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Movie Review of Avatar the Movie




Avatar Movie Review

Avatar the movie aired on ABC television network last night. Avatar the movie ran for about two and a half hours, including commercial breaks. With a new movie, the sequel to Avatar called Avatar - The Way of Water being released in movie theaters soon (December 15, 2022), filmgoers can refresh their memories by watching the backstory in the first Avatar film again or perhaps for the first time.

Avatar the movie is directed by movie director James Cameron

The Avatar movie series franchise is under the direction of famous movie director James Cameron who is also responsible for directing Terminator and Titanic the movie among film projects.

Over two decades following the movie release of the popular movie Titanic, Avatar - The Way of Water will also have water as huge part of the theme (of course). Kate Winslet is among the movie actors and actresses that will be teaming up with James Cameron again in a collaborative effort to make a great movie!

Many of the movie actors (including Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, and Kate Winslet) have been being interviewed on morning news shows in the United States such as Good Morning America and they reassure the public that Avatar - The Way of Water is going to be a phenomenal and amazing movie featuring things that have never before been seen in filmmaking. These movie actors and actresses were also taught and developed new skills. Kate Winslet has stated that she learned to hold her breath under water for seven minutes!

What is going on here?

This is my second time watching the movie Avatar and honestly, I wasn’t paying very close attention the first time.

This time around, I propagated a much better understanding of what was going on in the film.

Avatar - At war

Avatar the movie is a movie that contains much beauty but also an enormous amount of violence. One must think of it as being a war movie, where a beautiful place is just decimated by the violence of a destructive war.

Avatar the movie is a visually amazing movie with intense and heightened special effects.

Sam Worthington stars as Jake in Avatar the movie

The main movie character in Avatar the movie is a movie character named Jake.

The movie role of Jake in Avatar is played impeccably by the movie actor Sam Worthington, a great actor and a family man, married with three children.

His main co-star in Avatar the movie is movie actress Zoe Saldana, who is also married with three sons.

According to his Wikipedia page, Sam Worthington has background in England and Australia and his father once provided him with a ticket for travel but told him to work his way back home. Sam Worthington has experience in manual labor before beginning his acting career.

Jake in Avatar the movie

Jake is a member of the “sky people“ who appear in Avatar the movie as human beings like you and me, presumably from the USA of the planet Earth. Jake and his colleagues dress in military camouflage attire and tactical gear and are on a mission to infiltrate another land that is not their own. That land is called Pandora.

The Sky People in Avatar the movie

The land of the sky people is dying. In the Avatar the movie, the sky people are said to have no green left (as in trees). The movie character Jake himself mentions this during the dialogue of Avatar the movie.

With eagerness and urgency, the sky people are ready to learn what they can about this other land, Pandora, that is lush with forests and enormous trees.

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Aside from Jake, the most intellectual, thoughtful and intelligent among the sky people is evidently his friend and colleague Grace.

Grace in Avatar the movie

The movie character Grace in Avatar the movie is played by the famous movie actress Sigourney Weaver.

Grace is not nearly as impulsive as the majority of sky people around her. She believes in treading very carefully as the foreign land is explored and she is eager to get samples.

Other movie characters in Avatar the movie, who are among the sky people, are ready to just bulldoze the foreign land and chase its people out with no compassion or remorse whatsoever. Movie actor Giovanni Ribisi plays one such character in the movie. He gives direction to those operating the massive bulldozers relentlessly.

Grace explains to the sky people that the people of this foreign land (who appear blue in color, speak a language called Na’vi, have tails, pointed ears, yellow eyes, hiss like cats when threatened and have numerous attributes that are not like the sky people) are deeply spiritual and pray collectively to a deity. These people, the voices of their ancestors, and their deity are sewn together in a massive network with more synapses than a human brain, Grace explains. Everything is biologically connected and their trees should not just be bulldozed and destroyed.

The majority of the sky people refuse to listen to Grace and have already done enormous damage to the foreign land by this time with plans for further destruction.

Jake teams up with Grace and a few other sky people who are effectively defecting from the sky people mission as they realize how deranged such a level of oppression is to the people of the foreign land.

While much of the foreign land and its trees have already been destroyed, Jake and the other good guys among the sky people (including a character played by movie actress Michelle Rodriguez) are hopeful that other areas can still be saved. This includes the Tree of Souls, the most sacred place of the foreign people for connecting to their deity.

Sadly, Grace dies during the course of Avatar the movie. Michelle Rodriquez’s character subsequently does as well while trying to help Jake in the fight to protect the people of the foreign land from the mission of the sky people.

The ending of Avatar the movie

A lot of death occurs in Avatar the movie, among both the protagonists and the villains.

The Avatar movie character Jake is a character that survives at the end of Avatar the movie, but in a new form. The surviving sky people return to their dying land and Jake, himself, actually relinquishes his crippled wheelchair bound “sky person” body to become blue, a member of the people of the foreign land. (He also has his love interest among these blue people and she survives too. Movie actress Zoe Saldana plays her character, named Neytiri)

This is how the movie ends, with a last scene of Jake opening his now permanently yellow eyes in his now permanently blue body.

The sequel to Avatar the movie was expected and is now highly anticipated by fans of the movie.

Avatar the movie

Have you seen Avatar the movie before?

Do you plan on watching the upcoming sequel to Avatar the movie, Avatar- The Way of Water?


Avatar the movie

Avatar the movie is rated PG-13

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