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Movie Review of Trolls the Movie (2016 Movie)

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Movie Review of Trolls the movie


Movie reviews are among my favorite type of articles to write here on HubPages. This article or hub contains a movie review of Trolls the movie (2016 movie). Trolls the movie is a cute and funny movie for kids. Trolls the movie teaches some lessons about community. Trolls the movie also teaches about friendship, loyalty, resilience, perseverance and teamwork. In Trolls the movie, animated trolls have been fashioned after the popular troll dolls that many people remember playing with as kids. Did you play with troll dolls as a kid? In this kids' movie, TROLLS, the trolls are the protagonists and heroes (well, most of the trolls are).


Depicted as the villains for most of the Trolls movie's duration are a community of creatures called the Bergens that has ingrained in their beliefs that happiness can be achieved if they eat trolls.

So, the Bergens implement the annual Trollstice where they ambush the large tree in which trolls reside, solely for the purpose of capturing the trolls and eating them.


A baby, son of the Bergen king is eager to taste his first troll and experience happiness.

After a troll is offered to him, it is found that this troll is wooden and fake.


The real trolls in Trolls the movie have devised a plan to escape the fate of another generation of trolls being eaten at the annual Trollstice.

The real trolls have abandoned the tree where they were expected to be located and are tunneling underground.


In Trolls the movie, the kingdom of trolls have their own king that leads them away from danger.

Through the perilous escape, the troll king chants the mantra, "No troll left behind" until the trolls all reach safety.

No troll left behind!

— The troll king in Trolls the movie

Princess Poppy of the trolls in Trolls the movie


In Trolls the movie, the Troll King's daughter is Princess Poppy. In Trolls the movie, twenty years after that Trollstice escape, Princess Poppy of the Trolls is crowned Queen of the Trolls by her aging father.

In between, Princess Poppy of the Trolls must demonstrate great bravery and leadership that show her to be worthy of the Queen of the Trolls crown.

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Celebrating when the trolls evaded capture


In Trolls the movie, the trolls are diminutive, colorful and joyful. The trolls are very happy indeed.

Princess Poppy of the Trolls has a penchant for scrapbooking and creating lovely invitations for troll community events.

Princess Poppy plans a big troll party to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the trolls evading capture.

The troll party gets big and loud. The music and firecrackers alert their enemies to the presence of trolls.

After all these years, the trolls risk being chased and eaten again!

Branch the troll warned Princess Poppy


In Trolls the movie, the moodiest among the trolls is a character named Branch who is gray among the others who are colorful.

Branch the troll is overly cautious and already has a fully stocked bunker with provisions to last him ten years in hiding from the enemy.

Branch had warned Princess Poppy about the dangers of throwing an overly loud troll party.

Trolls get captured

At this point, in Trolls the movie, many of the small trolls get captured and placed in a fanny pack. The trolls are small enough to go into one of those.

Troll friends need rescue

In the movie, Princess Poppy of the trolls solicits Branch the troll's help to go and rescue their captured troll friends. Initially, Branch refuses.

Princess Poppy also leads everyone that was not captured into Branch's bunker where they immediately begin to eat and drink the provisions he has stored.

Branch exclaims that this food would have lasted ten years for just him. It will only last a couple of weeks for everybody.

It will only last a couple of weeks for EVERYBODY!

— Branch to Princess Poppy regarding the food in the bunker.

Happy trolls

In Trolls the movie, much of the trolls' happiness seems to stem from listening to music, singing and dancing and hugging set to a timer: "It's hug time!"

It's hug time!

Princess Poppy embarks on the journey

Princess Poppy embarks on the journey to rescue her troll friends alone. As she travels, she sings to keep her spirits up.

She almost dies on the treacherous journey and is found by the troll, Branch just in time. Branch had decided to follow and help her after all.

The trolls will help Bridget if she helps them

When the trolls, Princess Poppy and Branch land in enemy (Bergen) territory to rescue the other trolls that have been captured, they encounter Bridget who is an assistant to the enemy (Bergen) king's chef.

That little baby that was once eager to eat a troll is now the enemy king, himself.

The trolls learn that Bridget has a crush on the enemy king and they try to help her have a makeover and a roller skating rink date with him.

They propose that they will help her if she helps them.

We will help you if you help us

— Princess Poppy to Bridget in TROLLS the movie

Troll betrayal

Things don't exactly go off without a hitch for Princess Poppy and Branch trying to rescue the other trolls.

The trolls even have to experience some betrayal from a troll within their community.

The trolls struggle to survive

As the trolls struggle to survive with their integrity intact, Princess Poppy comes to the realization that those Bergens that have been depicted as the trolls' enemies are also deserving of happiness.

How can she help them to see that happiness is a feeling that will come from within not from them eating trolls?

Can she and the other trolls win them over with more song and dance?

We're all deserving of happiness.

Happiness comes from within.

Trolls the movie is a very cute and musical movie.

Trolls the movie

As a kid, did you play with troll dolls?

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