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Movie Review of the Road to El Dorado the Movie

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The Road to El Dorado movie review

The Road to El Dorado Movie Review

The Road to El Dorado Movie Setting: 1000 years ago

The Road to El Dorado Movie Featuring music by Elton John

In THE ROAD TO EL DORADO the movie, Tulio and Miguel are two con-men, partners in crime that have learned about a city of gold named El Dorado. In the movie, they plan to go and steal gold from this city, El Dorado and even steal the treasure map, itself, from some ‘goons’ who give them a high speed chase!

The bull's pen

In the movie, before long, it’s the running of the bull as Tulio (with black hair) and Miguel (a character with blonde hair) fall right into a bull’s pen. The bull becomes agitated and chases Tulio and Miguel, breaking right out of its enclosure.

In hot pursuit

In The Road to El Dorado the movie, while Tulio and Miguel are running away from the bull, the ‘goons’ that they robbed of the treasure map come chasing after them in hot pursuit from the opposite direction.

Next in the movie, Tulio and Miguel escape and the bull meets up with the goons/hoodlums and attacks them.

Eventually, Tulio and Miguel literally make a jump for it into some barrels that are then loaded on to a ship (Cortez’s ship).


On the ship, Tulio and Miguel are captured and ‘interrogated.’

They break free from being imprisoned in a lower hold of the cargo ship. They break free with the help of Cortez’ horse that they offer an apple to.

Miguel tries to instruct the horse to find keys or a crowbar to break Tulio and Miguel out of their holding area. Tulio lies to act like in this “partnership” with Miguel, he is the smart one and the leader while he thinks that Miguel can be stupid at times.

Talking to a horse

In this instance, Tulio accuses Miguel of being stupid to try to talk to a horse.

Nevertheless, the horse listens and promptly follows the instructions. This white horse breaks Tulio and Miguel free from the enclosure and they escape Cortez’s ship on a lifeboat lowered down into the sea.

The white horse becomes agitated because Miguel forgot to give it the reward, the apple.

The deal

As Miguel remembers this and realizes that he did make a “deal” with the white horse, Miguel tries to throw the apple up to the white horse that is still on the ship as Tulio and Miguel are lowering themselves down to the sea in the life boat.

The white horse jumps to try to go after the apple and falls into the sea! (in a scene reminiscent of the animals such as a zebra falling into the sea in Life of Pi the movie for which I have written another movie review here on HubPages.)

Lifesaving efforts

Miguel feels compassion and an obligation to make lifesaving efforts for the white horse, a trained war horse.

Tulio and Miguel collaborate to help save the white horse in this intense action scene of the children’s animated movie, The Road to El Dorado.

Ultimately, Tulio and Miguel and the white horse all survive on what is left of the lifeboat/ a row boat, what is salvageable after there have been some broken pieces.

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Exhausted, dehydrated and overheated, they all drift in the sea on the boat through waters that are at times calm and at times rough and turbulent until they rejoice upon reaching land.

This land coincidentally happened to be very close to El Dorado, the city that Tulio and Miguel are searching for. They go ahead and utilize the horse to ride horseback and navigate the land.

They find that they are well on their way as they ponder the inscriptions on the large stone.

Not long after, they collide with a woman who is native of the land. She has stolen some gold herself and she is apprehended by those that want to return it to its rightful place in El Dorado.

The Road to El Dorado

In The Road to El Dorado the movie, things get “interesting” as Tulio and Miguel are mistaken for gods by these people (not including that thieving native woman who can see that they are not gods but rather con artists much like she is.)

In the movie, one of the authorities of the land is very trusting of Tulio and Miguel from the start.

In the movie, another one of the authorities that the people of El Dorado look up to for direction is very doubting and suspicious of Tulio and Miguel.

This man wants to harness magical powers for his own evil intentions and in his expertise, he feels that Tulio and Miguel cannot possibly be gods.

He goes along with the idea of offering Tulio and Miguel hospitality, lodging, delicious feasts and gold for a while but he constantly has an eye on them.

After some days of Tulio and Miguel lodging in El Dorado, they participate in a community game of basketball. While they are participating in the game, the doubting authority figure man notices that Miguel sustains a minor injury and bleeds. In this authority figure’s mind, “gods do not bleed” and his suspicion that Tulio and Miguel are not truly gods is confirmed.

The ROAD TO EL DORADO the movie:

The ROAD TO EL DORADO the movie:

Look for lots of chaos, adventure, brilliant and very golden scenery in this movie, The Road to El Dorado. In the movie, Tulio and Miguel’s friendship and cooperation as ‘business’ partners is tested through their adversity.

In the movie, there is romance between Tulio and that native thieving woman. Miguel becomes attached to the people and scenic beauty of El Dorado.

Miguel loves El Dorado so much that he wants to stay.

Tulio wants to leave El Dorado along with his new love interest (the native thieving woman) who wants to leave the land and set off on new adventure.

Will Tulio and Miguel part ways?

Are they all in this or (out of this) together?

Rent this movie, THE ROAD TO EL DORADO today to find out.

This movie makes these mischievous misfits and trickster criminal thieves endearing in their own way. You will be rooting for them. They are the protagonists after all (somehow).

That doubting authority figure for the people of El Dorado turns out to be the vicious villain (as you will see). Before the movie’s end, the villainous Cortez makes a reappearance as well with his ship.

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