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Movie Review for the Cat in the Hat the Movie (2003 Movie)

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Movie Review of The Cat in The Hat the movie (2003 movie)



Movie Review for The Cat in the Hat the movie (2003 Movie)

Movie Review for The Cat in the Hat the movie (2003 Movie)

THE CAT IN THE HAT the movie - The Cat In the Hat movie starring Mike Meyers, Alec Baldwin, Kelly Preston, Dakota Fanning, Spencer Breslin, and others is a quite a spectacle of a movie. Many scenes in The Cat in the Hat movie are bright, colorful, chaotic and mesmerizing. .

  • This summer, my kids like to have me sit and watch the kids’ movies with them whenever I have the time.
  • The Cat in The Hat movie is one that we recently watched together.
  • This movie, The Cat in The Hat is rated PG and does have a bit of crude humor that could have and should have been omitted from a rated PG movie.


In the movie, The Cat in The Hat, the actress Kelly Preston plays the character of a single mom named Joan that works for a real estate company. She has an overbearing supervisor (played by actor Sean Hayes) that is germaphobic, refusing to shake anybody’s hand and constantly using enormous amounts of hand sanitizer.

Joan makes a plan to have a real estate information session at her own home and promises her boss that her two children, Sally (played by Dakota Fanning) and Conrad (played by Spencer Breslin) will be on their best behavior and everything will go smoothly.

Joan’s boss states that this better be the case or else Joan is “FIRED!”. He screams this.

A later scene shows the neighborhood and the specific house where Joan lives with her two children. All of the houses look alike and all of the trees look alike in a very storybook design.


The Cat In the Hat the movie

The Cat In The Hat the movie is starring actor Mike Myers

The Cat in The Hat the movie

The Cat in The Hat the movie

Conrad and Sally meet The Cat in the Hat

In The Cat In The Hat the movie, Sally is at home, making her to-do list. She is a seemingly very organized little girl and very intelligent beyond her years. She even mentions considering grad schools on her to-do list.

Her brother, Conrad is up to some shenanigans. He uses various items such as knee pads and what-not to buffer himself so that he won’t get hurt as he slides down the staircase. Just as he is doing that, his mother Joan opens the front door and he crashes through. The family's pet dog also gets out.

Joan is disappointed with Conrad’s behavior and reminds him that their home needs to stay clean for the function that she is having. She brings home her dry cleaned dress for the event and puts it in the closet.

Joan is nice, polite, quiet and cordial but she often seems exasperated at the same time and she appears beside herself as she gets a call from her supervisor informing her that she has to report back to her job that same afternoon. (She thought that she was home for the day and could be preparing for the evening event). As she has to go back out, she gets a babysitter for the children, Sally and Conrad.

  • The babysitter that arrives almost immediately falls asleep and the children stare out of the window, bored, very reminiscent of the specific scene in the children’s storybook The Cat in The Hat by Dr. Seuss.
  • Shortly thereafter, the kids hear a noise coming from upstairs and go to check it out. This is where the cat played by the actor Mike Myers (dressed in a cat costume with lots of face makeup) appears and scares the children.
  • After Sally and Conrad are done screaming, running away and freaking out from what they are seeing, they are ready to have the “fun” that the cat promises them.
  • Some lawyers quickly appear behind the magical cat. They ‘have his back’ as he invites the kids to sign contracts regarding the “fun” that they will have. This was a pretty comical insert into the movie as the cat is showing that he does not want to get sued for any damage that he might cause.
  • When the kids ask the cat where he came from and other questions, he says that he is a cat that talks and that should be enough for “you people”.

Mike Myers as The Cat In The Hat


Indeed, the cat does end up causing a lot of damage as he wrecks Joan’s house including the living room that she said was off limits when she left to go back to work.

  1. The actor Alec Baldwin plays a character that is Joan’s next door neighbor as well as her boyfriend.
  2. He keeps up a façade that he is wealthy when in fact he is really broke and is after her for her money.
  3. He is always pretty nosy, keeping an eye out on Joan’s children and their antics.
  4. He especially thinks that Joan’s son Conrad is a troublemaker and he often threatens that he will marry Conrad’s mom, Joan and that when he does so, he will send Conrad off to military school for some discipline.

When Joan’s boyfriend is behind closed doors in his own place next door to Joan’s house, he is a totally messy slob of a man and people enter his home to repossess his television while he is watching it.

While Joan is away at work and the babysitter has fallen asleep, Joan’s boyfriend makes a note that there is lots of activity and chaos going on at the house. He suspects and inwardly knows that the kids, Sally and Conrad must be up to something.

He enters their home but leaves again in a fit of sneezes because he is allergic to the large cat (played by Mike Myers) that is there but that he has not seen yet.

  • The young boy, Conrad develops a great curiosity about a crate that the cat has brought along with him to Joan’s house.
  • The cat becomes worried about Conrad wanting to get into the crate and lets him know that he must be firm about the fact that the crate is off limits.
  • The Cat in the Hat places a lock on the crate. Conrad’s curiosity does not cease and he tried to fiddle with the lock on the crate.
  • Somehow during all of the shenanigans, this lock eventually gets off of the crate and gets caught on the family pet dog’s collar.
  • While the lock is still fastened to his collar, the dog runs away.
  • Apparently, the family often has trouble with the dog getting out and having to try to retrieve him.
  • Joan’s boyfriend notices that the dog got out again and goes in his car to get the dog with the plan that he will also stop by Joan’s real estate office job and let her know – basically the dog got out again and the kids are definitely up to something!

The kids also ride with The Cat in the Hat (in his own conjured up vehicle) to the same area to look for the dog and get the lock off of his collar so that the crate can be locked again. Meanwhile, at Joan’s house, all kinds of ‘stuff’ is seeping out of the crate and surrounding the babysitter while she continues to sleep through everything!


The kids and the cat end up getting the dog and trying to race back to the house before Joan’s boyfriend and/or Joan can get there and see the chaos.

The cat’s pals, Thing 1 and Thing 2 pose as police officers to stop Joan’s car and this delays her but Joan’s boyfriend still leaves the scene fast by motorcycle and he does get back to the house to witness some of the craziness. Joan’s boyfriend ends up covered in purple goop.

The cat and the kids race to clean up the house with the cat’s magical cleaning supplies and get rid of all the evidence that has seeped into the home from the cat’s world, another dimension of sorts - super colorful and 'trippy' looking.

  1. When Joan finally arrives at home, her boyfriend is hysterical, covered in purple goop and trying to report everything that he saw.
  2. He again mentions that he wants to marry her and that Conrad needs to go off to military school.
  3. At this point, Joan just thinks her boyfriend is crazy, rejects him and shows him the door while standing up for her son, Conrad and calling Conrad a good kid.

Many elements of the movie The Cat in The Hat are quite funny and will hold the attention of adults that watch the funny movie with their children.

The Cat in the Hat with Thing 1 and Thing 2

Sally, The Cat in The Hat, and Conrad jump on the couch in The Cat in The Hat the movie.

Sally, The Cat in The Hat, and Conrad jump on the couch in The Cat in The Hat the movie.

Conrad and Sally in The Cat In The Hat the movie

Brother and sister, Conrad and Sally in The Cat in the Hat the movie

The Cat In The Hat Movie Poster

The Cat in the Hat the movie

The Cat in the Hat Movie Trailer

Actor Mike Myers as The Cat in the Hat

Key characters in The Cat In The Hat the movie

The Cat In The Hat movie characterActor /actress 

The Cat In The Hat

Mike Myers



Spencer Breslin



Dakota Fanning


Joan ( Conrad and Sally's Mom )

Kelly Preston


Joan's boyfriend (Who becomes her ex-boyfriend by the end of the movie!)

Alec Baldwin


Joan's boss

Sean Hayes


The babysitter

Amy Hill


Conrad & Sally's talking pet fish (Who chastises Conrad and Sally with sayings such as "That cat should not be here... He shpuld not be about when your Mother is out!)

Also Sean Hayes


Thing 1

Danielle Chuchran and Taylor Rice with Dan Castellaneta providing the voice.


Thing 2

Brittany Oaks and Talia Lynn Prairie with Dan Castellaneta providing the voice


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Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on July 28, 2018:

I did not realize that they had made a movie from this Dr. Seuss book. Thanks for your review. I remember having fun reading this book to and with my niece when she was young.

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