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Movie Review for The Lego Movie (2014 Movie)

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Movie Review of The Lego Movie

Movie Review of The Lego Movie

Movie Review of The Lego Movie

Movie Review for The Lego Movie (2014 Movie)


Movie Review for The Lego Movie

The Lego Movie is a movie where all the little characters that you might build with Legos come to life. My sons build things with Legos all the time so I figured that taking them to see The Lego Movie was a no-brainer. Indeed, they really enjoyed The Lego Movie very much!

  • To see The LEGO Movie, we went to a nice movie theater that was participating in the kids summer movie series that is going on at many area movie theaters in our city.
  • Movies that are not current but maybe a few years old or even several years old such as THE LEGO MOVIE are shown on the big screen for the kids to enjoy that big screen movie going experience.

Movie Poster - THE LEGO MOVIE

The main character Emmet is front and center in The LEGO Movie.

The main character Emmet is front and center in The LEGO Movie.

Emmet in The LEGO Movie

It only costs $1 per child to take them to this kids summer movie series! We love it! The Lego Movie was what was showing when we went to the movie theater a few days ago. There was a 9am showing and a 10am showing of The LEGO Movie. We went to the 9am The LEGO Movie showing and were out of the movie theater and on our way to get some lunch by 11am.

There were a couple of scary moments and intense moments in the The LEGO Movie, but it was a movie that was mostly very enjoyable for my little kids and The LEGO Movie would probably be enjoyable for little kids in general.

The Lego Movie begins with the character Emmet (made out of Legos) who works with his peers at a construction company.

  1. In The LEGO Movie, Emmet has some breakfast before he leaves for work and imagines eating his breakfast with his wife and kids but alas he is a single guy and he just sits to eat his breakfast in front of the television!
  2. Emmet then reports to work and narrates how it is almost expected that everyone including him will buy some “overpriced” coffee to help them to get through the day.

THE LEGO MOVIE : Everything is Awesome

In THE LEGO MOVIE, highlighted in his working with his construction crew is the joy that Emmet gets from working in collaboration with others, as part of a team.

The song, Everything is Awesome is featured heavily in The LEGO Movie and the movie character Emmet declares that Everything is Awesome is his favorite song as well.

“Everything is awesome.

Everything is cool

when you’re part of a team.

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Everything is awesome

when we're living our dream.”

As construction workers, Emmet and his co-workers enjoy another successful day of building and gear up to head out to their respective homes at the end of the work day. Emmet is heading out too but he hears a noise and it causes him to turn back.

By now everyone else has left and the place is deserted. He sees a hooded suspicious looking figure on the premises and recalls the instructions that if you see anything suspicious, you should report it. Emmet is all about following instructions and prides himself on being such a good worker and following all of the instruction manuals as needed.

  1. As Emmet takes out his phone to report the person that he is seeing, her hood comes off and she looks up towards him.
  2. Emmet's expression shows that he finds her to be very beautiful and he is immediately distracted.
  3. He changes his mind about reporting the fact that he saw her.
  4. She runs away as she realizes that she was seen/caught and he runs after her, saying that he did not mean to scare her.

Wild Style aka Lucy in The LEGO Movie

Nevertheless, a misstep causes Emmet to trip and fall, plummeting way down into the deep depths of the construction site that will become a large building of many stories.

Emmet ends up being interrogated by a ‘good cop, bad cop’ character and rescued by the female character that previously had him enamored. They head out on a large constructed motorcycle (that she builds superfast in “master builder” fashion). She tells him that her name is “Wild Style”. He has some banter with her about this, saying, seriously? Your birth certificate says “Wild Style” as your name? (Later on in the movie, it is revealed that her real name is Lucy).

Lucy AKA Wild Style in The LEGO Movie tells Emmet that there is a prophecy and he has been identified as the “special”. Emmet begins to feel fantastic about himself when it’s declared that he is such an extraordinary individual. With his new confidence boost, Wild Style/Lucy, who had been operating the vehicle suddenly says, good, “You drive” and jumps off the motorcycle leaving a clueless Emmet to maneuver it.

There are lots of action sequences and eventually, the adventure leads Emmet and Lucy to a place where they gather to meet other master builders. It turns out that Lucy has a boyfriend, Batman! At the gathering of other master builders is also Superman, Shaquille O’Neal and more – known celebrities as well as fantastical superheroes, all animated and made out of Legos. Emmet is introduced to everyone as the special master builder.

Power and Wisdom in THE LEGO MOVIE

The man with power, authority and dominion in THE LEGO MOVIE is called President Business. He supervises the law enforcement and sends that “good cop, bad cop” character (who by now has just become bad cop) out with his crew to arrest that master builders that have gathered to talk and plan.

Some of them are able to get away in a quickly constructed submarine to avoid arrest. In true farfetched and unbelievable nature, the submarine disintegrates but everyone is saved from drowning by floating to the surface on a double decker couch (much like a bunk bed) that had been Emmet’s idea that he was relentlessly teased for. Everyone thought a double decker couch was a really stupid idea until it became a lifesaving flotation device for them all to sit on.

The LEGO movie continues on with the key characters including a cheerful unicorn with a suppressed dark/angry side trying to evade the villians, President Business and his crew of ‘coppers’.

Eventually, they are caught and the presumed eldest among them, considered a wise sage (voiced by Morgan Freeman) loses his life in the fight but he comes back in the form of a comical ghost to tell Emmet that the prophecy is made up but Emmet is still capable of being a special master builder if he will just believe in himself.

Krazy glue in The LEGO Movie

In THE LEGO MOVIE, Emmet eventually tells Lucy that it is her turn to be the special (that she always wanted to be) and he exits the scene in a big plummet with a battery on his back!

Everyone thinks that Emmet has martyred himself to save all of the rest of them because that battery was about to cause a detonation of sorts that would cause them to be “kragled”.

President Business is the concocter of a kragle machine that is really just Krazy glue and the word kragle is a play on the words Krazy glue.

Emmet does not die in The Lego Movie. Instead he ends up in the ‘human world’. Everything and everyone in the The LEGO Movie was made out of Legos up to this point and our first introduction to a human in The LEGO Movie is in this, the last 15-20 minutes or so of the movie.

We the audience learn that the whole plot of The Lego Movie adventure so far came from the imagination of a human boy that is tinkering with his father’s belongings (legos) in the basement of their family home.

Down that stairs to the basement walks none other than Will Ferrell! He plays the part of the little boy’s father in The LEGO Movie. He gives the boy a stern lecture.

There is a very impressive and elaborate city made out of Legos set up in their basement but it the father’s toys not the boy’s and the father takes his hobby very seriously. He does not want his son messing with these Legos, many of which he uses Krazy glue for to compile structures permanently so that they cannot come apart again, once built.

Come on, let me have some of the fun

The young boy pleads with his father, basically saying, come on Dad, how can you expect to have all of this cool stuff down here and not allow me to play with it?

The boy’s Dad notices some of the things that the young boy built and he is also impressed and starts to soften up from his sternness. When his Dad is not looking, the young boy spots Emmet on the floor, picks him up and puts him back down a chute. Emmet re-enters the story, so to say and rejoins his friends who all thought that they lost him. Everyone is happy to see the now beloved Emmet.

Emmet continues on to help save himself and his friends from President Business. Emmet tells President Business that President Business does not have to be the bad guy. He can instead by inspiring and “special” to others…

The human characters, the man and his son talk. The man played by Will Ferrell tells his son that okay, if he is going to start allowing his son to play down there in the basement with all of those cool and elaborate Legos, he will have to allow the boy’s sister to join in on the fun as well.


Enter some new villains, presumed to be the design of the boy’s sister – very cute characters that threaten to destroy Emmet and his friends! End scene and credits roll.

Among the songs that you will hear when the movie credits are rolling at the end of The Lego Movie is Everything is Awesome

The Lego Movie is a cute and funny movie for kids, with lots of twists and turns in a chaotic plot. It is funny that it is implied that all of the dramatic things that happened throughout the movie unfolded from the imagination of a smart little boy playing with his Dad’s Legos in the basement of his family’s house.


The Lego Movie


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