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Movie Review of Sing 2 the movie

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Movie Review of Sing 2 the movie


Sing 2 Movie Review

SING 2 the movie begins with the Koala Bear named Buster Moon and the most of the gang of main character performers from the first movie enthusiastically performing a rendition of Alice in Wonderland in a musical on stage.

Meena, the endearing elephant from the first movie, Sing opens the first scene of Sing 2 the movie with her singing.

In Sing 2 the movie, Sookie is not impressed


In Sing 2 the movie, Sookie, a dog that is there in the audience to review the show is not impressed and does not want to recommend the show cast for a bigger performance opportunity with her boss.

Sookie even leaves early, before the show is over.

Buster Moon spots Sookie exiting the building and tries to convince her to stay. He knows that she is basically a talent scout that can help the performers that he manages to get a show on a much more grand scale.

Sookie tells Buster Moon that the show that he puts on is cute but not good enough for what she is looking for.

Sookie the dog gets seriously perturbed when Buster Moon the koala bear goes as far as to catch up with her taxi on his bike and interrupts her cell phone call to try to talk to her through the window of the taxi!

Buster Moon also irritates other drivers on the road with what he does.

Buster Moon is dejected


The taxi speeds off and loses Buster Moon on his bike.

Buster Moon eventually accidentally crashes his bike into water and returns to the theater on foot soaking wet and dejected.

In a hilarious scene, he uses a restroom hand dryer to dry himself off and his koala bear fur gets all big and fluffy from this.

After getting dry, he continues to have the sad and dejected look on his face with all his fluffed up fur.

Buster Moon is deceptive


After a period of being discouraged, Buster Moon gets to work on his many creative ideas.

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Unfortunately, like with the first movie Sing, in the second movie Sing 2, Buster Moon the koala bear has a tendency to lie and use deception to try to achieve a goal.

The team travels in Sing 2 the movie


In Sing 2 the movie, Buster Moon the koala bear convinces the team of performers to line up to travel by bus (with other passengers, like on a Greyhound bus) to pursue that same bigger audition opportunity. Rosita the pig, the gorilla, Meena the elephant, and Ash the porcupine are all among those that are game and ready to go although there is a bit of trepidation among some at first.

Ash the porcupine had not been performing in the Alice in Wonderland musical but had a job singing and playing guitar at a club where she was underpaid. She felt ready to walk away and empowered to join her friends in traveling to pursue the new opportunity.


Once they arrive in the city, under Buster Moon's direction, they lie and decieve to sneak their way into the audition without an appointment by disguising themselves as a cleaning crew.

Beautiful scenes


They stay at the Crystal Hotel in the city, a hotel guilded in gold and crystals.

Sing 2 the movie has beautiful imagery in the animation.

The movie has very vibrant and colorful scenes.

Clay Calloway

After they snuck their way into an audition and got chosen to perform, Buster Moon, his assistant / secretary and the team of performers were under pressure to get a reclusive famous lion, Clay Calloway added to perform in their act. Clay Calloway was widowed 15 years ago and was forever changed by the death of his wife, Ruby.

Ash the porcupine

Ash the porcupine is ultimately the character that is most successful at reassuring Clay Calloway, encouraging him and convincing him to start performing as a musician again after 15 years.

Ash even sings Clay Calloway's own song (really a song by U2) to him in a seranade of sorts, with lyrics that speak to his heart.:

"You've got to get youself together. You got stuck in a moment and you can't get out of it."

Out of this World


By the end of Sing 2 the movie, the team of performers do get their opportunity to have a beautiful performance, in a show titled "Out of this World" that is on a whole other level higher from what they did in the Alice in Wonderland performance at the beginning of Sing 2 the movie.

Sing 2 the movie

Sing 2 Movie Soundtrack

Most of the soundtrack from Sing 2 the movie contains such lovely music, including songs from the remarkable band U2 such as "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For", "Stuck in a Moment" and "Where the Streets Have No Name".

A new generation gets to enjoy this wonderful and timeless music that was created years ago.

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