my kids one time and have written my reviews but the kids themselves like to re-watch these movies every now and then and I pull the DVDs down from the shelf for them. These movies, The Smurfs and The Smurfs 2 definitely bring them joy and I love that.

Both movies, The Smurfs and The Smurfs 2 are rated PG.

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