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Movie Review of Marmaduke the Movie (2010 Movie)

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Marmaduke Movie Review

Marmaduke the movie

Marmaduke the movie

Marmaduke the movie - a review


Marmaduke the movie is a really funny, kid friendly movie. Marmaduke the movie is Rated PG. This article contains a detailed movie review of Marmaduke the movie. Marmaduke is a 2010 movie. If your child is asking you to watch a movie with him or her and you are trying to make the time to sit through a kids' movie, share the funny moment together and talk about the plot of the movie with your child, then Marmaduke the movie is a very good movie to select. In addition to children, adults can definitely enjoy this movie, Marmaduke.

In the beginning of Marmaduke the movie, the movie setting is Kansas, USA. In the movie, Marmaduke, Phil & Debbie are a married couple living in Kansas. In Marmaduke the movie, Phil & Debbie have three kids, Barbara, the oldest daughter- a teenager, Brian the middle child and Sarah, the youngest. Marmaduke, a great dane dog and Carlos, a cat are the family's pets in the movie.

  • Marmaduke the movie is one of those movies where movie special effects are used to make the animals "talk". That adds to the hilarity of Marmaduke the movie.
  • In Marmaduke the movie, the movie actor Owen Wilson provides the voice for Marmaduke the dog and the movie actor George Lopez provides the voice for Carlos the cat, for example.

In the movie, As Marmaduke himself narrates the story, he claims to have a soft spot for the little girl Sarah, the youngest of the family and there is an adorable movie scene of the little toddler walking the big great dane on a leash outside of the family's house in Kansas.

MARMADUKE the movie

Dog and cat "brothers", Marmaduke and Carlos in Marmaduke the movie

Marmaduke and Carlos are played by actors Owen Wilson and George Lopez.

Marmaduke and Carlos are played by actors Owen Wilson and George Lopez.

Dog or cat?


  1. In the movie, Marmaduke, the cat Carlos “talks” to the dog Marmaduke and breaks the news that their owner Phil wants to move the family from Kansas to “the OC”, Orange County, California where he is accepting a position in marketing for a pet company.
  2. In Marmaduke the movie, Marmaduke has an adorable way of speaking where he will say things like, “Shut up, are you serious?”
  3. Voiced by movie actor George Lopez, Carlos has a Spanish accent and tells Marmaduke lots of comical things. He would remind Marmaduke that dogs and cats do not usually get along and he only gets along with Marmaduke mainly because he is family. He uses the Spanish word “hermano” for brother to indicate this.

In Marmaduke the movie, Phil and Debbie discuss their pending move from Kansas to California. Everyone prepares. Barbara, the oldest daughter in the family expresses a lot of resentment about the pending move and not wanting to leave her friends.

Shut up! Are you serious?!

— Marmaduke the dog in Marmaduke the movie

Marmaduke and Jezebel in Marmaduke the movie

The dogs, Marmaduke and Jezebel in Marmaduke the movie.

The dogs, Marmaduke and Jezebel in Marmaduke the movie.

Marmaduke and his pals

Marmaduke moves from Kansas to California in Marmaduke the movie

  • In Marmaduke the movie, as all the packing gets done, moving day approaches pretty quickly.
  • In Marmaduke the movie, the pets of the family, Marmaduke and Carlos are being shipped to California in pet crates, loaded on to an airplane.
  • In the movie, Carlos the cat cries out that he can not be treated this way. He says he “is not an animal”. It is one of the funnier lines in the movie because of course, he is an animal!
  • In the movie, the pets’ owner, Phil gives both Marmaduke and Carlos treats to eat as they get locked into the crates.
  • Apparently, these treats have some veterinary anti-anxiety medication in them because both Marmaduke and Carlos get woozy and are basically knocked out, sleeping for the whole flight.

In Marmaduke the movie, before the movie audience can blink, the whole family is moved to a beautiful new house in Orange County, California complete with lovely Spanish tiles and a swimming pool.

Marmaduke enjoys exploring his new home and he is excited to see that there is a doggy door that allows him to go in and out of the house and this doggy door is not too small for his big body as he had outgrown the doggy door at the house in Kansas.

I'm not an animal!!

— Carlos the cat in Marmaduke the movie

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Have you ever?

Marmaduke at the dog park in Marmaduke the movie

In Marmaduke the movie, the movie character Phil goes to the Laguna beach doggy park for a meeting with his new boss and takes Marmaduke along since the company is so pet friendly.

In the movie, Phil’s boss played by actor William H. Macy has Phil take off his shoes and walk through the park sharing ideas. Phil is a little hesitant to take his shoes off. It is a doggy park, after all!

Phil lets Marmaduke off the leash to go exploring the doggy park and make some new pet friends.

  • In Marmaduke the movie, Marmaduke meets Mazie, a female dog (voiced by Emma Stone) that tells Marmaduke that the dog park is like high school for dogs and everyone has their clique.
  • She points out various groups of dogs and tells Marmaduke who they are.
  • Soon, Marmaduke learns about Bosco and Bosco’s girlfriend Jezebel.
  • Bosco is the alpha dog in the dog park and everyone else is afraid of him. Bosco is voiced by the actor Keifer Sutherland.
  • Singer Fergie provides the voice for the dog Jezebel in Marmaduke the movie.

In Marmaduke the movie, one night, Marmaduke goes over to Mazie’s place to hang out with her and her friends. Marmaduke becomes a talking and dancing dog as they play a dancing game until big Marmaduke breaks the machine that provides the music and lights. Marmaduke apologizes for his clumsiness and goes on to suggest that the group of dogs head over to the other party that he heard about. Mazie warns Marmaduke that other party is Bosco’s party but Marmaduke wants to go there anyway.

They head over there and Bosco immediately begins trying to humiliate Marmaduke and put him down.

Bosco tells Marmaduke that many of the other dogs have skills and talents. What can Marmaduke do? He yells at him to sit and lay down and intimidated, Marmaduke complies. Everyone around can see how Bosco is trying to humiliate Marmaduke.

Mazie thinks that Bosco is a real jerk and even Bosco’s pals including Jezebel get frustrated with the way that Bosco is acting. Jezebel says, “Hey, it’s a party. We’re here to have fun.”

Hey, It's a party. We're here to have fun.

— Jezebel the dog in Marmaduke the movie

In Marmaduke the movie, Marmaduke wants to redeem himself

In Marmaduke the movie, Marmaduke, Mazie and the rest of their little group leave Bosco’s party.

Later on in the movie, Marmaduke wants to redeem his image, shall we say? He asks his cat brother Carlos to assist him in this feat and Carlos agrees to it.

  • The plan that Marmaduke and Carlos concoct entails Carlos going to the dog park and pretending to be a cat that Marmaduke does not already know.
  • Marmaduke bullies and fights with Carlos in front of the other dogs as he expresses that he “hate cats” and that the cat had better get out of the dog park.
  • Marmaduke takes things a little too far though and really does physically hurt Carlos instead of just putting on a show.
  • Carlos resents this and says, “I hope that you got what you wanted” and leaves the dog park.

I hope that you got what you wanted

— Carlos the cat after being hurt and humiliated by Marmaduke at the dog park in Marmaduke the movie

Marmaduke's party in Marmaduke the movie

In a later movie scene in Marmaduke the movie, Phil, Debbie and the children leave the family’s new and beautifully furnished and decorated home to go on Phil’s boss's yacht where the plan would be for the rest of the family to relax while Phil and his boss do some work. Phil’s boss’s wife’s rule is that pets are not allowed on the yacht so subsequently Marmaduke and Carlos stay at home.

  • While the family is away, Marmaduke and Carlos throw a party where many dogs from the neighborhood go to the house and totally wreck it.
  • Carlos also gets recognized as the cat that went to the dog park.
  • It becomes clear to everyone that Marmaduke and Carlos know each other really well. They are pets in the same family.

Bath time for Marmaduke the dog in Marmaduke the movie

Marmaduke the dog takes a bath

Marmaduke the dog takes a bath


Many dogs leave the party, angry with Marmaduke for trying to dupe them.

Marmaduke is sad and down for losing all of his new friends.

When Phil and family arrive back at home, they awaken Marmaduke who is sleeping on the ripped up white couch and they can not believe the sight that they are seeing. Phil is so tired of Marmaduke’s bad behavior and antics, he sends Marmaduke to sleep outside in the rain. Phil’s wife sees this as harsh and unfair and tells Phil that he can sleep on the couch instead of in their bed. Phil says, “Really?!” His wife says yeah, “Really.”


— Phil to his wife when she expects him to sleep on the couch for the night in Marmaduke the movie

Mischievous Marmaduke

Marmaduke Movie Review

Marmaduke Movie Review

In Marmaduke the movie, Marmaduke runs away from home and later reunites with his owner

During this trying night, Marmaduke eventually runs away from home. He is also really looking to get dry. He encounters a stray dog that many think is very menacing and stays with that dog in a little dry area that he has, until a dog catcher comes and then he is encouraged by the other dog to get out of there as fast as he could.

  • Marmaduke gets lost because he really does not know that whole area well enough yet.
  • At this point, Marmaduke could not find his way back to his family home even if he wanted to.
  • The dog Mazie goes out looking for Marmaduke when she gets word from Carlos that Marmaduke left home.

In the movie, by the time Mazie meets up with Marmaduke, there is an intense adventure on the street as Mazie and Marmaduke fall into a sinkhole that was being blocked off by construction workers and emergency personnel such as firefighters. They are able to rescue Mazie but they tell Phil that Marmaduke was too big to get him and climb back up.

  • Phil had skipped an important meeting with his boss when he found out the Marmaduke had gone missing and Phil won’t give up on his dog.
  • He runs to rescue him. He is able to achieve this and the friends of Phil’s son Brian say that they got it all on video to put on YouTube, where is goes viral and gets over 60,000 views.

In Marmaduke the movie, the family including Marmaduke reunites and all is well again. Phil’s boss had threatened firing Phil when he did not show up for the important meeting but he ends up taking back what he said and Phil is still employed, thank goodness….

Overall, Marmaduke the movie is a very cute and funny movie for kids or for the whole family. The scene of Marmaduke’s rescue is full of action and adventure.

Marmaduke dvd



1. Marmaduke Movie Trailer

2. Marmaduke Movie Clip

In one scene of the movie, Marmaduke, it is raining heavily.

For each question, choose the best answer. The answer key is below.

  1. What does one of the dogs say?
    • "It's raining cats and dogs."
    • "It's raining cats and us."
    • "It's stormy out here."
    • "What a downpour."

Answer Key

  1. "It's raining cats and us."

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